Captain Dylan Hunt
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Captain Dylan Hunt (Character)
from "Andromeda" (2000)

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"Andromeda: Exit Strategies (#2.2)" (2001)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'll be fine. What about the others?
Beka Valentine: I'll check. Just hold still. You're, er, you're dripping on my ship.

Captain Dylan Hunt: All right, then let's mobilise. Tyr, Rev, fix the engines. Cannibalise parts if you have to. Beka, you and I will take...
Beka Valentine: Yeah, my first job is to repair your forehead.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'll be fine.
Beka Valentine: Yeah, okay, tough guy.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Thanks, but no thanks. Having a Nietzschean along may cause problems with any potential allies.
Tyr Anasazi: Captain Hunt! In the past few months, you've been placing yourself in a number of very risky situations. It's not a healthy trend.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Thank you, Tyr. I didn't know that you cared.

Beka Valentine: Well, somehow, I don't think Tyr took all of our guns for Nietzschean show and tell.
Captain Dylan Hunt: With Tyr, you never know. Still, he's been gone a long time. I'm going to go find him.
Beka Valentine: And if he's betraying us?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Then I'll be the first to know.

Captain Dylan Hunt: I'm tempted. I could do a lot with that much money.
Tyr Anasazi: I'm sure. Still, somehow I doubt you're truly prepared to turn me over to the Drago-Kasov Pride.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Give me one reason why not. Your extracurricular activities have put my ship, my crew, and my mission in jeopardy. You are becoming a liability, Tyr.
Tyr Anasazi: A liability. Am I so? Well, I also happen to be the best, I am the only soldier you have. I personally delivered Enkindu and Schopenhauer into your alliance. I have saved your ship, your crew, such as it is, and your mission on many an occasion. And while I may have earned the wrath of the Drago-Kasov Pride, they wanted to kill you long before they ever heard of me.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh, then I guess that makes it all right.
Tyr Anasazi: If you would like me to leave, sir, you have but to ask.

Tyr Anasazi: Whether I like it or not, I need you, sir. And I shall be so bold as to say you need me, as well. So, shall we have a game?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Your move.

Captain Dylan Hunt: We lost them about a kilometre away.
Tyr Anasazi: If they don't follow your tree markings back here.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, I ran out of bread crumbs.

"Andromeda: The Ties That Blind (#1.7)" (2000)
Rommie: But there's no reason for them to lie about their point of origin.
Andromeda: All the more reason to be suspicious.
Dylan Hunt: Talking to yourself is the first sign of mental collapse.
Rommie, Andromeda: Only for wetware.
Dylan Hunt: So, what are you two talking about?
Rommie: The Om Shonti. I've tested and re-tested their slipstream drive. There's no good reason for her not to fly. Plus, I found some navigational inconsistencies.
Dylan Hunt: Curiouser and curiouser.

Dylan Hunt: So, your brother's a, er, brother.
Beka Valentine: If Rafe Valentine's a monk, I'm a Vestal virgin.

Tyr Anasazi: No. No, of course not, because, and let me see if I've got this down, our alliance with the Wayists, etcetera, etcetera, reuniting the Systems Commonwealth, and so on, and so forth, enhancing our reputation as peacemakers, ad nauseum. Am I close?
Dylan Hunt: Reasonably, yes.
Tyr Anasazi: Don't you ever get tired of it? Trying over and over again to help people who couldn't care less about you in the name of a cause that's been dead for three hundred years.
Trance Gemini: You take that back!

Dylan Hunt: Then we've only got one shot. Rafe better come through for us. What do you think? Can we depend on him?
Beka Valentine: He's a Valentine.
Dylan Hunt: So you see my problem?

Rev Bem: Beka and Rafe are a lot alike, don't you think?
Dylan Hunt: I think all humans look alike to you.
Tyr Anasazi: They look like lunch.

Dylan Hunt: Then let's get out of here. I don't want to pick up any more Wayist saboteurs.
Rev Bem: Dylan, those were not real Wayists. That was not the real Singh Khalsa. We don't...
Dylan Hunt: Rev, I know we all have agendas, but while we're on the same ship we have to be on the same team. Next time you want to send off a homing pigeon, warn me first.
Rev Bem: You knew all along, didn't you?

"Andromeda: Double Helix (#1.5)" (2000)
Tyr Anasazi: I'm proud of you.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Why?
Tyr Anasazi: You're thinking like a Nietzschean.
Captain Dylan Hunt: If I were thinking like a Nietzschean, I'd kill you.
Tyr Anasazi: Why don't you?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Because my mission is to restore civilization. And if I can't persuade you - a member of my own crew - how can I win over the rest of the galaxy?
Tyr Anasazi: Just when I thought you'd controlled your blind idealism, you say something like that. So, are you endeavoring to trust me, then?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I trust Tyr to be Tyr.

Captain Dylan Hunt: My old engineer called it job security.
Seamus Harper: Smart woman. I've been reading her manuals.

Tyr Anasazi: During the uprising, it was a common Nietzschean tactic to capture High Guard officers and use them as human shields against their own ships.
Captain Dylan Hunt: And you think that's Guderian's intention?
Tyr Anasazi: I'm certain of it.

Rev Bem: The first officer of your ship.
Captain Dylan Hunt: More than that. My friend. He was supposed to be the best man at my wedding and then he betrayed me. Because I trusted him, the Nietzschean invasion got past my ship and the Commonwealth was destroyed. I lost my crew, my family, my friends, my fiancé. I lost the time and age I belonged to, Rev. Hell, I lost civilisation itself.
Rev Bem: And now you're wondering is it worth reaching out to Nietzscheans?
Captain Dylan Hunt: They're genetically engineered to be paranoid and selfish and treacherous. Am I right to be prejudiced?
Rev Bem: As a Magog, my own genes predispose me to slaughter indiscriminately, eat my victims, lay eggs in the paralysed bodies of sentient beings. I think if you were truly prejudiced, you would have shot me on sight.
Captain Dylan Hunt: It's not the same. You're a Wayist. You're the most peaceful person I know.
Rev Bem: Ah, then in each species, no matter how horrible, there's room for improvement. You don't have to forget. You don't even have to forgive. But you must look for the good in the beings you encounter, otherwise your restored Commonwealth will be founded on distrust, and it will be over before it even begins.

Seamus Harper: That would disable our sensors. We'd be blinder than a Nightsider in sunshine.
Tyr Anasazi: Unavoidable, I'm afraid.
Seamus Harper: Don't tell me you're considering this! We may as well poke out our own eyes with knitting needles, or just ram our heads...
Captain Dylan Hunt: Thank you for your input, Mr. Harper.

Trance Gemini: I think our friend is ready to join her fleet.
Rev Bem: The Than Hegemony also expresses its gratitude to the Commonwealth for ridding its sector of Nietzschean criminals. They respect us as a force for peace in the galaxy.
Trance Gemini: You got what you wanted.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Not really, but it's a start.

"Andromeda: In Heaven Now Are Three (#2.16)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: You know, there's just one problem. The Engine of Creation is a myth. It's like the Holy Grail of ancient Earth, or the Wyverni hordes of Gehenna-Mortis.
Beka Valentine: Or a restored Commonwealth.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Ha, ha. No, that's not funny.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Couldn't we just settle this with a nice game of Go?

Trance Gemini: Beka, on the other hand...
Captain Dylan Hunt: She kind of likes to fly by the seat of her pants.
Trance Gemini: Yes, but I believe that's what makes her a good slipstream pilot. And it's also what makes you two such a good team. You complete each other.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Then it's a good thing we're on the same side.
Trance Gemini: More than you know.

Fletcher: Give us the Engine.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Does it look like we have it?
Duran: You lie to us, she's dead.
Trance Gemini: Again.

Captain Dylan Hunt: What do you think, Trance?
Trance Gemini: I think your guess is as good as mine.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Whenever she says that, I never believe it.

Beka Valentine: The legend talks about a whirling guardian of the sanctum.
Trance Gemini: Well, that is definitely whirling.
Beka Valentine: So this must be the sanctum.
Trance Gemini: So that's good.
Beka Valentine: Yeah.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, good. This is just fantastic.

"Andromeda: Delenda Est (#3.11)" (2003)
Tyr Anasazi: Mine hit first.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yours was fatter.

Tyr Anasazi: All right, well, I believe this is the place where I'd say we should forget about Rommie, and move on Harper can always build another android.
Seamus Harper: What? Are you saying we should just forget about Rommie move on and Harper can build another android?
Tyr Anasazi: Yes
Seamus Harper: Forget it Tyr. No way. Rommie's the greatest thing I've ever done even if she did almost break my hand. She's alive Tyr. Come on she's got a life. She's got as much right to life as you do.
Tyr Anasazi: All right. On the other hand I would embrace the opportunity to... uh...
Captain Dylan Hunt: To what Tyr?
Tyr Anasazi: Well, I'd like to crush these creatures into cosmic dust. I'd like to utterly and unequivocably slaughter them. I-I-I-I want to kill them all.

Dylan Hunt: On the count of three?
Tyr Anasazi: No, let's just shoot them.

Tyr Anasazi: How are you?
Andromeda Ascendant: Oh, I'm hanging in there.
Dylan Hunt: That's not funny.
Dylan Hunt: I'm just trying to break the tension, Dylan.
Dylan Hunt: I'm not tense.
Andromeda Ascendant: Well, you look it.
Tyr Anasazi: What are they doing here?
Andromeda Ascendant: They're trying to use me to focus their power source. Their generator's not online yet. Ahem. I'd like to get down now.
Dylan Hunt: We're working on it.

Andromeda Ascendant: You know, Dylan, it's only a matter of time before these creatures find another way to focus the energy in the generator.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Exactly. That's why we're going to blow this thing up.
Tyr Anasazi: We get to go home first, right?

Tyr Anasazi: Could it be our invisible friends? I thought we'd taken care them.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, obviously, they needed better care.
Tyr Anasazi: Obviously.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Tell you what: I'll take the high road; you take the low road.

"Andromeda: Forced Perspective (#1.15)" (2001)
Captain Dylan Hunt: [interrogated under torture] Dylan Hunt, Commonwealth Captain, H-E-5-Zero-9-5-C-2-1-9-2-2.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Admiral Stark.
Admiral Constanza Stark: How did you know?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Let me think. Sealed orders. No signature, no mission specifics. Now who else would it be?
Admiral Constanza Stark: That's employing good, practical intuition. Nothing you picked up from that ivory tower war college on Tarn-Vedra.
Captain Dylan Hunt: No, ma'am. I picked that up from Sarah.
Admiral Constanza Stark: Sarah? You'd better be taking good care of my niece, Commander.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Why do I get the feeling that after every date, you receive a report in triplicate?
Admiral Constanza Stark: Very astute.

Gaheris Rhade: How many attempts?
Venetri: A dozen. Look, I know I should've helped them, but Ferrin was... Look, I will lead you through, I promise. Okay?
Gaheris Rhade: I thought you were dating our sponsor's niece?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Huh, maybe that's why she sent me.

