Prof. Maximilian Arturo
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Biography for
Prof. Maximilian Arturo (Character)
from "Sliders" (1995)

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Professor Maximillian P. Arturo (referred to as Professor, the professor, Arturo or Max) was Quinn's professor of cosmology and ontology at California University. Quinn's double insulted the Professor and the real Quinn asked him to come over that same evening. Professor showed up, along with Wade, expecting an appology but instead Quinn shows him that he has invented a device that allows people to travel from one parallel dimension to another. The three decide to do a test "slide" (Quinn's term for travelling to alternate Earths) and they inadvertantly pull a complete stranger, who had been driving past Quinn's house, into the vortex with them. In order to escape an ice tornado they used the remote to leave before they were scheduled to depart and wound up on another alternate Earth, unable to return home.

While sliding between Earths, in search of Earth Prime (their home), Professor Arturo became a father figure to Quinn, who lost his father at an early age, and Professor expresses that he wished that Quinn was his son. Professor said that every professor/teacher hopes to find that one student in their lifetime, someone with the potential to change the world, and he knew that Quinn was his one student the day that they met at one of his lectures.

Professor does not believe in anything mystical or supernatural, he says that there is a logical, scientific explanation to everything. Even though he sees many things that he can't explain, he holds true to that belief. Professor was arrogant, hot-tempered, and pompous, often referring to people as "blistering idiots." But he also had a soft side and he considered his fellow sliders family. Professor developed a fatal illness that only Quinn knew about, but he ended up dying by shielding Quinn with his body and taking a bullet that was meant for Quinn.

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