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Trance Gemini (Character)
from "Andromeda" (2000)

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"Andromeda: Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way (#1.17)" (2001)
Gerentex: Aren't you supposed to be... dead?
Trance Gemini: I got better.

Seamus Harper: So there's a price on your head. Oh, good, maybe I'll get my money back after all.
Gerentex: If I were you, I'd spend less time trying to plot my downfall and more time trying to guess what I'm going to do with the two of you.
Trance Gemini: Oh, I love playing guessing games.
Gerentex: Haha. Call me a traditionalist, but when I kill someone, I really do prefer it when they stay dead. Now, be quiet, the two of you. I'm trying to think.
Seamus Harper: Don't strain yourself.

Seamus Harper: Try me. See if you can wrap your little rat brain around this. You kill her, I kill you. You lose. You kill her and you kill me, the ship blows up. You still lose. Either way, you lose.
Trance Gemini: Uh, excuse me? Can we please discuss the killing her part?

Gerentex: Hahaha. Well, you know, in this business, you're only as good as your latest scam. My strip-mining venture on Infinity Atoll, my RobotoCourtesan manufacturing plant, the religion I founded. All gone. Forgotten. Pfft. Er, this is the part where you're supposed to say, "Oh, Gerentex, that's so sad."
Trance Gemini: Oh, that's so sad!
Seamus Harper: Oh, you're breaking my freaking heart!

Trance Gemini: This enough?
Adulasia Stalin: Definitely. Pleasure doing business with you.
Seamus Harper: If you want pleasure, you're talking to the right guy.
Adulasia Stalin: Thanks, but I prefer my men alive.

Gerentex: You know, now that the moment is upon me, I must admit to feeling a tad misty. Once I find Tarn-Vedra, all the painful struggle, the years of yearning will finally be behind me. I'll buy a lake, or maybe a small sea. Start a harem of fecund Nightsider females who'll fill the water with furry tadpoles and watch as the strongest of our young devour the weak in the ancient dance of life.
Trance Gemini: Oh, that is so beautiful.
Gerentex: Isn't it? You know, all I've really wanted was a home and a family of my own. To change myself for the better.
Seamus Harper: You want to change your life for the better? Put a bullet in your head.
Trance Gemini: Oh, Seamus Zelazney Harper, you take that back this instant.

Gerentex: You know, hurtful stereotypes like that give people like me a bad name.
Trance Gemini: No, people like you give people like you a bad name.

Trance Gemini: I am so sick of this, you two, with your violence and your threats and your shooting stuff. Neither of you gets it, do you? There isn't enough love in the universe as it is, and you're both just helping to kill off what's left. So shape up, because if you don't show each other a little peace, love, and understanding, I am going to kill you both.
Seamus Harper: Trance, you don't mean that.
Trance Gemini: I do. You know why? 'Cause I could get away with it, because I'm cute.
Gerentex: You wouldn't.
Trance Gemini: Oh, Dylan, it was so horrible. They just... they killed each other right in front of me. And I tried to stop them, really I tried, but I couldn't.
Gerentex: By the sacred lake, she's right. I can just see that High Guard fossil now, hugging her and saying, "Trance, it'll be okay," while, while we lay here dead.

Seamus Harper: You know what you've done, don't you? You've kissed off our entire tundra flower monopoly. Our best commodity.
Trance Gemini: No, I haven't. I gave Gerentex a beautiful thing to call his own. Beautiful things can make sad people happy, and bad people good. When you think about it, beautiful things can change the universe.

"Andromeda: In Heaven Now Are Three (#2.16)" (2002)
Trance Gemini: She can't tell you.
Beka Valentine: Why? Why can't I tell him?
Trance Gemini: Because if you tell him, Tyr will die.
Tyr Anasazi: Then by all means leave me in suspense.

Beka Valentine: Tyr will die? Aren't we being a little dramatic?
Trance Gemini: It's only dramatic until somebody does die.

Trance Gemini: Beka, on the other hand...
Captain Dylan Hunt: She kind of likes to fly by the seat of her pants.
Trance Gemini: Yes, but I believe that's what makes her a good slipstream pilot. And it's also what makes you two such a good team. You complete each other.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Then it's a good thing we're on the same side.
Trance Gemini: More than you know.

Flux: Well, like I said, someone has to retrieve the Engine. We all know what happens next.
Trance Gemini: Some of us better than others.
Flux: Come with me. Your brothers and sisters would love to know what's become of you.
Trance Gemini: No, my place is here with my friends.
Flux: Your place is with us. Don't forget whose side you're on.
Trance Gemini: Never have. Never will.
Flux: You can't defy us forever, Trance.
Trance Gemini: No, but I can dream, can't I? Even if it's just for a little while?