Captain Dylan Hunt: I looked for you. I found out where you were. I travelled to where you were, and I got you out. That's your entire report?
Trance Gemini: You wanted something more?

Lawyer: The Great Compass has decided to spare you for now. In light of his mercy, do you have anything to say to us?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I think we're all a little tired of my name, rank, and serial number.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Trance, he's right. I am a hypocrite. Everything I have and everything I am came out of what happened here. By accepting the Andromeda, I sanctioned it.
Trance Gemini: Dylan, you may have got the Andromeda from something that you're ashamed of, but look at what you're doing with it. You've saved lives, planets. You're using the Andromeda to make sense of a senseless universe.
Venetri: Another fool believer. Why don't you enlighten her, Dylan? Why don't you show her what the gun is all about. Why don't you do what you came to do. Kill me!

"Andromeda: The Warmth of an Invisible Light (#4.13)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: To the victor goes the spoils. That's if you're serious about returning the Commonwealth to its true values.
Beka Valentine: I've risked my life for it a thousand times over.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Good. Once we're airborne, we'll have full tactical advantage, and then we'll be the ones calling the shots.
Beka Valentine: I'm almost willing to believe you are the real Dylan Hunt. Just one thing: I'm not saluting you, and I'm not calling you Captain.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Why should it be any different here?

Beka Valentine: You could get the Maru for me?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Okay, if you'd prefer that to a starship that has the power to hold a government moon hostage in exchange for whatever your rebel heart desires?
Beka Valentine: The Maru, any day.
Captain Dylan Hunt: At least some things stay the same.

Captain Dylan Hunt: I can't believe you found me.
Trance Gemini: It's inevitable that one of us would. We divided ourselves up so that we could occupy every possible present you could ever be in.
Captain Dylan Hunt: By we, you mean you.
Trance Gemini: I'll admit that I'm spread rather thin at the moment.

Captain Dylan Hunt: You all right?
Trance Gemini: When a branch sacrifices itself, the rest of the tree only grows stronger.
Captain Dylan Hunt: But you still felt the loss.
Trance Gemini: Every one of me did. But we have saved you, and now the Commonwealth will grow stronger too.
Captain Dylan Hunt: One battle at a time. Meaning we have plenty of work left to do. So, pull yourselves together, and let's go.
Trance Gemini: That was pretty funny, actually.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, it was pretty good, wasn't it? Now, if only the rest of you thought that.

Captain Dylan Hunt: What year is this?
Andromeda Ascendant: Commonwealth year ten zero ninety one.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Ten zero ninety one, that's, that's now.
Andromeda Ascendant: Well, it's over a hundred years since the last time I checked.
Captain Dylan Hunt: But for me, no time has passed at all... again. Harper!

Captain Dylan Hunt: Don't you communicate with your AI?
Andromeda Ascendant: I'm really sorry, Captain.
Captain Dylan Hunt: There's got to be a way back to my ship, unless it's too late. Say, what's with the Dylan Hunt monument?
Andromeda Ascendant: Oh, the planet was dedicated to you after you died as a memorial for visitors from the three galaxies.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh, well, it appears I was very inspiring.
Andromeda Ascendant: Well, you are Dylan Hunt. Obviously not the one who died many years ago, but a different and equally real Dylan Hunt.

"Andromeda: Twilight of the Idols (#3.20)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I mean, the man just handed us a field guide to the Genites. Leadership, organisation, locations. It's all too convenient. I just don't trust things that are too convenient.
Andromeda Ascendant: Hmm?
Captain Dylan Hunt: That one is mine.
Andromeda Ascendant: Ah. You know, whether he's telling the truth or not, he's right about one thing.
Captain Dylan Hunt: What's that?
Andromeda Ascendant: We can't afford to do nothing about the Genites.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Even then, the real question remains.
Andromeda Ascendant: The trust question?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Trust. Admiral Stark always said: if your mother says she loves you, verify it. Maybe we should take her advice.

Captain Dylan Hunt: I should have killed him, but I couldn't. And he should have killed me, but he couldn't. I knew he couldn't. Looking in his eyes, I knew.
Beka Valentine: Maybe you have something he wants.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Or maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe he really is Admiral Stark.

Captain Dylan Hunt: What happens when the Nietzscheans call your bluff? That's what I thought. Admiral Stark founded the Templars to preserve the ideals of the High Guard. I can't believe she added a willingness to commit genocide.
The Patriarch: 300 years ago, no, but after centuries of watching Nietzscheans rampage across the known worlds leaving death and devastation in their wake, that was enough to change even Admiral Stark's mind.
Captain Dylan Hunt: After centuries. You're telling me Admiral Stark is still alive?
The Patriarch: No, Captain, I'm telling you that I am Admiral Stark.

The Patriarch: For three hundred years, Captain, we've wandered the known worlds, battling Nietzscheans, Genites, and anybody else with a problem that gets in our crosshairs; in short, Captain, fighting the battles that others can't.
Captain Dylan Hunt: That's funny. That's usually my line.
The Patriarch: Yes. Great minds, Captain Hunt. Great minds.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Great minds... right. The question is, how much do they really think alike? Because I know where I've been the last three years. Because I've been out there, fighting the battles others can't. Where have you been? Watching from the sidelines, and now that all the hard work is done, you decide to announce yourselves?
The Patriarch: We did a lot more than just watch.

Beka Valentine: We're at the drop point.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Looks like your stop.
The Patriarch: I'd wish you luck, but...
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yes, I know, you don't believe in it.
[to self]
Captain Dylan Hunt: Neither do I.

The Patriarch: Tyr Anasazi: Kodiak Pride, out of Victoria by Barbarossa; orphaned by the Drago-Kazov attack of 10065, sold into slavery, escaped 10077; apprenticed to the famous assassin Tuco Sentenza; briefly married to Freya Rajput of the Orca Pride, and father to young Tamerlane, whose whereabouts at the moment, nobody's quite sure of. Did I miss anything?
Tyr Anasazi: I don't know. Did you?
The Patriarch: I hear you're a competent soldier. Will he be coming with us?
Captain Dylan Hunt: No, taking Tyr on a raid against the Genite bioweapons facility creates an unnecessary risk. God knows what the Genites have keyed to the Nietzschean DNA. I'd prefer to keep Tyr in one piece.
The Patriarch: Pity. Another time, then.
Tyr Anasazi: I'll try to contain my disappointment.

"Andromeda: Its Hour Come 'Round at Last (#1.22)" (2001)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Do you regret it? Signing aboard with me?
Beka Valentine: And risking my life? Battling Nietzscheans and Restors and Magog and half the lunatics in the galaxy? All for a cause that's been dead for over three hundred years. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Beka Valentine: You know, when you told me you were planning to get fifty worlds to sign your Commonwealth charter, I didn't think you'd even get one. And here you are, more than a tenth of the way there.
Captain Dylan Hunt: In a year of trying. It's just a drop in the ocean compared to the one million original members.
Beka Valentine: Why is it that whenever I start to feel optimistic, you become a pessimist?
Captain Dylan Hunt: It's a little known law of thermodynamics: the conservation of optimism - there's only so much to go around.

Seamus Harper: My current theory is that somehow, er, an older version of Andromeda's personality profile might've been reactivated and may be taking over the ship.
Captain Dylan Hunt: And how did you figure that out?
Seamus Harper: I think the key thing right now is to repair the problem? We can worry about minor details like assigning blame later.
Beka Valentine: Harper, I'm...
Captain Dylan Hunt: He's right. Worry about that later.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Promise me, no matter what happens, you'll continue the mission.
Beka Valentine: Yeah, see, that's why you have to survive. I'm not really qualified to restart the Commonwealth.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Neither am I, but that hasn't stopped me.
Beka Valentine: Dylan, I may like your idea, but I really don't know if it's possible. For anyone, the odds...
Captain Dylan Hunt: To hell with the odds. All that matters in life is that we try. Promise you'll try.
Beka Valentine: I promise.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh, my shoulder.
Beka Valentine: Did they er?
Captain Dylan Hunt: No, no, just claws, but, but it feels deep.
Beka Valentine: It looks like they got you in the hip, too. And the back.
Captain Dylan Hunt: They got me good. I tell you what. I'm going to be, I'm going to be fine. You go to Command, and I'll just, I'll just hang out here with my Magog buddies.
Beka Valentine: It's worse than I thought. You're delusional. Now, come on. We got to go. Up you get.

"Andromeda: Dance of the Mayflies (#2.15)" (2002)
Dylan Hunt: The visitors reacted differently to your body.
Trance Gemini: Yes.
Dylan Hunt: Trance, are you dead or alive?
Trance Gemini: Yes.

Andromeda Ascendant: Dylan, I'm not reading any pulses or brainwaves from the plague victims, and their bodies register at room temperature.
Tyr Anasazi: Well, that would make sense. They're corpses.
Andromeda Ascendant: Yes, the trouble is they're walking around the ship trying to kill you.
Tyr Anasazi: [Dylan looks at Tyr] You're surprised? That's what you get for incessantly trying to help!
Dylan Hunt: The ungrateful dead.

Dylan Hunt: [as he's fighting some corpses] Rommie, why are the dead trying to kill us
[one corpse grabs his head and opens his mouth]
Dylan Hunt: or kiss us? You gotta be kidding!
[finally gets away from them]
Dylan Hunt: Sorry guys, but you're not my type.

Seamus Harper: What? I thought bug people were our friend.
Dylan Hunt: So did I.
Tyr Anasazi: Which is why I place great stocking in paranoia.

Andromeda Ascendant: Internal defences ineffectual.
Tyr Anasazi: It isn't so easy to kill dead people, is it?
Dylan Hunt: No.

"Andromeda: Angel Dark, Demon Bright (#1.6)" (2000)
Dylan Hunt: I'd like to be alone if you don't mind.
Rev: I understand. I myself prefer to be alone when doing mathematics.
Dylan Hunt: How'd you know?
Rev: It wasn't difficult. In fact, I suspect I could guess the equation. Let me see - one thousand ships, average crew size, one hundred, simple multiplication.
Dylan Hunt: One hundred thousand people. How can I even consider it?

Dylan Hunt: I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.

Dylan Hunt: Yeah, I know what you mean. I felt the same way when I took Beginning Astrophysics.
Trance Gemini: You're kidding.
Dylan Hunt: Yes, I am.
Trance Gemini: Oh.

Dylan Hunt: That's a nice excuse. Humans have been using it since the dawn of time: "I had to kill my enemies. It's what God wanted."
Rev: Just because humans use it as an excuse does not negate the possibility.
Dylan Hunt: What kind of divine plan requires the deaths of tens of thousands of people?
Rev: Tiger, tiger burning bright/In the forests of the night/What immortal hand or eye/Could frame thy fearful symmetry? Humans have been asking this question since the dawn of time. My people don't bother. We Magog know the Divine exists. We know it created the stars and the planets, the soft winds and the gentle rain. We also know He created nightmares, because He created us.

