Kimberly Drummond
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Kimberly Drummond (Character)
from "Diff'rent Strokes" (1978)

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"Diff'rent Strokes: A Growing Problem (#5.13)" (1983)
Willis Jackson: What's everybody doing up?
Kimberly Drummond: Can't you guess? We're modeling sleepwear.

Kimberly Drummond: I was just on my way to ballet class and I thought I'd come by and see your place.
Willis Jackson: Well this is it, what do you think?
Kimberly Drummond: It has possibilities. Clean it up a little, you can use it for the city dump.

"Diff'rent Strokes: Mr. T and mr. t (#6.1)" (1983)
Philip Drummond: I wonder where Arnold wandered off to.
Kimberly Drummond: It's not like him to miss a good meal.
Philip Drummond: It's not like him to miss a bad meal.

Kimberly Drummond: He spoke to me! George Peppard actually spoke to me!
Angela: What did he say, Kimberly?
Kimberly Drummond: He said, 'move it, you're in my seat'!

"Diff'rent Strokes: The Election (#2.14)" (1980)
Arnold Jackson: We'll vote for you next year.
Kimberly Drummond: Arnold, we're not old enough to vote.
Arnold Jackson: Oh yeah? If you put all our ages together we're old enough to vote, have a beer, and see a dirty movie.