Fletcher: Give us the Engine.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Does it look like we have it?
Duran: You lie to us, she's dead.
Trance Gemini: Again.

Captain Dylan Hunt: What do you think, Trance?
Trance Gemini: I think your guess is as good as mine.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Whenever she says that, I never believe it.

Trance Gemini: Tell me about him.
Flux: Sir was an FTA Enforcement wing pilot, and his lover, Duran, was a Rester terrorist.
Trance Gemini: So they fell in love and they abandoned their respective causes?
Flux: Actually, they betrayed both sides and murdered their former associates. Killing people's the glue that keeps them together, and if they get the Engine of Creation, they intend to reshape the universe to serve their infinite whims and perversions.
Trance Gemini: Then why are you helping them?
Flux: Well, it tugs on my conscience every now and then, but I am after all, a dedicated manservant.
Trance Gemini: You want to know what I think?
Flux: Oh yes, very much.

Beka Valentine: The legend talks about a whirling guardian of the sanctum.
Trance Gemini: Well, that is definitely whirling.
Beka Valentine: So this must be the sanctum.
Trance Gemini: So that's good.
Beka Valentine: Yeah.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, good. This is just fantastic.

"Andromeda: Pitiless as the Sun (#2.4)" (2001)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Even in the days of the Commonwealth, Inaris was considered a backwater world. These people were unpredictable. After three centuries of struggle, I'm just not sure they can be trusted.
Trance Gemini: So why don't you just let me go and I'll find out. What?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Nothing, nothing. It's, er, it's just you as a spy.
Trance Gemini: They'll never know what hit them.

Professor Logitch: You were telling me about your world.
Trance Gemini: Oh, which one?
Professor Logitch: Well, the one you were born on.
Trance Gemini: Oh, no, I wasn't born on any world. I was born in space.
Professor Logitch: But, I thought... all right, Well, let's talk about, er, let's talk about the world you were raised on, then.
Trance Gemini: But there are so many.

Professor Logitch: We're trying to develop biological weapons to defend ourselves against your kind, should you launch a full scale assault.
Trance Gemini: No offense, Professor, but your backwater rock is hardly worth the effort. And believe me, if my kind wanted to destroy you, it would take a lot less than a full scale assault.
Professor Logitch: Is that what he wanted to do, the one who came before you? To destroy us?
Trance Gemini: Like I told you before, I do not know who that was or what he wanted, but most likely he was just bored.
Professor Logitch: Bored?
Trance Gemini: When you have seen and you have done as much as we have, the universe starts feeling a little small and stagnant, so you learn to make your own fun.
Professor Logitch: Are you telling me that everything that we've been through, the wars, the famines, the deaths, were all diversions for a monster? May God forgive me.

Professor Logitch: But your shipmates... do they know what you really are?
Trance Gemini: They know as much as they need to know. That I am their friend.
Professor Logitch: But if you tell them what happened down here...
Trance Gemini: I won't, and neither will you.
Professor Logitch: So what happens to us? Are we going to be your little toys, too?
Trance Gemini: No, I'm not that bored. The universe is a mess. I've got plenty of things to keep me busy.

Captain Dylan Hunt: That was it? They just described it to you?
Trance Gemini: A little bit, but, I think when they saw how much it upset me, they decided they had better not talk about it any more.
Captain Dylan Hunt: That was very considerate of them.
Trance Gemini: You're mad at them, aren't you? They should have been honest with you from the beginning.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I can't make alliances until I know exactly who I'm dealing with, or at least until I know I can trust them.
Trance Gemini: Aren't those the same thing?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Usually, but there are those few rare exceptions. Glad you're back.

"Andromeda: Moonlight Becomes You (#5.13)" (2005)
Geryon: Wow. What are the odds?
Trance Gemini: Er, five hundred and twenty million to one?
Geryon: What else can you do?
Trance Gemini: That's it so far.
Geryon: Well, when I need a calculator, I'll call you.

Geryon: I don't know what your game is, honey, but you aren't the first and you won't be the last groupie to catch his eye.
Trance Gemini: No, you're wrong. I was his first.

Trance Gemini: I don't think I'm coming back with you. I think that maybe you are going to have to let go this time.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, even if I should, I don't know if I can.
Trance Gemini: It'll be okay. Wish me luck.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Good luck, Trance. I'm still sticking around, though.

Trance Gemini: Are you ready?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Hey, I was born ready.
Trance Gemini: And I was born in a supernova.

"Andromeda: Into the Labyrinth (#2.9)" (2001)
Harper: God hates me.
Trance Gemini: Don't take it personally.

