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Quotes for
Eve Gill (Character)
from Stage Fright (1950)

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Stage Fright (1950)
Eve Gill: I'm afraid the murderer might come here madam. Might get into the dressing room. Might even murder me madam. I'm surprised you're not a bit afraid yourself.

Eve Gill: There's nothing the matter with your reputation!
Commodore Gill: Oh, indeed? I'd rather flattered myself that there was...

Det. Insp. Wilfred 'Ordinary' Smith: I once had a cousin who had an ulcer and an extremely funny face, both at the same time. Everybody laughed at him when he was telling his symptoms. His name was Jim.
Eve Gill: That must've been terrible!
Det. Insp. Wilfred 'Ordinary' Smith: Oh, I don't know, Jim is quite a common name.

Eve Gill: I played the Fourth deadly sin.
Det. Insp. Wilfred 'Ordinary' Smith: Were you good?
Eve Gill: I was... pretty deadly.

Commodore Gill: More than a friend, eh?
Eve Gill: When I'm with him, I get a feeling in here that... that's sort of...
Commodore Gill: Yes, well, we'll go into the symptoms later. Meanwhile, I take it you're either keen on him, or still hungry.

Eve Gill: I appreciate you, father. You and Captain Kidd are my favorite heroes.
Commodore Gill: My child, I am not deceived. If there's one thing I cannot bear, it's insincerity.