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Rev. Dr. T. Lawrence Shannon (Character)
from The Night of the Iguana (1964)

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The Night of the Iguana (1964)
T. Lawrence Shannon: Miss Fellowes is a highly moral person. If she ever recognized the truth about herself it would destroy her.

T. Lawrence Shannon: Nothing could be worse for a girl in your unstable condition, to be mixed up with a man in, in my unstable condition because two people in unstable conditons are like two countries facing each other in unstable conditons. The, eh, destructive potential, eh, could blow the whole world to bits!

Hannah Jelkes: There are worse things than chastity, Mr. Shannon.
Lawrence Shannon: Yes: lunacy and death.

T. Lawrence Shannon: The Fantastic Level and the Realistic Level are the two levels upon which we live.

T. Lawrence Shannon: I thought you were sexless. But you've just become a woman. And do you know how I know that? Because *you* like *me* tied up! All women, whether they wish to admit it or not, would like to get men into a tied-up situation.

T. Lawrence Shannon: I'm panicking!
Hannah Jelkes: I know that.
T. Lawrence Shannon: A man can die of panic!
Hannah Jelkes: Not when he enjoys it as much as you do, Dr. Shannon.

Judith Fellowes: [t Charlotte Goodall] Dreadful girl. You defied me. You *deliberately* defied me.
[slaps Charlotte across the face; Charlotte exits]
T. Lawrence Shannon: What did you think we were doing out there, Miss Fellowes? Spawning?
Judith Fellowes: Oh, you beast. You beast!
Judith Fellowes: You beast!

Hannah Jelkes: I can't stand for a person I respect to behave like a small, cruel boy.
T. Lawrence Shannon: And what do you respect in me, miss thin, standing-up, female Buddha?

Maxine Faulk: So you appropriated the young chick and the old hens are squawking, huh?
T. Lawrence Shannon: It's very serious. The child is emotionally precocious.
Maxine Faulk: Bully for her.
T. Lawrence Shannon: Also, she is traveling under the wing of a military escort of a butch vocal teacher.

T. Lawrence Shannon: [talking to Maxine] I wonder how long it takes to sweat the faculty of a Baptist Female College out of a bus that's parked in the sun when it's a 100 degrees in the shade.

T. Lawrence Shannon: [as the disatisfied Ms. Fellowes runs to speak to Shannon] Look at her, charging like a bull elephant on a rampage.

Maxine Faulk: What the hell are you doing, Shannon?
T. Lawrence Shannon: I just cut loose one of God's creatures at the end of his rope.
Maxine Faulk: What for?
T. Lawrence Shannon: So that one of God's creatures could be free from panic, and scamper home safe and free. A little act of grace, Maxine.

Lawrence Shannon: [to Charlotte] You're as dangerous as you are young and lovely.

Lawrence Shannon: I want to explain something to you... A man has got just so much in his emotional bank balance. Mine has run out. It's stone dry. I can't draw a check on it. There's nothing left to draw out.

Maxine Faulk: Well she's done a pretty good job of destroying you!
T. Lawrence Shannon: Maxine, don't rob me of the credit for my own small accomplishments.

Lawrence Shannon: Shannon has been collecting evidence... man's inhumanity to God.

T. Lawrence Shannon: What has that got to do with the price of rice in China? What has that got to do with the price of coffee in Brazil?

T. Lawrence Shannon: There's no need for the shawl. God has played God, and set him free.