Dylan Hunt: Go easy on that stuff, Trance. It is for the guests.
Trance Gemini: I was just...
Dylan Hunt: I was just kidding. Enjoy yourself.

Trance Gemini: You know, since we've got a little bit of time here, we might as well find a good way to spend it. I know. I've got this really great game. It's called "Harper Tells Trance Everything So She Can Save His Miserable Life." Would you like to play?
Harper: I hate you.
Trance Gemini: You're just saying that.

Trance Gemini: Harper? How much do you remember from the last time that stuff was in your brain?
Harper: This isn't about Satrina, is it? You want to know if there are things in that Library about mysterious purple babes with pointy tails?
Trance Gemini: I don't have a tail.
Harper: Not anymore.
Trance Gemini: Harper, please. If there is anything in that Library about me, I have to know it.
Harper: I'll tell you what I remember. I remember this temple with gold etchings, statues, silk wall hangings, even. And all of this on a backwater world that I don't think even exists anymore. Or, maybe the world does exist, but I don't think the civilization exists anymore. Anyway, the point is, there were all these people worshipping a naked purple goddess, and you might say they were a little entranced.
Trance Gemini: That could mean anything. Maybe they like purple. Or, maybe, your memory is even hazier than you thought.
Harper: Yeah, but that doesn't explain why you reacted the way you did when I sang one of their hymns. Remember this little ditty?
Trance Gemini: Shush. Harper, you are my best friend, and because you are my friend, I really need you to listen to me: do not look at the Archive.
Harper: You know Trance, I liked it better when I thought you were harmless.
Trance Gemini: Yeah, me too.

"Andromeda: The Pearls That Were His Eyes (#1.11)" (2001)
Rommie: Captain on deck!
Beka Valentine: I'll alert the media.
Trance Gemini: It means we're supposed to stand at attention.
Captain Dylan Hunt: At ease, Trance. I think it's a little late in the game to restore the military protocols.

Beka Valentine: Yuck, I hate planets. How could anyone live like this?
Trance Gemini: Well, didn't your people evolve on a planet?
Beka Valentine: Yeah, the smart ones left as soon as they got a chance.

Mick: What about you, sweetness? Are you into older men? Or are you just into her?
Trance Gemini: Watch the tail.
Willie: You know, grape's my favorite flavour.
Trance Gemini: Beka, are they cannibals?

Trance Gemini: Beka. Beka, are you all right? What did they do to you?
Beka Valentine: Nothing. I walked into a door.
Trance Gemini: Well then, please sit down. Good girl. Stay.
Beka Valentine: Oh, Trance, I'm not really in the mood for a cocktail right now.
Trance Gemini: Disinfectant. So, did you tell the door what it wanted to know?

"Andromeda: Point of the Spear (#3.16)" (2003)
Tyr Anasazi: Shouldn't you be headed to Med deck?
Trance Gemini: Everything I need is on the Maru.
Tyr Anasazi: Would you tell me your symptoms?
Trance Gemini: Dizziness. Confusion. Nausea.
Tyr Anasazi: Nausea? Trance, you don't have a stomach. In fact, I don't believe I've ever seen you consume more than an alcoholic beverage.
Trance Gemini: I'm jittery. I feel cold and prickly all over. I can't think straight.
Tyr Anasazi: Is there anything else?
Trance Gemini: You can't force me to tell you anything. I don't think it would be wise for you to try now.
Tyr Anasazi: I'm quite sure you're right. However, I will try, should it ever come to that. Are we understood?
Trance Gemini: I'd like to go to my room now, be with my plants.

Tyr Anasazi: Who have you been talking to?
Trance Gemini: The signals you intercepted were messages home. I was trying to reach my family.
Tyr Anasazi: And you failed?
Trance Gemini: No. Worse. I succeeded. What they told me was not good. It's not good at all.

Trance Gemini: Dylan, we're on the same team. We always have been. I need you more than you need me. I trust you.
Captain Dylan Hunt: It's the other way around, Trance. I need to know I can trust you.
Trance Gemini: If you don't trust me, then you can send me away.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Send you away... It's all about the fight. The light against the dark, good against evil. Some people hide from it. Some run away.
Trance Gemini: Some live with it in fear. Some find solace in knowing they've done everything they can.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Some stay and fight. I fight to win.

Trance Gemini: Dylan, there is a war coming, one that is going to make this battle look like child's play.
Captain Dylan Hunt: The Magog Worldship.
Trance Gemini: My people have come to the conclusion that the Commonwealth cannot stop the Magog, but they feel that the Pyrians can.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You've got to be kidding me. Damn it, Trance, We aren't just pieces in your private game of Go. Now you level with me or quit wasting my time.

