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Quotes for
Hannah Jelkes (Character)
from The Night of the Iguana (1964)

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The Night of the Iguana (1964)
Hannah Jelkes: Nothing human disgusts me, Mr. Shannon, unless it's unkind, violent.

Hannah Jelkes: There are worse things than chastity, Mr. Shannon.
Lawrence Shannon: Yes: lunacy and death.

T. Lawrence Shannon: I'm panicking!
Hannah Jelkes: I know that.
T. Lawrence Shannon: A man can die of panic!
Hannah Jelkes: Not when he enjoys it as much as you do, Dr. Shannon.

Hannah Jelkes: Who wouldn't like to atone for the sins of themselves, and the world, if it could be done in a hammock with ropes, instead of on a Cross, with nails? On a green hilltop, instead of Golgotha, the Place of the Skulls? Isn't that a comparatively comfortable, almost voluptuous Crucifixion to suffer for the sins of the world, Mr. Shannon?

Hannah Jelkes: Oh God, please can't we stop now?

Hannah Jelkes: I can't stand for a person I respect to behave like a small, cruel boy.
T. Lawrence Shannon: And what do you respect in me, miss thin, standing-up, female Buddha?

Hannah Jelkes: Some people take a drink. Some people take a pill. I just take a few deep breaths.

Maxine Faulk: The trouble is Shannon - I caught the vibrations between you two.
Hannah Jelkes: Mrs. Faulk, I'm a New England spinster who is pushing forty.
Maxine Faulk: Well who the hell isn't?