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Quotes for
Andrea (Character)
from "NewsRadio" (1995)

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"NewsRadio: Planbee (#4.2)" (1997)
Jimmy James: Plan A was a bust. Everyone, meet Plan B.
Andrea: Hi, everyone.
Matthew Brock: Planbee. What an unusual name. Is it Chinese?
Andrea: You can call me Andrea, and you must be Matthew.
Matthew Brock: Nice to meet you, Andrea Planbee.

Bill McNeal: Plan B is not a plan at all, it's a witch hunt.
Andrea: Don't be silly.
Bill McNeal: If anyone here is a witch, it's Beth. Look at how she dresses. Case closed. And yes, I must be Bill.

Matthew Brock: What do you think is more efficient? Brushing your teeth in your pajamas, or your work clothes.
Andrea: I'm not sure I understand the question.
Matthew Brock: I think PJs, because if you get toothpaste in your work clothes, your whole day is screwed. True story.

"NewsRadio: Super Karate Monkey Death Car (#4.4)" (1997)
Andrea: [Administering a polygraph test] If you could be any kind of tree in the whole wide world, what...
Lisa: I stole a car!... I mean, a sycamore tree.

Andrea: Now, Dave, I bet you've never even thought about shoplifting.
Dave: I have so shop-
[polygraph machine buzzes]
Andrea: Aren't you the cutest thing?
Dave: I'm not the cutest thing.
[polygraph machine buzzes]

"NewsRadio: The Public Domain (#4.3)" (1997)
Andrea: Actually, I brought Steve over to help you, Dave.
Dave Nelson: Oh, so he's going to assist me.
Andrea: [laughing] That's a cute way of putting it.

"NewsRadio: French Diplomacy (#4.5)" (1997)
Andrea: Clearly, she can't handle Bill.
Dave: Nobody can. I'm the only one who comes close, and I don't even know what I'm doing half the time.