"Andromeda: Ouroboros (#2.12)" (2002)
Beka Valentine: Trance, you will never guess who I just met.
Trance Gemini: A scary futuristic version of yourself? She went that way!

Trance Gemini: Harper, I have been looking all over for you.
Seamus Harper: Liar. You never have to look for anything, Trance. You always find what you're looking for pretty much right away.
Trance Gemini: Okay, so I wasn't looking for you, but as your acting physician I figure that it's time you got some rest.
Seamus Harper: Uh, uh, uh, uh, you never went to medical school, Trance, so you are not a regular doctor. Huh.
Trance Gemini: Lucky for you I'm not a regular doctor, because if I were you'd have been dead months ago.

Beka Valentine: Trance?
Trance Gemini: [as the future Trance] Beka... I forgot how beautiful you were.
Beka Valentine: Er, thanks.

"Andromeda: The Sum of Its Parts (#1.16)" (2001)
Trance Gemini: Don't you want to look good?
Rommie: Well, only in so far as it aids my official functions.
Beka Valentine: So your other outfits are supposed to be functional?
Rommie: Well, they're all approved variations of High Guard officer's uniforms.
Beka Valentine: Female officer's uniforms. Very female.

Beka Valentine: Rommie, I can't believe that you're actually saying that the reason you look like a walking heart attack is for our benefit.
Rommie: I'm not sure what you mean.
Trance Gemini: All Beka's trying to say is that she thinks you're pretty.
Beka Valentine: No, no. No, I think you went a little overboard on the pouty lips.

Beka Valentine: You were instructed to make contact by who?
Trance Gemini: Ahem. By whom.
HG: I am an emissary from the Consensus of Parts. I come in peace. Take me to your leader.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, yeah, we got it the first time.

"Andromeda: The Honey Offering (#1.19)" (2001)
Trance Gemini: Surrender, surrender - all his messages are the same. He sounds like an evil parrot.
Seamus Harper: I can't believe I'm going to die at the hands of converging red blips.
Beka Valentine: Wait a second. I think you two might be on to something. Rommie, scan all of Cuchulain's messages for the background noise.
Rev Bem: You don't think he...

Trance Gemini: Hello, Miss Alpha Nietzschean Lady. I picked these for you.
Elssbett Mossadim: Thank you, cute purple monkey. Is your pet house-trained?

Trance Gemini: She doesn't like flowers. Who doesn't like flowers?... What kind of a person doesn't like flowers?

"Andromeda: To Loose the Fateful Lightning (#1.3)" (2000)
Trance Gemini: Fourteen broken ribs and a ruptured something that only Magog seem to have.
Rev Bem: It's akin to a pancreas.
Trance Gemini: Oh, I see. Okay. So, er, what's a pancreas?
Rev Bem: It's a - Argh!

Rev Bem: We can only retrieve one ship at a time. Which one, right or left?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Right.
Trance Gemini: Left! Er, it's just a choice, you know, fifty-fifty?

Trance Gemini: The High Guard wants to talk to the G Stat Comm alone.
Hayek: Is she near death?
Trance Gemini: Hayek, the High Guard moves in mysterious ways.

"Andromeda: The Widening Gyre (#2.1)" (2001)
Beka Valentine: HOLO-ROMMIE: I don't know. I just don't know.
Andromeda: I don't know. I just... don't know.
Trance Gemini: It's not impossible. It's just really unfair.

Trance Gemini: OK. OK, Trance, you can do this, you know you can. There is a perfect possible future where everything will turn out just fine and the odds of creating that future are only one million, six hundred and seventy-one thousand to one. More or less.

Beka Valentine: Trance, I need you. Dylan needs you. Trance? Trance? Trance!
Trance Gemini: Ah! Oh, the tail!
Beka Valentine: Oh, good, you're up.

"Andromeda: Under the Night (#1.1)" (2000)
Beka Valentine: Ooh, ooh, Miss Valentine?
Beka Valentine: Yes, Harper.
Harper: This isn't our first field trip, purple company excluded, of course.
Beka Valentine: That is my point. I want you to treat every boarding just like your first one. I want you to double-check everything; hell, triple check it. I'd hate for any of you to end up like Vex Pag.
Trance Gemini: Vex Pag?
Rev Bem: Your predecessor.
Trance Gemini: Oh, he's the guy who retired. Didn't you say he bought a farm?
Harper: The farm. He bought The farm.

Seamus Harper: Boss, he's giving me that look again.
Trance Gemini: Rev, don't. Let me get you some steak sauce first.

