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Frank Black (Character)
from "Millennium" (1996/I)

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"Millennium: The Beginning and the End (#2.1)" (1997/I)
Frank Black: A number. There is one for every life which ever was or ever will be. And like most lives, they wait for a moment, the moment... When we'll be sent on its journey back toward the yellow sun. Approaching the sun brings definitive change. It will never again be the same. Appearing in our skies, it is believed to be the prophecy of extraordinary events. The Birth of Kings. The Death Of Empires. After Centuries, or Millennia, the journey must end. Perhaps smothered by its own dust, the dark, soulless body continues eternally through space and time. It may disintegrate and crumble into inconsequential rubble. Or it may be lost forever, crashing, burning into the yellow sun. And tonight as I look into the sky and it looks back on me, I wanna know which am I. I need to know. Is this the beginning of the journey... Or the end?

"Millennium: 522666 (#1.5)" (1996/I)
Agent Jack Pierson: The device we're recovering is highly sophisticated with a built-in backup system, so we now know that this guy has expert knowledge of both electronics and explosives.
Agent Smith: This "guy"?
Agent Jack Pierson: We now believe an individual set off the detonation witnessing the aftermath last night from a nearby vantage point and we fully expect him to obsessively follow this investigation.
Agent Wallace: You mean in the press?
Frank Black: Closer. From his home. The bomb is complex, intricate. Perhaps overly so. I believe this trait extends to his obsessions. Expect to find an array of eavesdropping devices - scanners, cell phone cloners, RF receivers. he's listening to every transmission we make. It's his way of inserting himself into the chaos, the chaos he creates.

"Millennium: Monster (#2.4)" (1997/I)
Frank Black: You can take my money. You can take my yellow house. You can take my Life. But do not attempt to take my daughter from me. Especially in a lie.

"Millennium: A Room with No View (#2.20)" (1998/I)
Teresa Roe: Is there concrete evidence that Landon Bryce has been abducted?
Frank Black: When we talked, you only referred to him in the past tense. Do you remember that? Like he WAS an under-achiever, or he HAD very strong opinions. And I think the other one was: he WAS a very spirited kid. Do you know something we don't?
Teresa Roe: Yes, I speak about Landon Bryce in the past tense, because there's a system in place, gentlemen, one that constantly evaluates our youths and our lives with no application of relativity. A 4.0 will succeed, a 2.5 will not. Below 750 on the SATs and certain doors close. A quality of person, sense of humor, heart, these are not on any applications. It's all about your numbers and although, yes, definitely Landon Bryce had it - that intangibility of soul that kept him in school, that could allow him to affect the quality of our lives for the better, that could lead people where they wished to go, Landon Bryce couldn't pass through the numbers. Numbers which tell a young person at 18 they're through. And unless there's some miracle of timing or events and greatness is thrust upon you, your life is over. Next? So, if I'm guilty of anything it's of giving in to this despicable system of numbers.

"Millennium: Seven and One (#3.19)" (1999/I)
Frank Black: I have misjuged my gift
Frank Black: If I see in the darkness is because there is light and it is the light which guides me now

"Millennium: Borrowed Time (#3.10)" (1999/I)
Jordan Black: Dad, are whe gonna be together forever?
Frank Black: Nobody gets forever.