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Quotes for
Andy Moffet Stickle (Character)
from "The Facts of Life" (1979)

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"The Facts of Life: Doo-Wah (#7.7)" (1985)
Andy Moffet: You should sing a song that's really sexy. You know a song with alot of moaning in it.
Natalie Green: This contest is being sponsored by a teen magazine, I don't think they're into moaning.
Andy Moffet: Well then could you just sing it for me?

Andy Moffet: [holding a video camera] Be right back, I wanna go shoot the competition.
Blair: That's the only way we'll beat them.

"The Facts of Life: 3, 2, 1 (#7.10)" (1985)
Andy Moffet: I've gotta reach my mark.
George Burnett: You don't have any marks, except for the one that I'm gonna give you.

Andy Moffet: Andy Moffet. I fly jets.

"The Facts of Life: Boy About the House (#8.19)" (1987)
Beverly Ann Stickle: I love you and I want to adopt you.
Andy Moffet: You do?
Beverly Ann Stickle: With all my heart.

Andy Moffet: You know how many foster parents I've had in the past five years? Three. On Mothers Day, I just send out a card, 'To Whom It May Concern'.

"The Facts of Life: It's a Wonderful Christmas (#9.10)" (1987)
Andy Moffet: Come on, I'll show you how to make a snowman.
Pippa McKenna: A snow-woman.
Andy Moffet: Guess we won't need the carrot.

"The Facts of Life: We Get Letters (#7.11)" (1985)
Andy Moffet: I can only imagine what she's saying.
Jo Polniaczek: Good because your still too young to hear that kind of language.

"The Facts of Life: Before the Fall (#9.4)" (1987)
Blair Warner: Andy would you stop stalling, and call Patty.
Jo Polniaczek: Hey get off his back, if he doesn't want to call her, he doesn't have to.
Andy Moffet: Thank you Jo. I knew you'd understand.
Jo Polniaczek: Well actually I don't, but I defend your right to be a coward.

"The Facts of Life: The Agent (#7.16)" (1986)
Andy Moffet: [Andy is trying the cookies Jo and Blair made] Good peanuty bouque... crunchy... dry... but good...
Jo Polniaczek: Then why aren't you swallowing?
Andy Moffet: Because I've got my whole life ahead of me.

"The Facts of Life: The More the Marrier (#9.7)" (1987)
Andy Moffet: Make it quick, I'm begging a lot of women.

"The Facts of Life: Me and Eleanor (#6.14)" (1985)
Andy Moffet: May I compliment you on your hand writing?
Jo Polniaczek: You may, but it's not gonna get you the job.

"The Facts of Life: Born Too Late (#7.9)" (1985)
Andy Moffet: I think I pulled something!
Dorothy 'Tootie' Ramsey: What?
Andy Moffet: I'm not sure but I think someday it'll be important.