Seamus Harper: You seeing what I'm seeing?
Trance Gemini: A really excited human with a rash?
Seamus Harper: Haha, no, the ship. The Andromeda Ascendant. Right where that furry little twit said it would be.
Rev Bem: You're speaking of our respected employer.
Seamus Harper: Woohoo! You know, I may actually be starting to like that guy.
Rev Bem: No prior claims.

"Andromeda: Fear Burns Down to Ashes (#4.15)" (2004)
Saguro: Genius! Who designed these modifications?
Trance Gemini, Andromeda Ascendant: He did.
Saguro: This is your work. Hmm, we should make babies together.
Seamus Harper: You two, out!
Andromeda Ascendant: No.
Trance Gemini: Whatever.
Seamus Harper: Why does it always take a fantastically beautiful but evil genius to recognize the genius in me?
Trance Gemini: Harper...
Seamus Harper: Sorry.

Trance Gemini: Many claim that evil is ugly, but it's more often disguised in beauty. That is why we are tempted by it. The greatest evil can be a lie spoken from a sincere face, whereas the greatest good can be masked by fear and hate.

"Andromeda: The World Turns All Around Her (#4.7)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Trance, who are you? What are you?
Trance Gemini: [transforms into a sun] I am the avatar of a sun, a star. All things come from the same thing, all from me. You are elements of the sun. As I make you, I am able to destroy you. As I destroy you, I am able to create.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You had me at avatar.
Trance Gemini: Awareness is where we travel, no path. I am all gravity, and exist in all universes between them. What destroys you in this universe will deliver you to the next. Are you ready to sacrifice everything?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Sacrifice pales against that which we will gain.
Trance Gemini: You *will* put your faith in me to destroy you?
Captain Dylan Hunt: [long pause] And remake me, yes.
Trance Gemini: Then behold the expanding universe.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Trying to figure out how we made it through a portal that wasn't there will give Harper something to do.
Trance Gemini: Yes, we wouldn't want to deprive him of that.
Captain Dylan Hunt: It'll keep the boy out of trouble.
Trance Gemini: It's funny that you're the one talking about keeping out of trouble.
Captain Dylan Hunt: All right, I'll make you a deal, Trance: I'll handle all the troubles in this universe; you take the others.
Trance Gemini: Deal.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Deal.

"Andromeda: Double Helix (#1.5)" (2000)
Seamus Harper: How is the bug?
Beka Valentine: The Than. Try to be polite to our guest.
Trance Gemini: She should be clicking and popping by the end of the week. Why do you ask?

Trance Gemini: I think our friend is ready to join her fleet.
Rev Bem: The Than Hegemony also expresses its gratitude to the Commonwealth for ridding its sector of Nietzschean criminals. They respect us as a force for peace in the galaxy.
Trance Gemini: You got what you wanted.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Not really, but it's a start.

"Andromeda: Belly of the Beast (#2.19)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: How do we get people to stop believing in a myth they've believed in for centuries?
Trance Gemini: By getting them to believe in that other myth.
Captain Dylan Hunt: What's that?
Trance Gemini: The one about the High Guard Captain flying around the universe, making allies, restoring the Commonwealth.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I don't think they'll ever believe in that one.

Captain Dylan Hunt: It looks like I'll need a new speech.
Trance Gemini: Like what?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, how about this: Ladies and gentlemen of the planet Savion, there might be something to your myth but don't worry, the most powerful starship in the universe it out there somewhere, protecting you.
Trance Gemini: Oh, that's great. Now all you have to do is convince yourself.

"Andromeda: Last Call at the Broken Hammer (#2.5)" (2001)
[Trance's tail has been shot off and she's been given a bottle of whiskey as a painkiller]
Trance Gemini: I can't believe that it's gone. My tail, it's gone. I didn't get to say goodbye to it. It was so pretty. My poor tail.

Trance Gemini: I found the rattle. If someone can pass me a hammer, I think I can fix it.
Beka Valentine, Captain Dylan Hunt, Tyr Anasazi: No!
Captain Dylan Hunt: Thank you. Just note it and we'll take care of it when we set down.
Trance Gemini: Noting it...

"Andromeda: Chaos and the Stillness of It (#5.20)" (2005)
Trance Gemini: In a few hours, we can add Seefra Two and Methus Two to the list.
Beka Valentine: Yes, well, it may all be part of some grand design, but it's still bloody tragic.
Trance Gemini: They did the job.
Andromeda Ascendant: And they say inorganics lack emotion.
Doyle: Speak for yourself.
Andromeda Ascendant: I wasn't.

Doyle: Too bad you didn't show up a minute sooner. Oh, that's right. You did.
Trance Gemini: You were both doing very well, I thought, considering.

