Margene Heffman
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Margene Heffman (Character)
from "Big Love" (2006)

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"Big Love: Where There's a Will (#1.11)" (2006)
Margene Heffman: Me, Bill, Nicki. You, Bill, Nicki. Nicki, Bill, you on account of Nicki already being dead.
Barb Henrickson: See. Simple, simple.

Nicolette Grant: Is that Ben?
Margene Heffman: And that Must be Brynn. What do we do?
Nicolette Grant: This
[Nicki beeps the car horn]
Margene Heffman: Nicki. Stop it.
[beeps again]
Margene Heffman: Stop it.
[beeps again]
Margene Heffman: Stop it.
Nicolette Grant: This is why mothers shouldn't work
Margene Heffman: We Don't work.
Nicolette Grant: Barb should be at home.
Margene Heffman: We're at home
Margene Heffman: Hi. Ah we told your mum we'd pick you up. She had a ton of papers to grade.
Ben Henrickson: Oh, ah, well... ok. Um, everybody this is Brynn.
Margene Heffman: Hi.
Nicolette Grant: I'm Lucy. This is Ethel.
Ben Henrickson: These are my neighbours.
Margene Heffman: So where can we take you Brynn?
Brynn: Um, Sandy Points Drive off South State.
[Margie gestures toward the back seat of the car]
Brynn: Thanks.
Margene Heffman: Sorry about the sod.
Brynn: That's ok.
Nicolette Grant: Watch out for grubs.

Nicolette Grant: So, we met Brynn.
Barb Henrickson: You did?
Margene Heffman: Yeah and she wants to meet you.
Barb Henrickson: Well, I've set it up three different times with Ben, and every time he's weaselled out of it, so...
Nicolette Grant: He's probably afraid for you to meet her.
[Margie whispers]
Margene Heffman: They were kissing behind the track.
[Whispers softer]
Margene Heffman: Really kissing.
Barb Henrickson: So did you say something to him about it?
Nicolette Grant: No, I'm not sure we share the same values on these things.

Margene Heffman: I am happy. I love you both so much.
Nicolette Grant: You're overheated. Put on a hat.

"Big Love: The Baptism (#1.10)" (2006)
Margene Heffman: I don't even know his sizes. I am a terrible wife. I should have never married your father. And your mother.
Sarah Henrickson: And Nicki.
Margene Heffman: Especially Nicki.

Margene Heffman: Bill, when I married into this family I guess I must have thought I was just marrying you. And now I realise I was marrying all of you. I was marrying sisters... my sisters. That was my choice, and I'd make that choice all over again right now. And I know, I know I've made a lot of mistakes lately, and... alright, maybe always... but I can get better. I will, because, because I wanna be with you guys forever too. Cause I love you guys and I need you guys. And I never ever wanted to not be in this family, here or in heaven.

"Big Love: Good Guys and Bad Guys (#2.7)" (2007)
Margene Heffman: [telling her mother about Nicki and Barb, who she says are her neighbors] They're very conservative. We don't drink.
Virginia Ginger Heffman: You're kidding! I brought 2 bottles of Stoli.
Margene Heffman: [slightly shocked] I'm pregnant, Ma!
Virginia Ginger Heffman: Just an old wives tale.

"Big Love: Eviction (#1.7)" (2006)
[talking to Bill who is asleep]
Margene Heffman: Hey? You awake? Maybe we could go to the movie theatre with the big chairs that rock back and forth? It's more expensive, but it's worth it. They serve salads. We need Windex.