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Les Peters (Character)
from Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

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Only Angels Have Wings (1939)
Les Peters: [the other fliers won't drink with McPherson] Do you mind, Elena? We're going to move. Coming Geoff?
Geoff Carter: No, this is good enough for me.
Bat Kilgallen - MacPherson: Not so particular, huh?
Geoff Carter: I don't think even *you* can spoil good liquor.
Bat Kilgallen - MacPherson: Thanks. I'm not used to these small favors.
Bat Kilgallen - MacPherson: I'm sorry I said it. I'm not used to being around people like *you*.

Kid Dabb: [watching Geoff try to land a damaged plane] He's gonna try to land!
Mike: He can't make it.
Les Peters: Not with that tail all smashed up. Not in a million years.
Kid Dabb: Get set for the crash, Mike!
Bonnie Lee: Why doesn't he jump?
Kid Dabb: Why? Why should he? He's made of rubber, he is. He wants to hit the ground to see how high he can bounce!

Bonnie Lee: Well, what are you lookin' at? What's the matter with me?
Joe Souther: Nothing. Oh, you're sure easy on the eyes.
Les Peters: Oh, you mug, you heard me use that two weeks ago.
Bonnie Lee: Well, it still sounds good anyway.

John 'Dutchy' Van Reiter: Skål!
Les Peters: To us!
Bonnie Lee: Down the hatch.
Joe Souther: Happy landings.