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Maxine Faulk (Character)
from The Night of the Iguana (1964)

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The Night of the Iguana (1964)
Maxine Faulk: So you appropriated the young chick and the old hens are squawking, huh?
T. Lawrence Shannon: It's very serious. The child is emotionally precocious.
Maxine Faulk: Bully for her.
T. Lawrence Shannon: Also, she is traveling under the wing of a military escort of a butch vocal teacher.

Judith Fellowes: [Yelling at Shannon] You thought you outwitted me, didn't you, having your paramour here cancel my call.
Maxine Faulk: Miss Fellowes, honey, if paramour means what I think it does you're gambling with your front teeth.

Maxine Faulk: What's this mess supposed to be?
Chang: Soup.
Maxine Faulk: Well, it's burnt!
Maxine Faulk: [walks over to Chang, who is smoking marijuana] Chang... I've warned you before.
Maxine Faulk: I don't allow this stuff on the premises, even if you're on vacation.
Maxine Faulk: You remember the time you got it in the enchiladas?

Maxine Faulk: What... uh... subject do you teach back in that college of yours hunny?
Judith Fellowes: Voice... if that's got anything to do with it.
Maxine Faulk: Well geography is my specialty. Did you know that if it wasn't for the dikes, the plains of Texas would be engulfed by the gulf?

Maxine Faulk: What the hell are you doing, Shannon?
T. Lawrence Shannon: I just cut loose one of God's creatures at the end of his rope.
Maxine Faulk: What for?
T. Lawrence Shannon: So that one of God's creatures could be free from panic, and scamper home safe and free. A little act of grace, Maxine.

Maxine Faulk: Hey! Now just a flippin' minute!

Maxine Faulk: [to Miss Fellowes] Well, if you're not going to eat him, I'd better go see about food for dinner.

Maxine Faulk: Well she's done a pretty good job of destroying you!
T. Lawrence Shannon: Maxine, don't rob me of the credit for my own small accomplishments.

Maxine Faulk: Even I know the difference between lovin' somebody, and just goin' to bed with them. Even I know that.

Maxine Faulk: The trouble is Shannon - I caught the vibrations between you two.
Hannah Jelkes: Mrs. Faulk, I'm a New England spinster who is pushing forty.
Maxine Faulk: Well who the hell isn't?

Maxine Faulk: Why don't we go down to the beach?
Lawrence Shannon: I can get down the hill, Maxine, but I'm not too sure about getting back up.
Maxine Faulk: I'll get you back up, baby. I'll always get you back up.