Captain Dylan Hunt: They're scattered all over the nebula.
Harper: Exactly. Which means a catalyst is not going to work, unless you can get them all to politely line up to be incinerated.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'll see what I can do.
Harper: What?
Captain Dylan Hunt: You get the catalyst working. I'll handle the Nietzscheans.

"Andromeda: Into the Labyrinth (#2.9)" (2001)
Charlemagne: Emergency? You mean in the event that the command deck crew was reduced to a fine red mist and splattered across the walls in a bloody mural?
Dylan Hunt: That would qualify, yes.
Hohne: Fascinating. And do such emergencies happen with a degree of frequency or are they a rare occurrence?
Dylan Hunt: Not as rare as I would like. Hello, Mr. Harper. Anything I need to know?
Harper: Not a thing. You're the Captain, all-seeing, all-knowing. It's fine.

Dylan Hunt: That is a very persuasive offer. I'm surprised that Elsabeth didn't make it herself.
Charlemagne Bolivar: She's pregnant with our first child, and before you start feeling paternal: I checked. It's mine.

Dylan Hunt: Go easy on that stuff, Trance. It is for the guests.
Trance Gemini: I was just...
Dylan Hunt: I was just kidding. Enjoy yourself.

Dylan Hunt: You'll have to forgive Andromeda, she's a stickler for protocol. You see, you weren't on our guest list.
Charlemagne Bolivar: My aide de camp's fault, no doubt. I'll make sure he's properly shot. Still, I would hate to let a minor diplomatic faux pas ruin this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Dylan Hunt: Which is?
Charlemagne Bolivar: This Commonwealth of yours. Sign me up.

Dylan Hunt: And you explained it to them, politely?
Beka Valentine: I even used one-syllable words.
Dylan Hunt: Ah, condescension.
Beka Valentine: That's four syllables.

"Andromeda: Attempting Screed (#5.7)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I know my father. He wasn't a true Vedran any more than I have four legs.
Flavin: Heard of evolution, have you?

Captain Dylan Hunt: There's nothing I can do. Beka's on her way to you.
Seamus Harper: Great. Great. Thanks for nothing, pal. See you in the next life.
Andromeda Ascendant: Harper terminated.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Bad choice of words.

Seamus Harper: Okay, how did you get in there?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Just living in the present.
Seamus Harper: Okay, don't start talking like Trance.

Captain Dylan Hunt: I think you just hit it right on the head.
Trance Gemini: No. Actually, tails.

Flavin: What you find inside it, Beka, may surprise you more than you know. Same goes for you: your greatest surprise lies inside. Are you ready for that journey?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'm listening.
Flavin: We must undertake a three part journey, dear one: to the past, to the present, and to the future.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'd go anywhere if you just made some sense.

"Andromeda: An Affirming Flame (#1.2)" (2000)
Beka Valentine: We're not saluting you, and we're not calling you "Captain."
Captain Dylan Hunt: Dylan. Dylan will be fine.

Beka Valentine: A trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow, if you're willing.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Wait a minute. Let me get this straight: you forced your way onto my ship, then you tried to steal my ship, and now, after I saved all your lives, you want me to help you retrieve your ship.
Trance Gemini: She's like that. Don't take it personally.

Captain Dylan Hunt: What an unpleasant individual.
Tyr Anasazi: I can cure that.
Captain Dylan Hunt: No, leave him.

Captain Dylan Hunt: This has been one long day.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Initiating Nova deployment sequence. Let's bring it.
Beka Valentine: Acting First Officer Beka Valentine. Nova deployment authorised. Zero zero strike red zero.
Trance Gemini: Acting Armsmaster Trance Gemini. Nova deployment authorised. Er, retro nine blue strike five nine five.
Tyr Anasazi: Fire Control Officer Tyr Anasazi. Arming Nova weapons one through forty. Execution code nine five over seven blue five. Arm.
Rev Bem: Ready for your final order.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Captain Dylan Hunt, commanding officer. Nova deployment authorisation ten break alpha. Strike, strike, strike.

"Andromeda: Quantum Tractate Delirium (#5.18)" (2005)
Captain Dylan Hunt: That doesn't look good.
Rommie: I am the Andromeda Ascendant, and I am come to seek my revenge.
Captain Dylan Hunt: That doesn't sound good either.

Seamus Harper: How's my Rommie? Please give me good news.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Let's put it this way. If you don't hear back from me, start hiding.
Seamus Harper: Great. I'll keep a channel open.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Do that. Hunt out.
Seamus Harper: Activate door locks.

Rommie: There's nothing wrong with me.
Doyle: That's the nature of your system error. You can't tell what's right and what's wrong.
Rommie: I know what's right. Death is right. That's what I want, and you just made my list.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, did you check it twice? Because I know who's been naughty and I know who's been nice.
Rommie: You are at the top of my list.
Captain Dylan Hunt: So then you're not going alphabetically?

Doyle: I do remember you are very good at bluffing. I, however, can tell if you're lying.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, then you know, this is no bluff.
Rommie: True, you are calm, but still, I call your bluff.
Doyle: Rommie, you are the avatar of this ship, but no more than that. You still must answer to Dylan's command.
Rommie: If that is so, if I am THE avatar, as you say, then that would make you... superfluous.

Doyle: I am living a new life, for the first time; mine to find my own experiences, make memories. I wouldn't trade that for all the stars in the universe.
Seamus Harper: That's a lot of stars.
Doyle: I have a lot of life.
Captain Dylan Hunt: And friends to share it with.
Doyle: To friends.
Captain Dylan Hunt: And to stars in the universe.

"Andromeda: Under the Night (#1.1)" (2000)
Seamus Harper: Who the Hell are you?
Dylan Hunt: No. It's "Who the HELL are you?" and "What are you doing on my ship?"

Refractions of Dawn: What about you?
Dylan Hunt: I have an idea.
Refractions of Dawn: You always do. You're going to need a good pilot.
Dylan Hunt: I've ordered you to abandon ship.
Refractions of Dawn: Let the record show that First Lieutenant Refractions of Dawn respectfully refuses to comply. If we live through this, you can court martial me.
Dylan Hunt: You are one stubborn bug.
Refractions of Dawn: What's the human expression? Guilty as charged.

Andromeda: I wish you wouldn't do that. What if your anti-grav harness failed and I couldn't catch you in time?
Dylan Hunt: Oh, Andromeda, you wouldn't let that happen, because then you'd have to break in a new captain.

Dylan Hunt: You know what your problem is, Rhade? You talk too much.

Dylan Hunt: Gaheris, what have you done?
Gaheris Rhade: I'm proud of you. You should be.

"Andromeda: The Knight, Death and the Devil (#2.20)" (2002)
Ryan: Sir, I'm an AI. We were built to obey orders, not to give them.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yes, yes, yes, and humans were built to spear antelope and live in caves. But sooner or later, we all outgrow what we were built to do.

Ryan: Sir, you can't get the fleet into formation to depart in three hours.
Captain Dylan Hunt: But we can set one hell of an ambush.
Ryan: You intend to fight.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I intend to win.

Ryan: No, you misunderstand me. I'm not afraid for myself. I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you. Like I couldn't protect them.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You mean, your High Guard crew.
Ryan: The CO Of my Lancer regiment was a Nietzschean. Major Iskander Kassad. He was brutal, sharp. His troops revered him like a god. And in exchange, he slaughtered them. He slaughtered them while I watched. He'd sabotaged me. I couldn't intervene. And it wasn't just the violence that staggered me, it was my own helplessness. I thought I was invincible, and then I found out nobody's invincible, Captain.

Andromeda Ascendant: The fleet is turning toward the Achilles and powering up their engines.
Tyr Anasazi: They are unarmed, are they not?
Mila: That depends on your point of view. We still have ourselves.
Captain Dylan Hunt: True, but attacking us is a little self-defeating, don't you think?
Ryan: Since when did AI Stand for artificial insanity?

"Andromeda: The Devil Take the Hindmost (#1.18)" (2001)
Rev Bem: As Harper would say, that would suck.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You know, Rev, there are some words that should never trip across the tongue of a Magog, and suck is one of them.
Rev Bem: Well, I'll make a note of that.

Captain Dylan Hunt: You brought this on your own men, not me.
Ursari: Spare me the hero act. You're not fighting me for some noble cause here. Hell, there aren't any noble causes left to fight for. The truth is, you do it for the same reason I do it. It's the only thing you're good at.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Maybe so. But I'm damn good.

Brother Thaddeus Blake: I saved their souls, their innocence.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Saved them from what? When the slavers come, they're going to grab every able-bodied man, woman, and child they can find, and kill anyone who gets in their way.
Brother Thaddeus Blake: Our faith will protect us.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh, really? Well, then why the hell did you call for help if you believed that your faith could protect you from a Gauss rifle?

Captain Dylan Hunt: If I'd deployed one Nova bomb, just one, I could have stopped the Long Night before it began. I didn't. I was standing at the edge of the abyss, and I blinked, and now people like Tiama and Arun pay the price for my hesitation. I won't make that mistake twice.
Rev Bem: You committed an act of mercy. You erred on the side of hope, and that is why you will win. There are no stronger weapons than mercy and hope.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, maybe so, but I would still prefer a platoon of Lancers.

"Andromeda: Home Fires (#2.8)" (2001)
Andromeda Ascendant: The chance of a specific human DNA combination reoccurring is approximately one in three times ten to the fifteenth power.
Tyr Anasazi: Telemachus Rhade isn't just any human. He's the product of sixteen centuries of selective breeding.
Dylan Hunt: Homo sapiens invictus have the same number of chromosomes as unmodified Homo sapiens.
Tyr Anasazi: Yes, but a smaller sampling. No Nietzschean carries the gene for astigmatism, acromegaly, arterial sclerosis. You combine that with extensive safeguards against mutation and what you've got is...
Dylan Hunt: And the odds are still in the trillions.
Tyr Anasazi: It's a big universe.
Dylan Hunt: Yeah, and a bigger coincidence. You know, I don't trust coincidences, especially ones named Rhade.
Tyr Anasazi: You should know by now that you can never trust any Nietzschean... except me.

Rommie: I used to have 800 Lancers stationed on me.
Dylan Hunt: I can just think of the eavesdropping potential.
Rommie: I don't eavesdrop, I monitor... for security purposes.

Rommie: The enemy destroyer was eliminated, but Castalian casualties are still high. Five of their ships are down. The planet was bombarded. Estimated civilian casualties: five million.
Beka Valentine: That's a lot of sushi.
Dylan Hunt: It's not funny, Beka.
Beka Valentine: Looked pretty darned funny from here.
Dylan Hunt: Look, if you're all finished insulting our allies, might I remind you that the point of these training exercises is to improve their morale, not destroy it.
Seamus Harper: Look, Dylan, if you think Aquaman and the Silver Surfer here are going to help you stop the Magog, you may as well start basting yourself with steak sauce now and avoid the rush.

