Ben Henrickson
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Ben Henrickson (Character)
from "Big Love" (2006)

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"Big Love: Eviction (#1.7)" (2006)
Sarah Henrickson: How's Seminary? Made friends with the other brainwashees?
Ben Henrickson: Don't call them brainwashed.
Sarah Henrickson: Why not?
Ben Henrickson: I don't like it.
Sarah Henrickson: Good. You still have an opinion.

"Big Love: Where There's a Will (#1.11)" (2006)
Nicolette Grant: Is that Ben?
Margene Heffman: And that Must be Brynn. What do we do?
Nicolette Grant: This
[Nicki beeps the car horn]
Margene Heffman: Nicki. Stop it.
[beeps again]
Margene Heffman: Stop it.
[beeps again]
Margene Heffman: Stop it.
Nicolette Grant: This is why mothers shouldn't work
Margene Heffman: We Don't work.
Nicolette Grant: Barb should be at home.
Margene Heffman: We're at home
Margene Heffman: Hi. Ah we told your mum we'd pick you up. She had a ton of papers to grade.
Ben Henrickson: Oh, ah, well... ok. Um, everybody this is Brynn.
Margene Heffman: Hi.
Nicolette Grant: I'm Lucy. This is Ethel.
Ben Henrickson: These are my neighbours.
Margene Heffman: So where can we take you Brynn?
Brynn: Um, Sandy Points Drive off South State.
[Margie gestures toward the back seat of the car]
Brynn: Thanks.
Margene Heffman: Sorry about the sod.
Brynn: That's ok.
Nicolette Grant: Watch out for grubs.