"Andromeda: An Affirming Flame (#1.2)" (2000)
Beka Valentine: A trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow, if you're willing.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Wait a minute. Let me get this straight: you forced your way onto my ship, then you tried to steal my ship, and now, after I saved all your lives, you want me to help you retrieve your ship.
Trance Gemini: She's like that. Don't take it personally.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Initiating Nova deployment sequence. Let's bring it.
Beka Valentine: Acting First Officer Beka Valentine. Nova deployment authorised. Zero zero strike red zero.
Trance Gemini: Acting Armsmaster Trance Gemini. Nova deployment authorised. Er, retro nine blue strike five nine five.
Tyr Anasazi: Fire Control Officer Tyr Anasazi. Arming Nova weapons one through forty. Execution code nine five over seven blue five. Arm.
Rev Bem: Ready for your final order.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Captain Dylan Hunt, commanding officer. Nova deployment authorisation ten break alpha. Strike, strike, strike.

"Andromeda: Forced Perspective (#1.15)" (2001)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I looked for you. I found out where you were. I travelled to where you were, and I got you out. That's your entire report?
Trance Gemini: You wanted something more?

Captain Dylan Hunt: Trance, he's right. I am a hypocrite. Everything I have and everything I am came out of what happened here. By accepting the Andromeda, I sanctioned it.
Trance Gemini: Dylan, you may have got the Andromeda from something that you're ashamed of, but look at what you're doing with it. You've saved lives, planets. You're using the Andromeda to make sense of a senseless universe.
Venetri: Another fool believer. Why don't you enlighten her, Dylan? Why don't you show her what the gun is all about. Why don't you do what you came to do. Kill me!

"Andromeda: D Minus Zero (#1.4)" (2000)
Trance Gemini: Life support officer Trance Gemini reporting for duty, sir.
Seamus Harper: Suck up.

Trance Gemini: He's dying.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Damn. It should've been hours before anyone started feeling the effects.
Beka Valentine: If he was a good little citizen of the Commonwealth, I'm sure he'd be fine. Harper was raised in a refugee camp. He's got a dodgy immune system at the best of times. He sure can't stand up to this radiation bath you've got us soaking in.
Captain Dylan Hunt: How long before his condition becomes irreversible?
Trance Gemini: Four hours, maybe less.
Seamus Harper: Ooo, shiny.

"Andromeda: The Warmth of an Invisible Light (#4.13)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I can't believe you found me.
Trance Gemini: It's inevitable that one of us would. We divided ourselves up so that we could occupy every possible present you could ever be in.
Captain Dylan Hunt: By we, you mean you.
Trance Gemini: I'll admit that I'm spread rather thin at the moment.

Captain Dylan Hunt: You all right?
Trance Gemini: When a branch sacrifices itself, the rest of the tree only grows stronger.
Captain Dylan Hunt: But you still felt the loss.
Trance Gemini: Every one of me did. But we have saved you, and now the Commonwealth will grow stronger too.
Captain Dylan Hunt: One battle at a time. Meaning we have plenty of work left to do. So, pull yourselves together, and let's go.
Trance Gemini: That was pretty funny, actually.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, it was pretty good, wasn't it? Now, if only the rest of you thought that.

"Andromeda: The Torment, the Release (#4.11)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I've always done what I thought was right.
Trance Gemini: Then others disagree and feel betrayed.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Trance, just because someone feels betrayed doesn't prove me guilty any more than their disliking the colour gold makes you evil.
Andromeda Ascendant: Captain, per your request, Rhade is secured and out of the way.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Thank you. Keep him there pending my further orders.
Andromeda Ascendant: The military escort has arrived to take you planetside.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I don't suppose I should keep them waiting. They might get insulted.

Pish Tryan: You're finished here.
Trance Gemini: You are finished as well.

"Andromeda: Answers Given to Questions Never Asked (#4.1)" (2003)
Beka Valentine: Yeah, so how did we get into this mess? Who started it? It couldn't have been Tyr alone, or just the Nietzscheans.
Trance Gemini: The universe is just too big for it to have simply been them.
Seamus Harper: All right, I, for one, don't want to talk about it anymore, okay? And I particularly don't want to talk about the lovable, absentee, not so young and restless Nietzschean you know who.

"Andromeda: The Fair Unknown (#2.18)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Trance, I need to know if I'm doing the right thing pursuing this Vedran. After all, if she had wanted my help, I have to believe she'd ask for it.
Trance Gemini: We're not just talking about this mission, are we? And you're not just trying to pursue a wounded Vedran. You're on a quest to find a place that you thought remained only in your mind. Home. But that's the thing about quests, they're not always about the destination.