Dylan Hunt: Rommie could falsify data like this easily. Hell, if I wanted to, I could make it look like you were behind the whole thing.
Telemachus Rhade: And then you'd get everything you wanted, wouldn't you? The isolationists would be disgraced. There'd be a new election. Terazed would join the new Commonwealth.
Dylan Hunt: And you'd go to prison.
Telemachus Rhade: As cost-benefit ratios go, it's got a lot to recommend it.
Dylan Hunt: Betray an innocent man, gain the world, and lose... lose what, Mr. Rhade?

"Andromeda: The Fair Unknown (#2.18)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Munro was one hell of an Admiral.
Uxulta: Yes, and he trusted his Vedran superiors though it cost him his own life and the lives of thousands under his command. Trust me, Captain. I'm not asking you or your crew to march into a hopeless battle. I'm asking you to let me die to complete my mission.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Admiral...
Uxulta: It's a sacrifice I've been called upon to make. I promise you, Captain Hunt, there's far more at stake here than a fleet of advancing Pyrians, or the pained desire of one lost son to cling fast to a piece of home.

Beka Valentine: It didn't look like she needed much help from anyone.
Captain Dylan Hunt: That's not an assumption I'm willing to make. If the Vedrans are still out there, we need to know.
Beka Valentine: We, huh?

Captain Dylan Hunt: Trance, I need to know if I'm doing the right thing pursuing this Vedran. After all, if she had wanted my help, I have to believe she'd ask for it.
Trance Gemini: We're not just talking about this mission, are we? And you're not just trying to pursue a wounded Vedran. You're on a quest to find a place that you thought remained only in your mind. Home. But that's the thing about quests, they're not always about the destination.

Rommie: What's suspect about the order? She's an Admiral, she wants a Nova bomb, and you have one.
Captain Dylan Hunt: It is not that simple.
Rommie: This isn't about the Nova bomb, and it isn't about Uxulta's legitimacy. This is about you.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Excuse me?
Rommie: The Vedrans came back and they didn't inform you. Now they want something from you and they won't tell you why. They're leaving you out of the loop, and you think you deserve better. You're angry, you're hurt, and that's okay, because you're human. However, you are still High Guard. These orders are legal, and you must obey.

"Andromeda: Moonlight Becomes You (#5.13)" (2005)
Geryon: Are you sure we can't work out a deal? We could have such a good time spending that money.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Sure, but would we have to spend it together?

Trance Gemini: I don't think I'm coming back with you. I think that maybe you are going to have to let go this time.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, even if I should, I don't know if I can.
Trance Gemini: It'll be okay. Wish me luck.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Good luck, Trance. I'm still sticking around, though.

Doyle: Are you watching this, Harper? It didn't do that when we touched it.
Seamus Harper: Yes, mistress.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'm not even going to ask.

Trance Gemini: Are you ready?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Hey, I was born ready.
Trance Gemini: And I was born in a supernova.

"Andromeda: Pride Before the Fall (#5.12)" (2005)
Captain Dylan Hunt: [as he hits Drago's chest] YOU...
Drago Museveni: [disembodied voice] You win!
Captain Dylan Hunt: ARE... DONE!
[Drago revives Dylan pulls him up]
Captain Dylan Hunt: From here to back where you came from it is *over* for the Nietcheans! Your loss will be your eternal defect! And it will be with you, in your memory
[pulls him closer]
Captain Dylan Hunt: FOREVER! I have made you and your race genetically enhanced LOSERS!

Drago Museveni: [trying to keep Dylan from attacking] You'll lose everything!
Captain Dylan Hunt: [slight chuckle] I already have.

Drago Museveni: You can't kill me.
[Tries to attack Dylan. Dylan fends off the attack]
Drago Museveni: Or rather should I say, you *won't*. I forbid it! You have to let me go and you know it!
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, but I'm just going to live in denial for a while.
[headbutts Drago]
Drago Museveni: Despite what's happening to Rhade?
Captain Dylan Hunt: BECAUSE of what's happening to RHADE!

Drago Museveni: So, give me your ship and everything you have, or you will ruin my future.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You must be confusing me with someone who gives a ship.

"Andromeda: When Goes Around... (#5.6)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I think it's time to tell me what's going on.
Celine: Time. Yes. It's about time. It's all about time.

Captain Dylan Hunt: You'd better tell me how you know all of that.
Celine: That, and the fact your ship was trapped on the edge of a black hole, frozen in time for three hundred years because your First Officer, your best friend, betrayed you? The only way I could. You told me.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Okay, I'm listening.
Celine: You told me everything, last time in your room, before we got... distracted.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Huh, huh, that's not possible.

Seamus Harper: It came to me in my dreams. I guess genius never sleeps. What looks like the Harper sleeping is really greatness at work. True, I almost finished breakfast by the time I realized the note I'd left myself reading - "Remember Celine" - was not referring to what I'd hoped. However, the important thing is...
Captain Dylan Hunt: The upshot, Mr. Harper?
Seamus Harper: Slipstream.

Captain Dylan Hunt: It's a new day, Dylan, and she's free. She's out of the loop, or else we all would have forgotten.
Telemachus Rhade: Or so we hope.
Beka Valentine: Come on, buck up. The last thing you need in your life right now is another beautiful, brainy blonde.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, that's the last thing I need.

"Andromeda: Pitiless as the Sun (#2.4)" (2001)
Tyr Anasazi: Am I mistaken, sir, or did you just grant complete strangers unlimited access to this ship?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Why yes, I did. That way we can monitor them closely and see what they do with it. There's something not quite trust worthy about them, don't you think?
Tyr Anasazi: You occassion bouts of deviousness never fail to surprise me, Captain.

Captain Dylan Hunt: I'm afraid there isn't much upside.
Beka Valentine: Okay, who are you and what have you done with the real Dylan Hunt? Do you remember Mister Help Thy Neighbour, Captain Idealism? That guy would have jumped at this.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yes, well that guy didn't know the Magog were coming. See, now we have to temper our idealism with pragmatism. Prioritize.
Seamus Harper: He kind of has a point there, Beka.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Thank you, Mr. Harper.
Beka Valentine: Okay, look, I-I see what you're saying, but those freighter pilots? I used to be one of them, hauling rocks from one end of the galaxy to another, just trying to make a living. They don't deserve to be shot at, and they certainly don't deserve to die.
Seamus Harper: All right, Rommie, are you recording this? Because this is like Freaky Friday or something. It's like somebody reversed the polarity on your brain waves.
Captain Dylan Hunt: All right, all right, we'll go, and we'll see what we can do.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Even in the days of the Commonwealth, Inaris was considered a backwater world. These people were unpredictable. After three centuries of struggle, I'm just not sure they can be trusted.
Trance Gemini: So why don't you just let me go and I'll find out. What?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Nothing, nothing. It's, er, it's just you as a spy.
Trance Gemini: They'll never know what hit them.

Captain Dylan Hunt: That was it? They just described it to you?
Trance Gemini: A little bit, but, I think when they saw how much it upset me, they decided they had better not talk about it any more.
Captain Dylan Hunt: That was very considerate of them.
Trance Gemini: You're mad at them, aren't you? They should have been honest with you from the beginning.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I can't make alliances until I know exactly who I'm dealing with, or at least until I know I can trust them.
Trance Gemini: Aren't those the same thing?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Usually, but there are those few rare exceptions. Glad you're back.

"Andromeda: Past Is Prolix (#5.14)" (2005)
Master Thux: How do I travel between planets? And where do I put the crystals?
Captain Dylan Hunt: That would be where the sun never shines, pal.
Master Thux: That's rude.

Captain Dylan Hunt: The Vedran sun, Trance's sun, coming to join Tarn Vedra once and for all. Well, Mister Harper, there are a lot of people on those eight planets.
Seamus Harper: And Trance is the star attraction.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, this show has gone to the dogs.

Trance Gemini: I remember, Dylan. Everything.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, that's good. That's the best news I've heard in a long time.
Trance Gemini: You were warned about me.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yes, I was: Tarn Vedran sun. Your sun. We'll stop it in time. We'll find a way.
Trance Gemini: Yes, I'm sure we will. But that's not what I mean, not what I mean at all.

"Andromeda: Star-Crossed (#1.20)" (2001)
Tyr Anasazi: It's nearly impossible to defend against an assassin who's willing to die for his cause.
Dylan Hunt: Agreed. There's only one way to deal with terrorists: locate their base of operations, and destroy them.
Tyr Anasazi: I love that answer, Captain Hunt.

Dylan Hunt: Here's the happy groom now. I feel like I should have prepared a toast.
Beka Valentine: I think I got one. Here's to Gabriel, Be nice to Rommie, or I'll rip your head off.
Gabriel: If I let her down, I will rip it off myself.

Dylan Hunt: The Commonwealth needs you, Andromeda. The crew needs you. I need you. So, permission to chop yourself into pieces is officially denied.
Andromeda Ascendant: Understood. Does it get any better - does the pain go away?
Dylan Hunt: I don't think it's supposed to. It's part of what it means to be alive.

Beka Valentine: I'm sorry. This is just weird. Your ship's avatar is eloping.
Dylan Hunt: Oh, here's the happy groom now. I feel like I should've prepared a toast.

"Andromeda: The Shards of Rimni (#3.2)" (2002)
Abelard: Does this have to be dressed up in such high drama? God, no wonder the theatre's dead.
Seamus Harper: You haven't met Tyr. I've got an idea, boss. Why don't we take a fake? I could whip one up in...
Captain Dylan Hunt: Harper, you're staying here.
Seamus Harper: What? But I-all right. They also serve, those who stand and wait.

Zeus: Do you think it's true what they say about the shards?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Mythology. Boring.
Zeus: Oh, I don't know. I think when we put them together, or when I put them together, I'll be the biggest guy in any neighborhood I choose. Think about it. Me. Power. You've got to love it.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Mr. Harper, you were willing to take a bullet for me.
Seamus Harper: Well, what else was I supposed to do?

Abelard: No. No. No!
Captain Dylan Hunt: It was just a story, Abelard. It always was.
Abelard: One stinking leap of faith in an entire lifetime of cynicism and hate. There's no justice. You'd think that if I was willing to take a chance one time in my life, that somewhere, somebody, some benevolent deity would cut me some slack!

"Andromeda: Harper/Delete (#4.5)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Now we have to convince Calleb to hand over File D willingly.
Beka Valentine: And how are we going to do that?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Outsmart him?
Beka Valentine: I hate it when we have to outsmart Nietzscheans. It's even more exhausting than beating them up.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, but it's a lot less painful.

Captain Dylan Hunt: All right. Get in, grab the kid, and get out. I'll keep Malea distracted as long as I can.
Trance Gemini: Dylan, be careful.
Captain Dylan Hunt: What, me be careful? Trance, I'm only the decoy. You three are the main attraction.
Trance Gemini: Really? I always wanted to be a star.

