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Roy Slater (Character)
from "Only Fools and Horses...." (1981)

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"Only Fools and Horses....: May the Force Be with You (#3.5)" (1983)
Inspector Roy Slater: Remember Del? All us lads down the river playing pirates! Boycie was the first mate, Trigger was Long John Silver... What Part did I play Del?
Del Boy: You played the bloke what walked the plank!
Inspector Roy Slater: Ye that's right... I was always the bloke that walked the plank! I was in and out of that water more times than a ducks head! I always wanted to be BlueBeard!
Del Boy: Well you should have asked!
Inspector Roy Slater: I did lots of times but you'd never let me!
Del Boy: I did once
Inspector Roy Slater: Oh ye I remember that was the day that BlueBeard had to walk the plank wasn't it!

Del Boy: You dirty, stinking...
Inspector Roy Slater: Careful, Del. I don't want have to add offensive language to your ever-growing list of offences.

"Rock & Chips: Pilot (#1.0)" (2010)
Roy Slater: [menacingly] You're new. You should have some respect.
Denzil: [cheekily] I know I should - but I'm from Liverpooool.

"Rock & Chips: Five Gold Rings (#1.1)" (2010)
[Slater has arrested Del and Jumbo for selling illegal LPs. Sergeant Foster dances to Brenda Lee in the station]
Sergeant Foster: Yes, she's a very talented little lady. I mean, she can't sing, but she's very talented.
Roy Slater: Yeah, I'm a big fan. Will this go down in my file, Sarge? As my first arrest?
Sergeant Foster: No, it won't. You're a scabby little cadet and don't forget it. You keep your nose clean and pass your exams when you're eighteen, we might let you become a proper copper. 'Till then, bugger off.