Bonnie Lee
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Bonnie Lee (Character)
from Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

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Only Angels Have Wings (1939)
Bonnie Lee: I know, I know, you'd never ask any woman to do anything.

Bonnie Lee: They must love it. Flying, I mean.
Sparks, radioman: Why do you think they come down to this kind of a place?
Bonnie Lee: It's like being in love with a buzz saw.
Sparks, radioman: Not much future in it.
Bonnie Lee: What is there about it that gets them?
Sparks, radioman: I'm not a flier myself. Hey, you'd better ask the Kid. Miss Lee. Mr. Dabb.
Bonnie Lee: How'd you do?
Sparks, radioman: She wants to know why you like flying.
Kid Dabb: I've been in it 22 years, Miss Lee. I couldn't give you an answer that would make any sense. What's so funny about that?
Bonnie Lee: That's what my dad used to say.
Kid Dabb: Flier?
Bonnie Lee: No, trapeze. High stuff. He wouldn't use a net.
Sparks, radioman: Not much future in that, either.
Bonnie Lee: Yes. We found that out.

Bonnie Lee: What was she like, anyway?
Geoff Carter: Who?
Bonnie Lee: That girl that made you act the way you do.
Geoff Carter: A whole lot like you. Just as nice, almost as smart.
Bonnie Lee: Chorus girl?
Geoff Carter: Only by temperament.

Bonnie Lee: Say, isn't that girl the one he used to be in love with?
Kid Dabb: Bonnie, when it rains, every third drop falls on one of them.

Kid Dabb: [watching Geoff try to land a damaged plane] He's gonna try to land!
Mike: He can't make it.
Les Peters: Not with that tail all smashed up. Not in a million years.
Kid Dabb: Get set for the crash, Mike!
Bonnie Lee: Why doesn't he jump?
Kid Dabb: Why? Why should he? He's made of rubber, he is. He wants to hit the ground to see how high he can bounce!

Bonnie Lee: You love him, don't you, Kid?
Kid Dabb: Yes, I guess I do.
Bonnie Lee: Why can't I love him the way you do? Why couldn't I sneer when he tries to kill himself, feel proud when he doesn't? Why couldn't I be there to meet him when he gets back? Why couldn't I... What do you do when he doesn't come back when you expect him to?
Kid Dabb: I go nuts.
Bonnie Lee: Gee whiz, you're a great help.

Geoff Carter: How about a light?
Bonnie Lee: [giving him matches] Isn't it about time you started carrying some of those?

Bonnie Lee: I'm hard to get, Geoff. All you have to do is ask me.

Geoff Carter: Got a match?
Bonnie Lee: Say, don't you ever have any?
Geoff Carter: No - don't believe in laying in a supply of anything.
[she hands him a match]
Geoff Carter: Thanks.
Bonnie Lee: Matches, marbles, money or women, huh?
Geoff Carter: That's right.
Bonnie Lee: No looking ahead; no tomorrows; just today.
Geoff Carter: That's right.

Bonnie Lee: So you're still carrying a torch for her?
Geoff Carter: Gotta light?

Bonnie Lee: Say, things happen awful fast around here.

Bonnie Lee: How can you eat that?
Geoff Carter: What?
Bonnie Lee: Eat that steak.
Geoff Carter: Well, what's the matter with it?
Bonnie Lee: [referring to Joe] It was his!
Geoff Carter: Well, what do you want me to do, have it stuffed?

Geoff Carter: Wait a minute, you little fool, why don't you use your ...
[sees that she's crying]
Geoff Carter: Oh, come on. Stop it.
Bonnie Lee: I don't know how you can act like this when that poor kid, he's ...
Geoff Carter: [coldly] Yeah, I know, he's dead.
Bonnie Lee: Yes, he's dead!
Geoff Carter: That's right. And he's been dead about 20 minutes, and all the weeping and wailing in the world won't make him any deader 20 years from now. If you feel like bawling, how do you think we feel?
Bonnie Lee: Oh, I'm sorry...
Geoff Carter: Oh, come on. Go outside and walk around - and stay there until you put all that together!

Geoff Carter: What's all this?
Bonnie Lee: What?
Geoff Carter: All this cooking!
Bonnie Lee: Oh, that's coffee.
Geoff Carter: Look at this mess...
Bonnie Lee: Don't touch it, it's hot! You'll burn yourself.
[he touches it]
Bonnie Lee: Oh, I told you!
Geoff Carter: Ah, ah. Go away, go away!
Bonnie Lee: Ooh, that is a burn. Here, I'll put some butter on it.
Geoff Carter: I don't want any butter on it.
Bonnie Lee: Oh, but it'll make you feel better!
Geoff Carter: I told you, I don't want any butter on it!
Bonnie Lee: My grandmother always used butter...
Geoff Carter: I don't care what your grandmother did!
[referring to the coffee]
Geoff Carter: It's still boiling! What's all this about?
Bonnie Lee: Oh, I just thought I'd like to have a nice cup of coffee. It's so cold and rainy outside and nice and cozy in here.
Geoff Carter: Oh...
Bonnie Lee: Wouldn't you like to have one, too?
Geoff Carter: No, I wouldn't, and get out of here and stop making a mess and stay out of my room, and take this with you...
[reaches for kettle]
Bonnie Lee: Oh, don't ...
Geoff Carter: [picks up kettle, whistles in surprise]
Bonnie Lee: [laughs] I thought you never did that.
Geoff Carter: Did what?
Bonnie Lee: Got burned twice in the same place.

Bonnie Lee: [Joe has just died and Bonnie is feeling guilty about his death] Mr. Carter? Mr. Carter? Do you really think... I mean... Do you really think it was my fault, what happened out there?
Geoff Carter: Sure it was your fault. You were gonna have dinner with him, the Dutchman hired him, I sent him up on schedule, the fog came in, a tree got in the way. All your fault. Forget it, unless you want the honor.

Geoff Carter: You'd better be good!
Bonnie Lee: I won't be as corny as you.

Geoff Carter: You're a queer duck, Bonnie.
Bonnie Lee: Ah, so are you.