Andromeda Ascendant: File D has a homing signal. The Magog have picked it up, and they're following it.
Beka Valentine: Dylan, they're targeting the drone.
Captain Dylan Hunt: What, they're going to detonate it?
Andromeda Ascendant: It's a suicide mission.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You know, Magog are the polar opposite of Nietzscheans.

Captain Dylan Hunt: I called to give you a warning. There's a greater threat out there: it's bigger than this weapon; it's bigger than the Magog. Now learn to get along or suffer the consequences.
Melea Voth: Another threat?
Calleb Voth: And what happens if we don't?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Then you have no chance of surviving. I just thought I'd let you know, because I'm one of the good guys. Hunt out.

"Andromeda: The Mathematics of Tears (#1.12)" (2001)
Captain Dylan Hunt: What happened?
Beka Valentine: You missed Tyr's cavalry act.
Captain Dylan Hunt: They were playing Wagner. It's the most fun I've had in about six months.

Lieutenant Jill Pearce: Well, let's see. I grew a rose garden. I memorized the Commonwealth Chronicles. Oh, and Earth opera.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Ah. I'm afraid I'm not very well-versed in ancient music.
Lieutenant Jill Pearce: It's all right. It's Der Fliegende Hollander. It's about a sea captain condemned to roam the seas eternally, without purpose. This is the overture. You can almost hear the waves swelling and falling. You might say it's become my theme song. To roam the seas eternally without purpose.

Captain Dylan Hunt: What happened to the rest of the crew?
Lieutenant Jill Pearce: Warrick took them all planetside. He left me alone. I hate being alone. I missed my human friends, my favourites, so I went into the DNA files and fabricated them. Did you ever meet Dutch?

Beka Valentine: Next time I tell you about a derelict High Guard ship, tell me to go away.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You were just trying to help. And I guess I was just trying to recapture the past.
Beka Valentine: Yeah, well, you had it good back then. Mission briefs highlighted in three colours, smiles and spit-shines, saluting. If I'd grown up with that, I'd probably want it back, too.

"Andromeda: Time Out of Mind (#4.20)" (2004)
Seamus Harper: A map. A treasure map. Maybe your future just got brighter, Beka. Maybe my future just got brighter.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Daedalus Five, Rommie.
Andromeda Ascendant: Daedalus five was destroyed by an asteroid three hundred years ago.
Seamus Harper: I told you not to get your hopes up.

Telemachus Rhade: Some actually value wealth of knowledge over material wealth, Harper.
Seamus Harper: And some already have all the knowledge we need. We value silence over stupid opinions.
Telemachus Rhade: So why are you still talking?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Are you two finished?

Captain Dylan Hunt: Beka? We figured out what Wezlow wanted you to find. It was some kind of bell.
Beka Valentine: If that's supposed to ring a bell, it doesn't. Sorry.

Captain Dylan Hunt: You're right, Mr. Harper. We need action, and plenty of it. Speaking of action...
Beka Valentine: I was hoping you could join me later this evening for some nice Korret bird steaks - after you've quashed the tri-galaxy rebellion, of course. Hmm, shiny, let's say at about six?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, actually, it's more like twelve, but I'll be there at five.

"Andromeda: Lava and Rockets (#2.13)" (2002)
Molly Noguchi: One hour? But that's not...
Captain Dylan Hunt: All the time you have.
Molly Noguchi: And make it a Templar Industries Alpha stroke niner model, not one of those after-market jobbies.
Captain Dylan Hunt: The lady knows her parts.

Molly Noguchi: Oh, my hero!
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, I get that a lot.

Molly Noguchi: Oh God, we're alive.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You're welcome.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Is that for luck?
Molly Noguchi: Well, you can never have enough luck.

"Andromeda: The Widening Gyre (#2.1)" (2001)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Don't they have any respect for tradition. Whatever happened to just *CLAWING* people to death?

Tyr Anasazi: I know but one person idiotic enough to try and rescue three dead men from a Magog hive.
Captain Dylan Hunt: That's me Captain Idiot. Now, I don't know about you three, but we have a ship to catch.

Dylan Hunt: The Magog!
Rommie: On the run, for now. I deployed Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dumb.
Dylan Hunt: How are the lads?
Rommie: Efficent, as usual. They drove off the first wave of the Magog assault ships.

Beka Valentine: So far, Andromeda's o-for-two against that thing.
Dylan Hunt: Well, we can't do it alone. There's only one way to defeat something like that. A unified front. The entire known worlds working together.
Rev Bem: A renewed Commonwealth.
Dylan Hunt: A renewed Commonwealth. Before, it was a dream. Now, it's a necessity.

"Andromeda: Point of the Spear (#3.16)" (2003)
Andromeda Ascendant: Dylan. I've just been in contact with Vice-Admiral Kosugi, the Commander of the Sabra-Jaguar detachment.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah?
Andromeda Ascendant: He got the same report we did about the Pyrian movements throughout the known worlds, but he's withdrawing his ships to defend Venceremos.
Captain Dylan Hunt: And what exactly is he defending against? Oh, Nietzscheans. You know, surprise, surprise. Running away. All right, get this Admiral Kosugi on a comm line for me.
Andromeda Ascendant: I already told him that you wouldn't approve. Then he quoted me some obscure paragraph of the mutual defence pact.
Captain Dylan Hunt: All right, you know, just get him anyway, and I'll tell him where he can put his mutual defence pact.

Azazel: Captain Hunt, as per the terms of the treaty with the first Systems Commonwealth, we wish to open negotiations over the status of all disputed worlds. We await your reply.
Tyr Anasazi: Who'd have thought that blowing up one planet would bring the big, bad Pyrians to the bargaining table?
Captain Dylan Hunt: We sent them a message. We'd rather die on our feet than live on our knees. Now the Pyrians know that we are not going to back down from anybody. And I do mean anybody.

Trance Gemini: Dylan, we're on the same team. We always have been. I need you more than you need me. I trust you.
Captain Dylan Hunt: It's the other way around, Trance. I need to know I can trust you.
Trance Gemini: If you don't trust me, then you can send me away.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Send you away... It's all about the fight. The light against the dark, good against evil. Some people hide from it. Some run away.
Trance Gemini: Some live with it in fear. Some find solace in knowing they've done everything they can.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Some stay and fight. I fight to win.

Trance Gemini: Dylan, there is a war coming, one that is going to make this battle look like child's play.
Captain Dylan Hunt: The Magog Worldship.
Trance Gemini: My people have come to the conclusion that the Commonwealth cannot stop the Magog, but they feel that the Pyrians can.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You've got to be kidding me. Damn it, Trance, We aren't just pieces in your private game of Go. Now you level with me or quit wasting my time.

"Andromeda: Answers Given to Questions Never Asked (#4.1)" (2003)
Andromeda Ascendant: His route is anomalous and inconsistent. The records are intact, but they lack any logic... he dropped out of nowhere.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Careful not to get too technical, Andromeda. I might not be able to follow it.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Tyr.
Rommie: It's Tyr's slipfighter.
Andromeda Ascendant: It is empty. There is no sign of life.
Seamus Harper: What a surprise, huh? Tyr abandoned yet another ship. So where the hell could he have gone?
Captain Dylan Hunt: It doesn't matter. We did more than we needed to save him.
Rommie: He'll survive.
Seamus Harper: Yeah, I prefer to assume the worst.
Beka Valentine: Tyr's made it through some pretty tough scrapes before.
Seamus Harper: Like I said, the worst. With our luck, he probably made it through this one, too.

Beka Valentine: Interesting weather we're having.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh yeah, it's a lot of fun.

"Andromeda: For Whom the Bell Tolls (#3.8)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Ugh, maggots... We are never, ever going back to Virgil Nine!

Seamus Harper: No, no, no, no, no.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, there's got to be an explanation, Harper. Maybe it's one of the new crew members.
Seamus Harper: No.
Beka Valentine: Why can't it be a crew member?
Seamus Harper: For the tenth time, no.
Tyr Anasazi: That was nine.
Seamus Harper: All right, all right. Now, just listen, okay? It's a face I've never seen before, nor care to ever see again. Besides, it was in the wall. New crew members don't hang out in walls. People don't hang out in walls. You know what hangs out in walls?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Mr. Harper, you're tired.
Seamus Harper: All right. For the eleventh time, no.
Tyr Anasazi: That was ten.

Seamus Harper: I've got a stupid question. Why don't we just bomb the whole ship stem to stern, kill them all at once?
Andromeda Ascendant: Bomb the ship.
Seamus Harper: Not explosion bomb. Bug bomb. Insecticide.
Andromeda Ascendant: Ah. Metallovores are vulnerable to only one kind of airborne poison.
Tyr Anasazi: Corrosive gases.
Seamus Harper: Oh, that would wipe us out.
Captain Dylan Hunt: A bait station.
Seamus Harper: Yes! I could make them out of Rommie's skin.
Andromeda Ascendant: Excuse me?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Make as many as you can as fast as you can, Harper... Why are you still standing here?

"Andromeda: The Others (#4.14)" (2004)
Beka Valentine: Hmm. Just once I'd like to rescue an ugly woman.
Seamus Harper: And ruin my chances of being smitten by or smoting a beautiful woman? Leave me alone. I can't love straight when I'm in think.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Whatever that means.

Andromeda Ascendant: Dylan, you're too weak to be here.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Rommie, you are no longer my friend. All right, prepare, prepare for, the library, my, my father's. You know, the Magog Worldship is coming.
Andromeda Ascendant: Captain, I'm afraid I'm going to have to relieve you of command.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, that's no relief at all.

Zara: Ask yourself this question, Lach. How far will your venomous deceit take you before you die? And that will be soon.
Lach: I will live long enough to see your miserable end.
Captain Dylan Hunt: All right, all right, all right. Okay, I told you: fight and you get the naughty card.
Lach: Infidel!
Zara: Nonbeliever!
Beka Valentine: This is going well.

"Andromeda: Soon the Nearing Vortex (#4.6)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I am running out of pilots.

Rommie: I'll dispatch a courier to Tri-Lorn immediately, but you are aware we suffered no damage to our GFG.
Captain Dylan Hunt: We did if I say we did. Strategic truth.
Rommie: Right. And the strategy is?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I need time to find Tyr and understand his scheme. Rhade is the key to that.
Rommie: Right. And the truth is?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I am beginning not to trust certain aspects of the Commonwealth, and I don't like that one bit.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Let's cut the crap. I know you want to follow us, and you want the Route of Ages, so why don't you just tell me what you know first?
Tyr Anasazi: Only that you will fail. That I will prosper.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Obviously, this was pre-recorded.
Tyr Anasazi: There's a first time for everything, Dylan.
Captain Dylan Hunt: And there's always a last time, too, Tyr.

