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Quotes for
Doyle (Character)
from "Andromeda" (2000)

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"Andromeda: Chaos and the Stillness of It (#5.20)" (2005)
Andromeda Ascendant: We are not the droids you're looking for.
Doyle: What is that?
Andromeda Ascendant: I don't know, but it didn't work.

Doyle: We've got to find the rock Burma and his goons scrambled under.
Andromeda Ascendant: Well, he can't have gone far. Tarn Vedra was his only option.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Tarn Vedra has a lot of rocks, and it's getting more crowded by the minute. Blending in won't be hard.
Doyle: Even with a hostage.
Andromeda Ascendant: Even with a Harper.

Trance Gemini: In a few hours, we can add Seefra Two and Methus Two to the list.
Beka Valentine: Yes, well, it may all be part of some grand design, but it's still bloody tragic.
Trance Gemini: They did the job.
Andromeda Ascendant: And they say inorganics lack emotion.
Doyle: Speak for yourself.
Andromeda Ascendant: I wasn't.

Doyle: Too bad you didn't show up a minute sooner. Oh, that's right. You did.
Trance Gemini: You were both doing very well, I thought, considering.

Doyle: Harper is resourceful. He may have made one out of broken glass by now, for all we know. And I hate that you know my every move on this ship.
Andromeda Ascendant: Get used to it.
Doyle: I don't need a lecture about getting used to things. Trust me.
Andromeda Ascendant: I was merely suggesting a coping strategy.
Doyle: I will cope when I find Harper.
Andromeda Ascendant: About that: if you were planning on going down to Seefra One, forget about it. I have a drop pod waiting to take me.
Doyle: Oh no, that's the pod I ordered!
Andromeda Ascendant: Like I said, get used to it.

"Andromeda: Quantum Tractate Delirium (#5.18)" (2005)
Doyle: You want to hurt him, you have to hurt me first.
Rommie: Fine.

Rommie: There's nothing wrong with me.
Doyle: That's the nature of your system error. You can't tell what's right and what's wrong.
Rommie: I know what's right. Death is right. That's what I want, and you just made my list.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, did you check it twice? Because I know who's been naughty and I know who's been nice.
Rommie: You are at the top of my list.
Captain Dylan Hunt: So then you're not going alphabetically?

Doyle: I do remember you are very good at bluffing. I, however, can tell if you're lying.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, then you know, this is no bluff.
Rommie: True, you are calm, but still, I call your bluff.
Doyle: Rommie, you are the avatar of this ship, but no more than that. You still must answer to Dylan's command.
Rommie: If that is so, if I am THE avatar, as you say, then that would make you... superfluous.

Doyle: I am living a new life, for the first time; mine to find my own experiences, make memories. I wouldn't trade that for all the stars in the universe.
Seamus Harper: That's a lot of stars.
Doyle: I have a lot of life.
Captain Dylan Hunt: And friends to share it with.
Doyle: To friends.
Captain Dylan Hunt: And to stars in the universe.

"Andromeda: Moonlight Becomes You (#5.13)" (2005)
Doyle: Okay, look, you keep playing with your little Flexi thing. I'm going to get us in here.

Doyle: Are you watching this, Harper? It didn't do that when we touched it.
Seamus Harper: Yes, mistress.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'm not even going to ask.

"Andromeda: So Burn the Untamed Lands (#5.8)" (2004)
Doyle: What tone? All I said was holographic artificial intelligence.
Andromeda Ascendant: Tone meaning attitude, the underlying emotion of sarcasm.
Trance Gemini: There's work that needs to be done here, guys.
Andromeda Ascendant: I control all functions on this starship. You may access me at points which I determine and mediate.
Doyle: On the other hand, I have a body and am free to walk around.
Andromeda Ascendant: Then you are also free to leave and not come back.
Trance Gemini: Okay, I'm going to the SEC. You can call me when you're friends, okay? Okay.

"Andromeda: Pride Before the Fall (#5.12)" (2005)
Seamus Harper: Who-who is this guy? Why is he after us?
Doyle: The Andromeda is worth nothing? To anyone but us who know its operations.

"Andromeda: Decay of the Angel (#5.4)" (2004)
Doyle: Harper, we can't just leave him.
Seamus Harper: Very philanthropic, but existential trumps humanism. Sorry, pal. Welcome to Seefra.

"Andromeda: What Will Be Was Not (#5.9)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: That's a last resort, Doyle, but you've given me an idea.
Doyle: Oh Dylan, I'm flattered, but we don't have time for this.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Not that kind of idea. But don't think I haven't thought about it.