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Quotes for
Buck Strickland (Character)
from "King of the Hill" (1997)

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"King of the Hill: Junkie Business (#2.20)" (1998)
Mr. Strickland: Hell, I'd kill for a big fat blind gay guy if we could just get some work done around here.

"King of the Hill: Lost in MySpace (#13.4)" (2008)
Buck Strickland: What's this Myspace?
Hank Hill: I'm not sure, sir. I think it's a cult.

"King of the Hill: What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis (#13.9)" (2009)
Peggy Hill: Because of your shameful behavior, my husband is in danger of losing everything he has ever worked for. Hank has devoted his entire adult life to you and your company. He is your company. Without him, there is no Strickland Propane
Ray Roy: Well, there is the one in Tennessee.
Buck Strickland: Save it, junior. You're punching the heavy bag.

"King of the Hill: Hanky Panky: Part 1 (#4.13)" (2000)
Hank: Huh. You know, Debbie's place is right next to Sugarfoot's. That's a coincidence.
Buck: No coincidence: I like to eat, I like to hump, and I don't like to drive.