"Andromeda: The Sum of Its Parts (#1.16)" (2001)
Beka Valentine: You were instructed to make contact by who?
Trance Gemini: Ahem. By whom.
HG: I am an emissary from the Consensus of Parts. I come in peace. Take me to your leader.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, yeah, we got it the first time.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Would you excuse us, please?
HG: Of course, I come in peace.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yes, so do we. Excuse us.

VX: What is this abomination?
Captain Dylan Hunt: The poor, the wretched, the huddled masses yearning to be free. And for you, the end of the line. HG.

"Andromeda: The Honey Offering (#1.19)" (2001)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I have an idea: Why don't we throw our own little wedding party? We've already invited the Jaguars and Dragons. Let's see who else wants to come.
Elssbett Mossadim: What are you talking about? There's no one else out there.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh, isn't there? You know, if I were planning to blitzkrieg the Jaguars, I'd already have my fleet in position. You know, somewhere safe but, you know, inside the system. Somewhere like, oh, I don't know, near a gas giant?
Elssbett Mossadim: You're starting a war.
Captain Dylan Hunt: No, you are starting a war. I'm just rearranging the sides. Now tell your pride you're going to die and tell them their entire fleet will be destroyed if they don't help.
Elssbett Mossadim: You're sure you're not part Nietszchean?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Heh, I'm starting to wonder.

Elssbett Mossadim: If you've finished saying goodbye to your lover, I'm ready to leave.
Captain Dylan Hunt: She is not my...
Beka Valentine: Oh, why hide it?
[kisses Hunt]
Beka Valentine: Just remember. He's pretty to look at, lovely to hold, but if you break him, we consider him sold. Take care, sweetie.

Elssbett Mossadim: It's too bad you're a human.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Hmm, well, I kind of like who I am.
Elssbett Mossadim: So do I. Very well, then, kludge. Set a course for the Jaguar homeworld. My new husband awaits.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Aye, aye, Captain.

"Andromeda: Chaos and the Stillness of It (#5.20)" (2005)
Doyle: We've got to find the rock Burma and his goons scrambled under.
Andromeda Ascendant: Well, he can't have gone far. Tarn Vedra was his only option.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Tarn Vedra has a lot of rocks, and it's getting more crowded by the minute. Blending in won't be hard.
Doyle: Even with a hostage.
Andromeda Ascendant: Even with a Harper.

General Burma: I want you to experience the same pain you inflicted on me and my people. And the loss.
Telemachus Rhade: By killing Harper?
General Burma: He's important to you, I know. A friend and a valuable resource. I'm going to enjoy this.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, well, enjoy whatever sadistic pleasure it brings you, Burma, because I don't have time to care. Hunt out.
Telemachus Rhade: We're bluffing, right?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, we're bluffing.
Telemachus Rhade: I wonder if Harper knows we're bluffing.
Captain Dylan Hunt: One problem at a time, Rhade. We have to find Trance.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Yeah, well, Rhade, there are bigger risks in store if we don't get to the bottom of a certain Trance-formation.
Telemachus Rhade: Transformation... Humour to die by.

"Andromeda: Waking the Tyrant's Device (#4.3)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Rommie.
Andromeda Ascendant: Do I have to?

Molly Noguchi: And now on to plan B?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, we're farther along in the alphabet, but yeah.
Molly Noguchi: We've got to shut down that auto-defence system.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, maybe I'll ask it to turn itself off.
Molly Noguchi: I will grant you your charm can be very persuasive, but how are you going to do that?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'll make the defence system think that someone else is at the control panel.

Kroton: The Commonwealth is helpless without you, Captain Hunt. That is why we brought you here to die.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh no, no, no, no. You're not supposed to tell me the ending. Now you've spoiled everything.

"Andromeda: The Banks of the Lethe (#1.8)" (2000)
Beka Valentine: They're really annoying.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I like them.
Beka Valentine: Yeah, but you like everyone. Even people who try to kill you. Especially people who try to kill you. Dylan! Hi, I'm Beka Valentine, your first officer?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Sorry. I just want to get Hohne's blessing for the new Commonwealth charter, then go away from here.
Beka Valentine: The black hole.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I never want to see it again. That thing didn't just swallow my ship; it swallowed my life.

Dr. Sara Riley: You can't change the future by living in the past. Although it certainly would be nice to have you around.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I wish that were enough.
Dr. Sara Riley: If it were, you wouldn't be the man I fell in love with. You came back for me. You risked everything.
Captain Dylan Hunt: But I failed.
Dr. Sara Riley: No. No. No, you saved me. You always do. We had our time together. This isn't your time anymore.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Sarah, you know this isn't going to work.
Dr. Sara Riley: Any reasoning behind that, or are you just going to rest on unbridled optimism?

"Andromeda: Conduit to Destiny (#4.8)" (2003)
Seamus Harper: I'm in hyperdrive, boss. Have you in there faster than you can say...
Captain Dylan Hunt: Thank you, Mr. Harper.
Seamus Harper: Thank you, Mr. Harper!

Captain Dylan Hunt: I was on my way back. I was, but my path was altered. How was I to know that you'd still be here after all this time?
Siara: You came back.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I came back.
Siara: 300 years.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Okay, so I was a little late.

Patrius: Stop! Nobody move! Nobody move. You are mine. You will do as I say. Do as I say, or everyone dies. My patience has been rewarded, all done through the heroic efforts of Dylan Hunt. What a lucky break you are, Captain. A big, joyful thank you to you and the Commonwealth, which, if things go right, might someday worship me. Bow down or die.
Siara: I won't bow down to you.
Patrius: You have no choice.
Captain Dylan Hunt: [sotto] Pays to think ahead. Three hundred years and, I hope, still ticking.
Patrius: If I can't have your power, no one will.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Spoken like a true lunatic.

"Andromeda: The Lone and Level Sands (#3.5)" (2002)
Nadya Ratamsky: Attention, unknown lifeforms: we don't want any trouble, so do us all a favor and don't make any. Stand by to receive our contact team.
Seamus Harper: Well, all right then, Mr. No Guns, what's the plan?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Let them in, and now we do what unknown lifeforms are supposed to do in situations like this: tell them, "We come in peace; take us to your leader."

Captain Fehdman Metis: Three hundred years, trapped near the event horizon of a black hole. That's astounding, like something out of a science fiction novel.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, it was a quick read. One minute I was engaged with ten thousand enemy ships, next minute, three centuries went by.
Captain Fehdman Metis: And having discovered that your civilization had fallen apart, you tried to put Humpty Dumpty together again without the king's horses and none of his men.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Something like that, yes.

Seamus Harper: Well, the sunlight engines are still fine. We could always try the trip in normal space. I mean, it may take a while, but if we start out now...
Captain Dylan Hunt: If we start right now, we'll make it to the first known world in time to meet Beka's great-great-great-grandchild.
Seamus Harper: Just how far out are we?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Trying to shake the Ogami took us clear off the star charts. We're not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from here.

"Andromeda: A Rose in the Ashes (#1.9)" (2000)
Jessa: Implanted sub vocal mike. Cool. Look, tell her to hang back and left.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Whoa, what are you doing?
Jessa: I'm not going to hurt your girlfriend.
Captain Dylan Hunt: She's not my girlfriend.

Jessa: Give me a day, and I'll have your robot girlfriend up and running.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'll explain the many ways in which you are wrong while we work.

Beka Valentine: It stopped. Looks like someone deactivated the defence system.
Captain Dylan Hunt: [OC] Eureka Maru, you are clear to land.
Tyr Anasazi: Dylan.
Beka Valentine: You know, I'm starting to like that guy.

"Andromeda: To Loose the Fateful Lightning (#1.3)" (2000)
Hayek: You're the High Guard, yet everything you say spits on our sacred scripture. If you're really our Messiah, you'll beat this Magog to death yourself.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I am the High Guard, and I am your Messiah, but my ways are not your ways, and if what I say differs from sacred scripture, then what I say is the truth! And I say, cut him down!

Rev Bem: We can only retrieve one ship at a time. Which one, right or left?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Right.
Trance Gemini: Left! Er, it's just a choice, you know, fifty-fifty?

Captain Dylan Hunt: Captain Dylan Hunt, Commanding Officer, Nova containment authorised, ten break alpha...
Andromeda Ascendant: Sir, are you sure you want to retain a Nova bomb on board ship?
Captain Dylan Hunt: No, but all the same, ten break alpha.

"Andromeda: Bunker Hill (#2.11)" (2002)
Beka Valentine: Oh, she didn't salute. Shouldn't she salute?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, I'm thinking that maybe she went to the Beka Valentine School of Military Discipline.

Seamus Harper: I got a better idea. How about you round up all those warships out there, head to Earth, and blast the Dragan garrison to pieces?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I intend to, after I've drawn the Dragan fleet out of position, and as soon as you and Rommie make sure that all their armored units are out in the streets where they're vulnerable.
Seamus Harper: Great. "Start the revolution without me." Anything else I can do for you? Transmute the elements? Reverse entropy? Make you a sandwich?

Captain Dylan Hunt: Beka, course laid in for Coolidge?
Beka Valentine: You bet you.
Cuatemoc: Coolidge? Impossible. You'll be torn to shreds. Trying to run through there is suicide.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You didn't talk to Cuchulain about me before you had him executed, did you? No? Well that's too bad. I wonder who's next in line.

"Andromeda: All Great Neptune's Ocean (#1.10)" (2001)
Chancellor Chandos: Fine, then we can broadcast as soon as you have checked our records and the apology is made.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Apology?
President Sebastian Lee: I need a formal apology from Tyr Anasazi. Protocol, you know. So tiresome.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Think more than a few moves ahead, Tyr, and remember the long game. Re-establish the Commonwealth, and we re-establish open inquiry, accountability, and justice.
Tyr Anasazi: Justice. For Nietzscheans?
Captain Dylan Hunt: For everyone, or there's no point.

Rev Bem: Are you familiar with Aeschylus?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Ancient Earth, right? Greek tragedy?
Rev Bem: Very good. I was thinking specifically of the Orestean Trilogy. The house of Atreus was cursed by the gods, condemned to murder one another throughout history.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Orestes' mother killed his father. He was forced to kill her in revenge.
Rev Bem: Forced to kill, much as Andromeda was forced to kill. Do you remember how the curse was finally ended?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Apollo invented the jury trial. The jury found Orestes innocent.
Rev Bem: Indeed. The cycle was broken when public justice replaced private vengeance, just as you are trying to do.
Captain Dylan Hunt: There's only one problem with your analogy, Rev. Apollo was a god. I'm just a man.
Rev Bem: Mmm...

"Andromeda: The Pearls That Were His Eyes (#1.11)" (2001)
Rommie: Captain on deck!
Beka Valentine: I'll alert the media.
Trance Gemini: It means we're supposed to stand at attention.
Captain Dylan Hunt: At ease, Trance. I think it's a little late in the game to restore the military protocols.