"Andromeda: So Burn the Untamed Lands (#5.8)" (2004)
Doyle: What tone? All I said was holographic artificial intelligence.
Andromeda Ascendant: Tone meaning attitude, the underlying emotion of sarcasm.
Trance Gemini: There's work that needs to be done here, guys.
Andromeda Ascendant: I control all functions on this starship. You may access me at points which I determine and mediate.
Doyle: On the other hand, I have a body and am free to walk around.
Andromeda Ascendant: Then you are also free to leave and not come back.
Trance Gemini: Okay, I'm going to the SEC. You can call me when you're friends, okay? Okay.

"Andromeda: All Too Human (#2.6)" (2001)
Trance Gemini: Captain Hunt, the sensor drones are fully deployed and the missile launch has just been completed. We're five by five with HTE.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Why, thank you, Trance.
Beka Valentine: Five by five?
Trance Gemini: Military talk.
Beka Valentine: Yeah, carry on, Ensign Gemini.

"Andromeda: Dance of the Mayflies (#2.15)" (2002)
Dylan Hunt: The visitors reacted differently to your body.
Trance Gemini: Yes.
Dylan Hunt: Trance, are you dead or alive?
Trance Gemini: Yes.

"Andromeda: One More Day's Light (#5.19)" (2005)
Trance Gemini: Dylan, I have a question for you. Would you leave the Seefra system now if you could?
Captain Dylan Hunt: That's not an option. You know that.
Trance Gemini: Because you must fulfill your destiny?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Because there are millions of lives to save.
Trance Gemini: Spoken like a hero.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Spoken like someone who cares. I expect you feel the same.
Trance Gemini: Perhaps.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Perhaps. Trance, I'm worried about you.
Trance Gemini: Oh, there's no need to worry. When all this is done, you'll be fine.

"Andromeda: The Things We Cannot Change (#2.17)" (2002)
Seamus Harper: Sorry, Beka, it didn't work.
Beka Valentine: What do you mean, it didn't work? It worked before. I saw it.
Seamus Harper: Yes, but... The teleport won't function properly if we don't know Dylan's exact location. Believe me, I tried. We played hide-and-go-teleport with one of Trance's fish in Hydroponics.
Beka Valentine: And?
Trance Gemini: Tuna tartare.

"Andromeda: The Ties That Blind (#1.7)" (2000)
Tyr Anasazi: No. No, of course not, because, and let me see if I've got this down, our alliance with the Wayists, etcetera, etcetera, reuniting the Systems Commonwealth, and so on, and so forth, enhancing our reputation as peacemakers, ad nauseum. Am I close?
Dylan Hunt: Reasonably, yes.
Tyr Anasazi: Don't you ever get tired of it? Trying over and over again to help people who couldn't care less about you in the name of a cause that's been dead for three hundred years.
Trance Gemini: You take that back!

"Andromeda: The Unconquerable Man (#3.10)" (2003)
Gaheris Rhade: History will judge me a traitor for what I'm about to do. But if he fails. If Dylan fails, imagine how they'll judge him.
Trance Gemini: With silence.

"Andromeda: Past Is Prolix (#5.14)" (2005)
Trance Gemini: I remember, Dylan. Everything.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, that's good. That's the best news I've heard in a long time.
Trance Gemini: You were warned about me.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yes, I was: Tarn Vedran sun. Your sun. We'll stop it in time. We'll find a way.
Trance Gemini: Yes, I'm sure we will. But that's not what I mean, not what I mean at all.

"Andromeda: Angel Dark, Demon Bright (#1.6)" (2000)
Dylan Hunt: Yeah, I know what you mean. I felt the same way when I took Beginning Astrophysics.
Trance Gemini: You're kidding.
Dylan Hunt: Yes, I am.
Trance Gemini: Oh.

"Andromeda: Vault of the Heavens (#3.17)" (2003)
Seamus Harper: Somebody has to wake Dylan.
Trance Gemini: I'm not waking Dylan.
Seamus Harper: Andromeda?
Andromeda Ascendant: Don't bother - I'm sure he's already awake.

"Andromeda: The Dark Backward (#3.12)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: So, you experience a million possible futures in the time it takes me to blink my eyes, and each one of them looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes as real as the conversation we're having right here, right now?
Trance Gemini: In a word, yes.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Wow. All right, here's my question. If that's true, if each one of those futures is indistinguishable from each other and from reality on a quantum level... Trance, how do you know that any of this is real?
Trance Gemini: I don't.

