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Rich Guy (Character)
from "Black Books" (2000)

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"Black Books: Cooking the Books (#1.1)" (2000)
Bernard: [speaking through a megaphone] Right, the shop is closed, everybody get out! Time to go home, come on!
Old Woman: But it's only quarter to three!
Bernard: Yes, but it's my shop.
[now shooing them out with a broom]
Bernard: Come on, go home, bye bye, get out...
Old Woman: That's hardly fair!
Bernard: It isn't fair at all. Get out!
Rich Guy: I expect better service!
Bernard: Well, expect away. Goodbye! Come on, all you time-wasting bastards, back on the streets. Thank you!
[slams door]

Rich Guy: Those books. How much?
Bernard: Hmmm?
Rich Guy: Those books. The leather-bound ones.
Bernard: Yes, Dickens, the Collected Works of Charles Dickens.
Rich Guy: Are they real leather?
Bernard: They're real Dickens.
Rich Guy: I have to know if they're real leather because they have to go with the sofa.
[Bernard looks confused]
Rich Guy: Everything else in my house is real. I'll give you two hundred for them.
Bernard: Two hundred what?
Rich Guy: Two hundred pounds.
Bernard: Are they leather-bound pounds?
Rich Guy: No.
Bernard: Sorry. I need leather bound pounds to go with my wallet. Next.