Beka Valentine: You know, if you don't want me to go, why don't you just say so?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I don't want you to go.
Beka Valentine: Damn, I didn't think you'd just say so.

Captain Dylan Hunt: That stays.
Seamus Harper: What'd I do?
Rommie: Personal effects of the crew.

"Andromeda: D Minus Zero (#1.4)" (2000)
Rev Bem: Fire control sensors on-line. Captain, I, I hope you do not expect me to fire the ship's weapons.
Captain Dylan Hunt: This isn't the time, Rev.
Rev Bem: Nevertheless, I will man the sensors, but I will not fire the weapons.
Beka Valentine: I could've told you that.

Trance Gemini: He's dying.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Damn. It should've been hours before anyone started feeling the effects.
Beka Valentine: If he was a good little citizen of the Commonwealth, I'm sure he'd be fine. Harper was raised in a refugee camp. He's got a dodgy immune system at the best of times. He sure can't stand up to this radiation bath you've got us soaking in.
Captain Dylan Hunt: How long before his condition becomes irreversible?
Trance Gemini: Four hours, maybe less.
Seamus Harper: Ooo, shiny.

Captain Dylan Hunt: I'm going to make that ship out there think that you're me trying to escape, and then, while they're busy reducing you to your constituent atoms, I'll swing around from behind and blow them out of the sky. Now, I might get them before they get you, and I might not, but you've made your choice, so that's not really my problem. My obligation is to protect the lives of the people on this ship, and that's what I intend to do. Which is why Harper stays here, and you'll take him over my dead body... I never walk into a situation without a plan for getting out in one piece. So make the call, Beka. Do you want to walk with me and live, or walk out on me and die?

"Andromeda: Deep Midnight's Voice (#3.18)" (2003)
Rommie: I'm detecting 13 battle cruisers and 11 Geruda class fighters.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Nietzscheans.
Rommie: Drago-Kazov.
Seamus Harper: Whoa, that's my dream. That was my dream! Back when we agreed to escort this lousy Commonwealth convoy deep into the DMZ, we were ambushed by Nietzscheans.
Beka Valentine: Hey, dreamweaver! Before you go all Trance on us, this is not an ambush. That's Nietzschean-on-Nietzschean action.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Hail them.
Rommie: No response.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Plot an intercept course.
Seamus Harper: Er, boss? Isn't that a little dangerous for a good deed?
Captain Dylan Hunt: We're on the Andromeda, Mister Harper. I like our odds.

Gaiton: That spike-haired chip-head of yours called me a rat.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, he's a charmer. I guess he expected a little more gratitude for saving your life.
Gaiton: Yes, well, thanks for nothing. You could save my children's lives and I'd still hate the kludge.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Even so, I'd still save your children. I'd leave you behind, though.
Gaiton: Are you Nietzschean?
Tyr Anasazi: Are you an idiot? Or do you really expect me to believe that you don't know the answer to that question?

"Andromeda: The Illusion of Majesty (#3.19)" (2003)
The Princess: Look, I'll guide you to the edge of the system. Then you can drop me off, after you're done with me.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Eventually, you're going to have to tell your loyal subjects the truth.
The Princess: I'm going to have to think about that. Do we have a deal?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Hmm, I'm going to have to think about that.

Captain Dylan Hunt: If you don't break off your attack, we will return fire. There's a good chance that your system could go up in flames.
Head Monk: The Prolon order of Monks are ready to die in their quest.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Er, well, that's, er, very suicidal of you. However, I don't believe the rest of the inhabitants in your system want you deciding their fate.

Seamus Harper: This might take a while, Dylan. Don't win that fight too fast.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'll make a point of it. So what's taking you so long?
Seamus Harper: The problem is this stuff is so old, it predates you.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh, that's very funny.

"Andromeda: The Torment, the Release (#4.11)" (2004)
Tri-Lorn: You haven't got much time. The Collectors are trying to take over the Commonwealth. You're their number one target. You've ruined everything for them. Show what you can do before it all falls down.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Finally, a politician brave enough to fight for what's right. Wait. Tell me why.
Tri-Lorn: Why? You're my hero.

Captain Dylan Hunt: I've always done what I thought was right.
Trance Gemini: Then others disagree and feel betrayed.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Trance, just because someone feels betrayed doesn't prove me guilty any more than their disliking the colour gold makes you evil.
Andromeda Ascendant: Captain, per your request, Rhade is secured and out of the way.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Thank you. Keep him there pending my further orders.
Andromeda Ascendant: The military escort has arrived to take you planetside.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I don't suppose I should keep them waiting. They might get insulted.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh, come on. That is crap. You brought these charges against me.
Tri-Jema: I'm sorry, Captain. You are a survivor. I'm not, and I need to survive. I must outlive and outlast. You knew that when we first met. I am no more a politician now than I was then. No more, and let me be clear, no less, and this is politics. Politics that bring a logic to all of this.
Captain Dylan Hunt: There is no logic. The only reason this is happening is because the Collectors want me out of the way. They want complete control of the Commonwealth, and you're too afraid to stop them.
Tri-Jema: We can't have a civil war, Captain.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Okay, but this is not the way to prevent one.
Tri-Jema: I'm trying to look at things differently. The only way to beat a temptation is to give into it. What is the saying? Different courses for different horses?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Tri-Jema, that is neither the saying nor the solution.

"Andromeda: Decay of the Angel (#5.4)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Battle stations.
Telemachus Rhade: Battle stations? We're being towed.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I know. It's just... habit. Damn it!

Telemachus Rhade: They've kept us alive: merciful and incompetent.
Beka Valentine: Really? Is now the time for insults?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, I always wanted you two to bow down before me.

Telemachus Rhade: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, sometimes you can pit your will against a hostile universe, and the universe wins. Eventually, you should understand that.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Rhade, how could I possibly understand that? It's never happened.
Telemachus Rhade: Well, what about the time...

"Andromeda: All Too Human (#2.6)" (2001)
Andromeda Ascendant: I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I didn't authorize any bad news.
Beka Valentine: I'll file a reprimand.

Trance Gemini: Captain Hunt, the sensor drones are fully deployed and the missile launch has just been completed. We're five by five with HTE.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Why, thank you, Trance.
Beka Valentine: Five by five?
Trance Gemini: Military talk.
Beka Valentine: Yeah, carry on, Ensign Gemini.

"Andromeda: The World Turns All Around Her (#4.7)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Trance, who are you? What are you?
Trance Gemini: [transforms into a sun] I am the avatar of a sun, a star. All things come from the same thing, all from me. You are elements of the sun. As I make you, I am able to destroy you. As I destroy you, I am able to create.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You had me at avatar.
Trance Gemini: Awareness is where we travel, no path. I am all gravity, and exist in all universes between them. What destroys you in this universe will deliver you to the next. Are you ready to sacrifice everything?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Sacrifice pales against that which we will gain.
Trance Gemini: You *will* put your faith in me to destroy you?
Captain Dylan Hunt: [long pause] And remake me, yes.
Trance Gemini: Then behold the expanding universe.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Trying to figure out how we made it through a portal that wasn't there will give Harper something to do.
Trance Gemini: Yes, we wouldn't want to deprive him of that.
Captain Dylan Hunt: It'll keep the boy out of trouble.
Trance Gemini: It's funny that you're the one talking about keeping out of trouble.
Captain Dylan Hunt: All right, I'll make you a deal, Trance: I'll handle all the troubles in this universe; you take the others.
Trance Gemini: Deal.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Deal.

"Andromeda: If the Wheel Is Fixed (#3.1)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Hi, Rommie. How am I doing?
Rommie: Not so good.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Thanks.

Captain Dylan Hunt: It's time for the three Vs... Visualize, verify and then get very, very pissed off!

"Andromeda: Cui Bono (#3.4)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I am completely out of patience and time. I'm convinced taking him to Sinti for a coronation is a big mistake.
Rommie: Coronation? The man hasn't even been elected yet.
Captain Dylan Hunt: The universe has a sick sense of humour, Rommie. I mean, is this what I've invested my blood in? Rebuilding the Commonwealth so I can hand the reins over to someone like Sid? I'd rather just throw him to the Magog.
Rommie: You could probably get away with that.

Captain Dylan Hunt: If the Commonwealth we've built is worth anything, we have to trust it to do what's right. We have to have faith in somebody other than us.
Beka Valentine: And if that faith is misplaced?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, then we have bigger problems than your Uncle Sid.

"Andromeda: Belly of the Beast (#2.19)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: How do we get people to stop believing in a myth they've believed in for centuries?
Trance Gemini: By getting them to believe in that other myth.
Captain Dylan Hunt: What's that?
Trance Gemini: The one about the High Guard Captain flying around the universe, making allies, restoring the Commonwealth.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I don't think they'll ever believe in that one.

Captain Dylan Hunt: It looks like I'll need a new speech.
Trance Gemini: Like what?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, how about this: Ladies and gentlemen of the planet Savion, there might be something to your myth but don't worry, the most powerful starship in the universe it out there somewhere, protecting you.
Trance Gemini: Oh, that's great. Now all you have to do is convince yourself.

"Andromeda: Last Call at the Broken Hammer (#2.5)" (2001)
Trance Gemini: I found the rattle. If someone can pass me a hammer, I think I can fix it.
Beka Valentine, Captain Dylan Hunt, Tyr Anasazi: No!
Captain Dylan Hunt: Thank you. Just note it and we'll take care of it when we set down.
Trance Gemini: Noting it...

Saphia Wei: Oh, all of this, for me - I'm not worth it.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Your friends seem to think you are. Maybe it's time you proved them right.
Beka Valentine: Dylan, we're just about ready to go. Well, it's been real, it's been fun, but I can't say I...
Captain Dylan Hunt: Beka.
Beka Valentine: Right, I'll prep the Maru.

"Andromeda: Be All My Sins Remembered (#2.14)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Vexpag?
Seamus Harper: Yeah, another former crewmate. He's dead too.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Dead?
Seamus Harper: Don't worry, it wasn't catching.

Seamus Harper: Yeah, boss, no officers quarters around here. You can take old Vexpag's bunk.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Vexpag?
Seamus Harper: Yeah, another former crewmate. He's dead too.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Dead?
Seamus Harper: Don't worry, it wasn't catching.

"Andromeda: Phear Phactor Phenom (#5.3)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Hey, hey, Rhade. We're not here to kill Harper.
Telemachus Rhade: Are you sure?

Captain Dylan Hunt: Is Rommie here?
Seamus Harper: More or less.

"Andromeda: Shadows Cast by a Final Salute (#3.22)" (2003)
Andromeda Ascendant: Hangar deck fifteen. Stowaways in the cargo.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Do we need bells and whistles for that? Thank you. How did they get past our security?
Andromeda Ascendant: I'm detecting the deactivation of an electromagnetic cloaking device.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Nice toy. Mr. Harper, I want one of those.
Seamus Harper: Looks like we just got one.

