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Quotes for
Adam (Character)
from "Northern Exposure" (1990)

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"Northern Exposure: Dateline: Cicely (#3.11)" (1992)
Adam: They have listening devices now that can pick up a caterpillar sneezing two miles away; they know what you had for breakfast two days ago; they know what car you're gonna be buying three years from now! Every square inch of your existence is being recorded, analyzed, monitored and stored in a facility underground, right outside of Omaha!

Adam: It's not a pretty picture. Never mind the ethical implications. Acorns removed from their parents? Pleasure-pain experiments performed on rhododendrons?

Adam: All I'm saying is, Leon's Roadhouse in Sweetwater charges $3.50 for a bowl of chili half this size, and theirs comes out of a can. Nobody's gonna squawk if we bump the price to a buck seventy-five.

"Northern Exposure: Our Wedding (#3.22)" (1992)
Eve: It was none of your business!
Adam: None of my business? Why was I cursed with a woman like you! You're nothing but a misery! You're a knife in my heart! Look, let's discuss this later. Let's just get married now.

Eve: Where do you think all the money for the trips came from? China, Switzerland, Senegal?
Adam: You said that was from our frequent flier mileage.
Eve: And you believed me?

"Northern Exposure: Aurora Borealis: A Fairy Tale for Big People (#1.8)" (1990)
Adam: [Adam is trying to teach some cooking to Joel and he holds the wooden spoon like a violin bow] Look. Hold this correctly, OK?
[Adam takes Joel's hand and forces him to hold the spoon with all the fingers]
Adam: It's a spoon, all right? It's not a darning needle. I'm serious!