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Sue Ann Weaver (Character)
from "Diff'rent Strokes" (1978)

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"The Facts of Life: Running (#1.11)" (1980)
Steven Bradley: [after Sue Ann reveals she won't run in a race and is pushing to consider Cindy to replace her] But Cindy, you've never run in competition before. Sue Ann is the champion.
Blair Warner: Not anymore. Old Thunder Thighs is hanging up her spikes.
Sue Ann Weaver: And you gave me an idea right where I can stick 'em.

"The Facts of Life: Adoption (#1.10)" (1980)
Blair Warner: [a box of erotic nighties were delivered to Blair] This must be a mistake, this couln't be from my daddy's company!
Sue Ann Weaver: [holding up a nightie by the label] Oh yeah? Warner Fashions, Henri of Hollywood division.
Molly Parker: Henri of Hollywood? Isn't he the king of 'Passion Fashion'?
Cindy Webster: Yeah, I always read ads in those magazines I'm not allowed to read.
Blair Warner: No, this is supposed to be from the Warner historical department.
Nancy Olson: [holding up a nightie] I could make history in this baby.
Dorothy 'Tootie' Ramsey: Wow, I never saw a nightie that had... instructions!

"The Facts of Life: Dieting (#1.7)" (1980)
Sue Ann Weaver: [standing of a scale] Okay, Blair. I guess I could lose a few pounds.
Blair Warner: A few? Kansas City beef isn't that valuable.
[gets on the scale]
Sue Ann Weaver: Well, what about those choice New York cuts on you, Blair?

"The Facts of Life: Rough Housing (#1.1)" (1979)
Cindy Webster: [All the girls begin heading up the stairs to teach Cindy how to dance] Sue Ann, thanks a lot for nominating me for Harvest Queen. I love you.
Sue Ann Weaver: [Cindy hugs Sue Ann for a few seconds] Come on.
Blair Warner: [Sue Ann heads up the stairs, Cindy goes to follow her but Blair stops her] Cindy, what's wrong with you?
Cindy Webster: What do you mean?
Blair Warner: All this touching, and hugging girls, and 'I love you'? Boy, are you strange.
Cindy Webster: I didn't mean anything.
Blair Warner: I'll just bet. You better think about what you mean.
[Blair shakes her head in disgust as she goes past Cindy to head up the stairs]