"Andromeda: Delenda Est (#3.11)" (2003)
Trance Gemini: I have another squadron rapidly approaching.
Beka Valentine: Thanks for the good news.
Trance Gemini: That was a necessary negative assessment.
Beka Valentine: Well, let's try to accentuate the positive, shall we?
Trance Gemini: They will soon destroy the Andromeda?
Beka Valentine: Okay, thanks for trying.

"Andromeda: Shadows Cast by a Final Salute (#3.22)" (2003)
Tyr Anasazi: I don't expect you to understand, but there are far greater concerns than the crew of the Andromeda.
Seamus Harper: How typically selfless of you.
Tyr Anasazi: Those bones mean more to the future stability of your Commonwealth than any of you can begin to realize.
Trance Gemini: I don't care about the bones.

"Andromeda: Attempting Screed (#5.7)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I think you just hit it right on the head.
Trance Gemini: No. Actually, tails.

"Andromeda: The Lone and Level Sands (#3.5)" (2002)
Beka Valentine: Any sign of the Maru?
Andromeda Ascendant: A few hull fragments and missile vapour. Not enough to imply she was destroyed.
Beka Valentine: Okay, so the Maru arrived early, tangled with some unidentified bad guys, which begs the question...
Trance Gemini: Where's Dylan? Where's our crew?
Beka Valentine: Where's my ship?

"Andromeda: Harper/Delete (#4.5)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: All right. Get in, grab the kid, and get out. I'll keep Malea distracted as long as I can.
Trance Gemini: Dylan, be careful.
Captain Dylan Hunt: What, me be careful? Trance, I'm only the decoy. You three are the main attraction.
Trance Gemini: Really? I always wanted to be a star.

"Andromeda: A Rose in the Ashes (#1.9)" (2000)
Seamus Harper: It's not that easy, Trance. Three spiral galaxies, dozens of galactic clusters. There's got to be hundreds of prison planets.
Andromeda Ascendant: Three hundred and forty eight, to be exact.
Trance Gemini: Really. What about that one.
Beka Valentine: Why? Why that one?
Trance Gemini: Well, it's pretty.
Tyr Anasazi: It's pretty. Now there's a solid reason to risk our lives.
Seamus Harper: You have a better idea?
Tyr Anasazi: No.

"Andromeda: Slipfighter the Dogs of War (#3.6)" (2002)
Trance Gemini: I'll volunteer. I'll be the third.
Seamus Harper: Trance, no offence, but I think we all remember what happened the last time you tried to pilot the slipstream. You took us back three hundred years in time, into the middle of a humongous space battle, where we, er, fixed the course of history.
Trance Gemini: Lucky for us.
Seamus Harper: That's not the point.

"Andromeda: The Eschatology of Our Present (#5.5)" (2004)
Seamus Harper: So, road to Grunswick, I'm on foot, guy comes along in a cart, offers me a ride.
Beka Valentine: Sembler?
Seamus Harper: No. I say, sure, why not? I've got a bone spur on my foot. It's kind of gross. You want to see?
Trance Gemini: Oh, no.

"Andromeda: Quantum Tractate Delirium (#5.18)" (2005)
Trance Gemini: And what about you? Where do you belong?
Rommie: Here. Alone.
Trance Gemini: But it's not that simple. It never has been.
Rommie: I intend to make it simple.
Trance Gemini: How?
Rommie: Process of elimination. Those who betrayed me, I want revenge.
Trance Gemini: But who? How do you know who that is?
Rommie: I have a list.

"Andromeda: Through a Glass, Darkly (#5.11)" (2005)
Beka Valentine: I always thought when I went, I would go out with a bang, not quiet like this. This is what it must be like in the sweet hereafter. Or else a party.
Trance Gemini: So you're saying there's life and then there's death, which is true, because first you're this, and then you're that, but really, it's all one thing. A sun gives life and light, and then it collapses and it takes light into itself.
Beka Valentine: First a star, then a black hole.
Trance Gemini: Different forms of the same thing.
Beka Valentine: So no party?
Trance Gemini: This is the party.
Beka Valentine: Whoop de doo.

"Andromeda: Abridging the Devil's Divide (#4.17)" (2004)
Trance Gemini: He's coming to.
Beka Valentine: Good. What the hell did you do to my ship?
Captain Dylan Hunt: It's good to see you too.

"Andromeda: The Test (#5.10)" (2005)
Captain Dylan Hunt: You said I had beautiful hand.
Trance Gemini: Well, it just reminded me of the universal constant of change.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, maybe I didn't explain the concept of gambling clearly enough.

"Andromeda: The Heart of the Journey: Part 1 (#5.21)" (2005)
Seamus Harper: Just let me get a little closer.
Trance Gemini: There is something wrong with him.
Beka Valentine: You're just figuring that out now?