George Hally
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George Hally (Character)
from The Roaring Twenties (1939)

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The Roaring Twenties (1939)
Eddie Bartlett: You always said you were going to take real good care of me, didn't you George?
George Halley: Wait a minute Eddie, I can explain!
Eddie Bartlett: Here's one rap you ain't gonna beat!
[fires twice]

George Hally: I always say, when you got a job to do, get somebody else to do it.

Eddie Bartlett: I trust my friends.
[Walks off]
George Halley: That guys a sucker. I don't trust any of my friends.
Panama Smith: The feeling's mutual, George. They don't trust you either.

George Halley: [while running across the battlefield ablaze with an artillery barrage in progress, Eddie has just dived into a gaping shell hole for cover. He practically lands on top of another soldier who is already in the crater] Now, do you always come into a rat hole like that?
Eddie Bartlett: What do you want me to do, knock?

George Halley: [In the shell hole: Eddie offers a cigarette to George. He in turn takes it, and then picks out bugs that apparently infest everything] Ah, look at that. Them cooties are gettin' desperate: they're feedin' off tobacco.
Eddie Bartlett: How much can a cootie smoke?

George Halley: [Yet another soldier has dived into the shell hole for cover] There's ten thousand shell holes around here and everybody's gotta' come divin' into this one.

George Halley: [In the shell hole, battle raging overhead] What's a matta' kid? Ya' scared?
Lloyd Hart: Yes I am.
George Halley: [Chuckles unsympathetically] No heart, huh?
Lloyd Hart: I'm beginning to think so. At least I haven't got any heart for this. I thought this business would be over with before I got here.
George Halley: What, are you a college kid?
Lloyd Hart: I just finished law school.
Eddie Bartlett: Oh, a lawyer, huh? Can you think of anything that can get us out of this hole?
George Halley: Aw, he wouldn't if he could. He's one of them guys that cheer the loudest back home, and then when they get over here and the goin' gets tough they fold up.
Eddie Bartlett: [Annoyed] Shut up...
George Halley: I'm talkin' to him...
Eddie Bartlett: [Talking to George] And I'm talkin' to YOU. I don't like heels or big mouths. We're all scared, and why shouldn't we be? Whaddya' think they're usin' in this war, water pistols?
Eddie Bartlett: [Talking to Lloyd] You're all right, kid. I like guys who are honest with themselves. Stay that way.
Eddie Bartlett: [the shelling around them has died down] Come on. Looks like it's quieted down.
[the three men make their way out of the shell hole]

George Halley: [Referring to The Sergeant, who rides roughshod over the men] Someday I'm gonna' catch that ape without his stripes on and I'm gonna' kick his teeth out.
Eddie Bartlett: [Mockingly looking George up and down] You must be quite a guy back home.
George Halley: [Shrugs nonchalantly] I do all right.

George Halley: [the men are taking cover in a bombed-out farmhouse, shooting at German soldiers somewhere off-screen. Lloyd takes aim at a German soldier, but hesitates, then lowers his rifle] Whatsa' matta', "Harvard," did you lose the Heine?
Lloyd Hart: No... but he looks like a kid, about 15 years old.
George Halley: -
[Aims his rifle and without any hesitation shoots the young German soldier]
George Halley: He won't be sixteen.
[Seconds later, a fellow soldier rushes in to tell them the war is over, the Armistice has been signed]

The Sergeant: When you get an order in the army, buddy, you jump!
George Halley: You mean like you did when you worked for my old man and he caught you stealin' nickels?
The Sergeant: I ain't workin' for him now and I ain't workin' for you.
George Halley: Yeah well you might be. I'm gonna give you a break. I'm gonna let you stand behind the bar with all your medals on and tell all the drunks how you won the war.