Barb Henrickson
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Barb Henrickson (Character)
from "Big Love" (2006)

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"Big Love: Where There's a Will (#1.11)" (2006)
Margene Heffman: Me, Bill, Nicki. You, Bill, Nicki. Nicki, Bill, you on account of Nicki already being dead.
Barb Henrickson: See. Simple, simple.

Nicolette Grant: So, we met Brynn.
Barb Henrickson: You did?
Margene Heffman: Yeah and she wants to meet you.
Barb Henrickson: Well, I've set it up three different times with Ben, and every time he's weaselled out of it, so...
Nicolette Grant: He's probably afraid for you to meet her.
[Margie whispers]
Margene Heffman: They were kissing behind the track.
[Whispers softer]
Margene Heffman: Really kissing.
Barb Henrickson: So did you say something to him about it?
Nicolette Grant: No, I'm not sure we share the same values on these things.

"Big Love: Oh, Pioneers (#2.12)" (2007)
Barb Henrickson: [about Ben] I don't want his respect, I want his love.

"Big Love: Viagra Blue (#1.2)" (2006)
Barb Henrickson: What are you doing?
Bill Henrickson: Come on, baby - you remember. "Oral is moral."
Barb Henrickson: That was the Eighties.

"Big Love: Block Party (#3.1)" (2009)
Barb Henrickson: But Bill's the hot dog man!

"Big Love: Strange Bedfellows (#4.3)" (2010)
Barb Henrickson: Mormon culture is very self-reliant, so when she implied that you were a welfare cheat, that's where she would have been coming from. Still, how did that make you feel?
Dolores: Not good.
Barb Henrickson: How not good?
Dolores: Hurt my feelings.
Barb Henrickson: Good, Dolores. And did she have a right to say that?
Dolores: No.
Barb Henrickson: No, of course she didn't. And what would you want to say back to her?
Dolores: You hurt my feelings.
Barb Henrickson: Good, but it's so important everyone that we really get beneath the surface. If you could say anything you want back to her, Dolores, what would that be?
[Dolores hesitates]
Barb Henrickson: It's all right.
Dolores: Fuck you.
Barb Henrickson: Is that really what you want to say, Dolores? Or do you think that's the anger speaking?
Dolores: No! Fuck you, white bitch! We have this piece of shit land. Get the fuck off it! Get out! Your religion's a cult and you're a bunch of hypocrites anyway!