Catherine Elaine Parker
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Catherine Elaine Parker (Character)
from "The Pretender" (1996)

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The Pretender 2001 (2001) (TV)
Miss Parker: You just can't trust a man with a stolen thumb.

Mr. Lyle: Stay out of it.
Miss Parker: Love to. Can't.

Mr. Lyle: God, you're a crazy bitch.
Miss Parker: You don't know the half of it.

Broots: Miss Parker, I'm getting a pretty weird feeling about this.
Miss Parker: Everything about my family is weird. Including, the last time I saw my father... just after he murdered Raines.
Broots: Last time I saw my father was just after he sculpted the shrubs into "Snow-White and the seven dwarfs".
Miss Parker: [Awkward Pause] I guess everyone's family is weird in their own way.

Miss Parker: [to Lyle] Why don't you shove your nine fingers where the sun don't shine?

Miss Parker: [after Miss Parker almost hits Broots with a car] You okey, Broots?
Broots: Yeah... I have a little more empathy for roadkill than I did a second ago, but I'm fine.

Miss Parker: [Sneaking up on Lyle and saying with no enthusiasm what so ever] Bu!
Mr. Lyle: [Screams] Gaaah! You almost scared the...
Miss Parker: It's called crap, Lyle. And as full of it as you are, I'm sure you have some to spare.

Sydney: Why weren't we told about the other escapees?
William Raines: The cover up directive came from high up.
Sydney: The Tower?
Miss Parker: My father?
Sydney: Triumvirate?
William Raines: I don't know. I do know this. The cover-up, it was all about the Pretender named Alex.