Captain Dylan Hunt: Stick to the deal.
Head Nietzschean: Or?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'll destroy the bones.
Head Nietzschean: You're bluffing.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Those bones mean squat to me, lady.

"Andromeda: Music of a Distant Drum (#1.13)" (2001)
Beka Valentine: Dylan, really, why do you think I'm here? I mean, you won't let me use Andromeda for running cargo. I'm not allowed to mine. God knows you're not paying me. I like your whole idea of the Commonwealth, but do you really think that's the only thing that's keeping me around?
Captain Dylan Hunt: I prefer to.
Beka Valentine: Come on, Dylan. Your entire crew has an ulterior motive. Rev Bem wants to use your Commonwealth to spread his faith. Harper is in lust with your ship. Tyr's always plotting something, and God only knows what the purple one's up to. Does it really surprise you to find out that I'm no different?

Beka Valentine: And then, in walked Merlin, only he looked exactly like Andromeda.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh, lucky him.
Beka Valentine: Andromeda the ship, not the persona, but wearing a big, pointy hat.

"Andromeda: Slipfighter the Dogs of War (#3.6)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Hello. Tyr, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but it just could be the music that attracts the enemy.

Tyr Anasazi: It was all right.
Beka Valentine: All right? Tyr, whatever you're going through, fight through it.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Let's suit up and try one for real.
Beka Valentine: Are you kidding? We'll kill him.

"Andromeda: Abridging the Devil's Divide (#4.17)" (2004)
Trance Gemini: He's coming to.
Beka Valentine: Good. What the hell did you do to my ship?
Captain Dylan Hunt: It's good to see you too.

Seamus Harper: Someone has to get to that panel and open it so we can point this emitter at the tubes inside.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Rommie.
Rommie: Not a problem.
Seamus Harper: Ha, have I ever told you how much I...
Rommie: Psst, you're in a lot of trouble right now.

"Andromeda: The Test (#5.10)" (2005)
Captain Dylan Hunt: You said I had beautiful hand.
Trance Gemini: Well, it just reminded me of the universal constant of change.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, maybe I didn't explain the concept of gambling clearly enough.

Seamus Harper: I'd love to chat, Dylan, but I got to run.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I'm looking for a stranger. Long black coat.
Seamus Harper: Sort of a tall, short guy, bald with black hair? He went that way.

"Andromeda: It Makes a Lovely Light (#1.21)" (2001)
Seamus Harper: We got you! Oh, did we get him. Look at his face. Okay, you see that? That is why you don't tell him a week ahead of time.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Who put you up to this?
Rommie: Harper overrode my emergency protocols. He said it was necessary for the gag.

Rev Bem: The Andromeda Galaxy. If the universe is a manifestation of the Divine, could not the slipstream be the very mind of God?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, if that's the case, I'm afraid God had a seizure and forgot all about Tarn-Vedra.
Beka Valentine: And here comes God's little brain surgeon.
Rev Bem: Beka! Some humility, please.
Beka Valentine: Yeah, I tried that once. I didn't like it.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Like they say: in the slipstream, confidence is everything.

"Andromeda: The Weight: Part 2 (#5.2)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Andromeda. Andromeda? It's Dylan, your captain. Not much about this is looking good.
Telemachus Rhade: It's never good when you have to sneak onto your own ship, Captain.

"Andromeda: Una Salus Victus (#2.7)" (2001)
Captain Dylan Hunt: You've always been welcome to leave, Tyr, but the remains stay here, under my protection.
Tyr Anasazi: As long as my property is safe, I'm content to leave it where it is, for now. But you hear me: someday I'll want to retrieve it.
Captain Dylan Hunt: And when someday comes around, I might even let you. It all depends.
Tyr Anasazi: On?
Captain Dylan Hunt: The shape of the universe.

"Andromeda: The Spider's Stratagem (#4.12)" (2004)
Rox Nava: Gotta warn you, though. Usually, I'm not such a sucker for a man with all that muscle.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, actually, I'm not as big as I used to be.

"Andromeda: So Burn the Untamed Lands (#5.8)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: I wouldn't go into acting if I were you.
Telemachus Rhade: What?

"Andromeda: The Dissonant Interval: Part One (#4.21)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: This is what you listen to. You're being manipulated into passivity. I can not give you purity, friends. I only bring reality.
Council Member #2: The Magog? You bring us despair.
Captain Dylan Hunt: The Magog bring despair; I bring hope.

"Andromeda: Fear Burns Down to Ashes (#4.15)" (2004)
Andromeda Ascendant: So many dead that the corpses are routinely used as a source of fuel. But I'm sure one hero with a forcelance can defy the percentages.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Et tu, Rommie?
Seamus Harper: Or he'll nicely heat a two bedroom Flash house.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Okay, okay, thank you both for your optimistic and unwavering support.

"Andromeda: And Your Heart Will Fly Away (#3.9)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Prepare to fire on... me.
Beka Valentine: Firing. You know, someone is going to great and obvious lengths to make a point.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Oh, I get the point. And I get the message. Someone wants us to go in a different direction.

"Andromeda: One More Day's Light (#5.19)" (2005)
Trance Gemini: Dylan, I have a question for you. Would you leave the Seefra system now if you could?
Captain Dylan Hunt: That's not an option. You know that.
Trance Gemini: Because you must fulfill your destiny?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Because there are millions of lives to save.
Trance Gemini: Spoken like a hero.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Spoken like someone who cares. I expect you feel the same.
Trance Gemini: Perhaps.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Perhaps. Trance, I'm worried about you.
Trance Gemini: Oh, there's no need to worry. When all this is done, you'll be fine.

"Andromeda: The Things We Cannot Change (#2.17)" (2002)
Liandra: I have begged you, Dylan. I have tried to protect you, but you just won't let me.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Protect me from what?
Liandra: They don't want you. The Commonwealth that needs you so much, they're trying to get rid of you.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Why in the name of the Empress would the High Guard want to get rid of me?
Liandra: Because you mess up, and they're tired of cleaning up after you.

"Andromeda: The Heart of the Journey: Part 2 (#5.22)" (2005)
Seamus Harper: I can't get over that feeling that all I have left now are memories.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Welcome to the club.

"Andromeda: Ouroboros (#2.12)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Now what?
Tyr Anasazi: Kalderans.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Major, hold off the Kalderans. Tyr, find that machine shop. I'm headed for Command. Go!
Kylie Vance: In Dylan Hunt we trust.

"Andromeda: Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath (#3.21)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: You're more than my AI. You're my advisor, you're my friend, you're the air that I breathe.
Rommie: Literally.

"Andromeda: The Weight: Part 1 (#5.1)" (2004)
Thomas: Does dying alone frighten you? Do you fear the sudden stop at the house of mortality? What do you do at death's door?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, you know, I never knock, because it drives him crazy.
Thomas: The book instructs me on how to deal with intruders.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Get a rewrite.

"Andromeda: The Prince (#2.10)" (2002)
[After the robots have killed the assailants]
Prince Erik: What did you do?
Dylan Hunt: The same thing everybody else seems to be doing around here, just making plans. Looks like mine worked.

"Andromeda: Machinery of the Mind (#4.9)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: There's no time for that. See, I called this conference because we need an exchange of ideas, and you've had firsthand exposure to this situation. We're on the clock here, Harper.
Seamus Harper: I thought we were on a ship.

"Andromeda: Vault of the Heavens (#3.17)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Mythology. It's all Greek to me.

"Andromeda: A Heart for Falsehood Framed (#2.3)" (2001)
Tyr Anasazi: Would you like me to kill them for you?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Yes. Wait! I'm just kidding. I've got a better idea. Next time I offer to broker peace talks between a Chichin gangster and a Than warlord, just kill me.
Tyr Anasazi: All right.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Kidding, again.

"Andromeda: The Dark Backward (#3.12)" (2003)
Captain Dylan Hunt: So, you experience a million possible futures in the time it takes me to blink my eyes, and each one of them looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes as real as the conversation we're having right here, right now?
Trance Gemini: In a word, yes.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Wow. All right, here's my question. If that's true, if each one of those futures is indistinguishable from each other and from reality on a quantum level... Trance, how do you know that any of this is real?
Trance Gemini: I don't.

"Andromeda: Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter (#4.10)" (2004)
Seamus Harper: What's the matter? You couldn't handle the guy?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Don't be smart.
Seamus Harper: It's hard not to when you're a prodigy.

"Andromeda: Immaculate Perception (#2.21)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Trust me.
Seamus Harper: Oh, we trust you. You feel guilty for leaving the Orca homeless. You want to turn foes into friends. You're a nice guy, but Tyr?
Beka Valentine: Tyr only helps those who help Tyr, and suddenly now he needs to save a Pride who swore to kill him?
Captain Dylan Hunt: The only person Tyr wants to save is his wife.
Seamus Harper: What?
Andromeda Ascendant: Approaching the slipstream portal.
Seamus Harper: Who the hell would marry Tyr?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Beka?
Beka Valentine: Slipping.

"Andromeda: Tunnel at the End of the Light (#2.22)" (2002)
Dylan Hunt: There's only one way to fight a superior opponent.
Fleet Admiral Zhukov: Well, that I wouldn't know, I've never fought a superior opponent.
Dylan Hunt: Asymmetric warfare. It's an area denial strategy.
Beka Valentine: We're gonna carpet-bomb space?

"Andromeda: What Happens to a Rev Deferred? (#3.15)" (2003)
Tyr Anasazi: So... We've been chasing the wind.
Beka Valentine: What now?
Tyr Anasazi: Shall we follow my nose?
Captain Dylan Hunt: [Points up] As long as it follows that star.

"Andromeda: The Opposites of Attraction (#5.15)" (2005)
Seamus Harper: Okay, enjoy your date with data. Don't forget to use a conduit.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Ha.

"Andromeda: Mad to Be Saved (#3.3)" (2002)
Captain Dylan Hunt: Rommie, would you mind?
Rommie: Human brains in a box.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Well, that's certainly... gross.
Rommie: And puzzling. Not exactly your standard carry-on item.

"Andromeda: Harper 2.0 (#1.14)" (2001)
Andromeda: I don't think he knows. Since last night, he's started and abandoned dozens of projects and upgrades. Although, I must say, the ones he's performed on moi c'est tres magnifique.
Captain Dylan Hunt: You're speaking French now?
Andromeda: Oui, per his request.

"Andromeda: What Will Be Was Not (#5.9)" (2004)
Captain Dylan Hunt: That's a last resort, Doyle, but you've given me an idea.
Doyle: Oh Dylan, I'm flattered, but we don't have time for this.
Captain Dylan Hunt: Not that kind of idea. But don't think I haven't thought about it.

"Andromeda: The Heart of the Journey: Part 1 (#5.21)" (2005)
Beka Valentine: Sheesh, some people's kids. Remind me never to have my own.
Captain Dylan Hunt: I never knew you wanted any.
Beka Valentine: I don't. Just in case I ever get soft and weepy, slap me... hard.