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Sydney (Character)
from "The Pretender" (1996)

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The Pretender 2001 (2001) (TV)
Sydney: What's happened to you?
William Raines: ...wheezing... too many cigarettes. Not enough vacations.

Sydney: Why weren't we told about the other escapees?
William Raines: The cover up directive came from high up.
Sydney: The Tower?
Miss Parker: My father?
Sydney: Triumvirate?
William Raines: I don't know. I do know this. The cover-up, it was all about the Pretender named Alex.

The Pretender: Island of the Haunted (2001) (TV)
Broots: [looking for a sample of Mr. parker's blood for Miss Parker] Oh, jeez!
Sydney: What is it?
Broots: [holding a vial] I am so underpaid. Miss Parker owes me so big.
Sydney: [looking at it with a flashlight] Is that Mr. Parker's blood?
Broots: I wish it were Mr. Parker's blood. The only sample of Mr. Parker's in here is semen. Let's get the hell out of here.

Miss Parker: [Answers phone with a shaky voice] Hello?
Sydney: Parker, thank God!
Broots: It's us, Miss Parker. We've been so worried about...
Broots: Did you just say "Hello"?
Miss Parker: What, Broots?

"The Pretender: Past Sim (#2.6)" (1997)
[on the phone]
Jarod: I killed a man today, Sydney. I killed him as if I'd pulled the trigger myself.
Sydney: Jarod...
Jarod: Simulation 2578. You told me it was a rescue scenario. And then I see it used in the killing of a federal agent and the abduction of an innocent woman.
Miss Parker: The Centre is not in the abduction business.
Jarod: Well, you tell that to Emma Barrett. It's Lyle, isn't it?
Miss Parker: What are you talking about?
Jarod: I'm talking about lies. I'm talking about how innocent people have died because of the way you use my simulations. You used me! Well, no one is going to die anymore. If it's a war the Centre wants, it's what you will get. But I promise you, Emma Barrett will not be the next casualty.

Miss Parker: Jarod will take the use of his simulation as a personal attack.
Mr. Lyle: That sounds like a threat.
Sydney: To involve Jarod as an accessory to murder and kidnapping, that is asking for retribution the likes of which you can't even imagine.
Mr. Lyle: I'll take that under advisement.

"The Pretender: Pilot (#1.1)" (1996)
Jarod: Who am I? Did the Centre adopt me? Was I bought or was I stolen? And where are my mom and dad?
Sydney: Jarod, we've been over this a thousand times. Your parents died in a plane crash.
Jarod: Yes, I know the story, Sydney. It's been burned into my brain for thirty years. But, you see, I did a little checking. There's this genetic anomaly that's in my blood that should be in my supposed parents. But it's not. Therefore, it's impossible that I'm their son. So, the truth, for once.

Jarod: Tell me who I am.
Sydney: I don't know either. At the time, I had on reason to question what the Centre told me. I swear.
Jarod: Then prove it. Give me tomorrow's code to the Centre's mainframe. The truth about who I am has to be in there.
Sydney: You know I can't do that.
Jarod: Sydney, you stole my life! Please give it back to me.

"The Pretender: Once in a Blue Moon (#3.3)" (1998)
Sydney: Sometimes, even the Devil deserves a little privacy.

"The Pretender: Dragon House: Part 2 (#1.22)" (1997)
Sydney: Just let this quack handle it, hmm?