Judge Lord Thomas Horfield
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Judge Lord Thomas Horfield (Character)
from The Paradine Case (1947)

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The Paradine Case (1947)
Anthony Keane, Counsel for the Defense: Does the name of Margaret Wells convey anything to you?
Andre Latour, Paradine's Valet: [hesitating] Yes, sir.
Anthony Keane, Counsel for the Defense: What does that name convey to you?
[Latour doesn't respond]
Anthony Keane, Counsel for the Defense: Well, I must try to help your memory. I put it to you that some years ago you were engaged to Margaret Wells of Three Rivers, Quebec; that on your wedding day she left you at the church door and went off with a saddler named Richard Truton.
Andre Latour, Paradine's Valet: That is finished! That is in the past!
Judge Lord Thomas Horfield: Your question may be relevant, Mr Keane; its relevance escapes me.
Anthony Keane, Counsel for the Defense: M'lord, I submit that the witness has shown, in his evidence and also in his behavior, an almost pathological bias against, not only my client, but against all women.
Judge Lord Thomas Horfield: I may be stupid, but I fail to understand what this jilting has to do with the case; after seeing the witness and observing his appearance and bearing, I should be inclined to regard the young lady's conduct as pathological, not his.

Judge Lord Thomas Horfield: I do not like to be interrupted in the middle of an insult.