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Quotes for
Mindy Crenshaw (Character)
from "Drake & Josh" (2004)

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"Drake & Josh: Playing the Field (#3.6)" (2005)
Drake Parker: You're kind of a girl, right?
Mindy Crenshaw: Well, if I'm not, then I've been buying the wrong underwear!

"Drake & Josh: Honor Council (#2.14)" (2004)
Mindy Crenshaw: [after losing an honor council case] I have a cockapoo and an exact clone of that cockapoo. That means I have two cockapi! And what do you have? A giant magnet! "Ooh, look at me! I'm Josh! And look at my big magnet!" Crenshaw out!
Josh Nichols: See ya, crazy!

"Drake & Josh: The Really Big Shrimp: Part 1 (#4.17)" (2007)
Mindy Crenshaw: Gahh! Crazy Steve's gone berserk!
Helen, Josh Nichols: Crazy Steve?
Mindy Crenshaw: Who else?
Crazy Steve: [enters shouting] COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO, THE COW SAYS MOO!

"Drake & Josh: Eric Punches Drake (#4.12)" (2007)
Drake Parker: [opens the door] Aw, is it Halloween already? Aren't you a scary little witch!
Mindy Crenshaw: Aww, look at your black eye. Wow I hope it hurts.
Drake Parker: Shebeast!
Mindy Crenshaw: Microbrain!
Drake Parker: Weirdface!
Mindy Crenshaw: Ignoramus!
Drake Parker: ...What?
Mindy Crenshaw: EXACTLY!

"Drake & Josh: Mindy Loves Josh (#4.4)" (2006)
[during a science project]
Josh Nichols: Do you know what I'm hyper-focusing on right now?
Mindy Crenshaw: Tell me.
Josh Nichols: Your lips.
Mindy Crenshaw: Ooh, Josh. You make me tingle like a five gigawatt capacitor.