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Vivian Johnson (Character)
from "Without a Trace" (2002)

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"Without a Trace: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been (#1.21)" (2003)
[about an OPR investigation of the Anwar Samir case]
Vivian: You're assuming they're looking for facts.
Danny: Sounds to me like they're just looking for a body.

[about the necessary paperwork for the OPR investigation]
Danny: Advise of Rights?
Agt. Jason Farrell: You have a problem with that, Agent Taylor?
Vivian: Let me guess, we have the Right to not cooperate and you have the Right to fire us if we don't.

[about the Spaulding trial]
Vivian: Jack, you can't.
Jack Malone: Yeah? Just watch me.
Vivian: You can't lie in court.
Jack Malone: You think I'm going to let Spaulding walk away? He kills and abuses children. He's done it twice, and he's going to do it again.
Vivian: Oh, so could you live with yourself?
Jack Malone: Hey, I can live with one less pedophile being on the street.
Vivian: You compromise your sense of Right, and there's one less of you.
Jack Malone: I have a feeling there's about to be one less of me anyway, and if I'm going down, I'm taking Spaulding with me.
Vivian: All right, we know that Farrell's a bastard, but he can't beat you unless you let him.
Jack Malone: What do you want me to do, Viv? I am screwed either way.
Vivian: I know.

[Danny walks into Jack's office]
Danny: Mr. Farrell.
[Farrell looks up]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Yes.
Danny: You suggested I come back today, if I reconsidered.
Agt. Jason Farrell: And you have.
Danny: I have. So have my colleagues.
[Vivian and Sam walk in and stand next to Danny]
Samantha: We think we understand your Advise of Rights form now. As it turns out, you have the Right to be a miserable little bastard.
Vivian: And we have the Right to tell you to "shove it".
[All three of them tear up the 'Advise of Rights']
Agt. Jason Farrell: Have you lost your minds?
Danny: You should go home now.
Agt. Jason Farrell: I'll leave when my work is done.
Danny: Knock yourself out.

"Without a Trace: Victory for Humanity (#1.19)" (2003)
Vivian: Hey, don't take your coat off, you're going to meet parents back at Josh's apartment in twenty minutes.
Samantha: [groans] Ugh, it's five flights of stairs.
Vivian: Better than a Stairmaster.

[Teri has run off to meet up with Josh]
Samantha: What about her?
Vivian: Well, if I'm right, she went voluntarily.
Samantha: She's 16, Viv. It's statutory rape, it is kidnapping, and he is a fugitive.
Vivian: She's 17 in three weeks, and if she consented to go...
Samantha: ...without her father's permission.
Vivian: It's a hard case to make, Sam, and you know it.
Samantha: I don't think it's that hard.

[about Teri and Josh]
Vivian: Sounds like she had everyone wrapped around her little finger.
Samantha: Come on, Viv. You've seen the family. She's just trying to survive.
Vivian: Yeah, well, she got her meal ticket now.
Samantha: Yeah, and he got his "Victory for Humanity".

"Without a Trace: No Mas (#1.20)" (2003)
[about a missing boxer]
Vivian: Hey, I know boxing is a dirt business, but this kid is clean.
Danny: Viv, are you and Dante dating, or...
Jack Malone: Hey, I'd watch it if I were you. She's got a wicked left hook. Takes you by surprise.
Danny: That's good to know.

[about Vivian's son]
Jack Malone: How's Reggie?
Vivian: He's a little confused. He was about five minutes away from meeting his hero, and then this happened.
Jack Malone: What'd you tell him?
Vivian: I told him I'd find out what happened.
Jack Malone: That's a hell of a promise.

[after tracking down the missing boxer]
Martin: Did what we had to do.
Vivian: Doesn't mean it feels good.
Martin: Yeah, no kidding. What are you going to tell Reggie?
Vivian: What he needs to know. "Dante Jones is a great boxer."

"Without a Trace: Hang on to Me (#1.13)" (2003)
[about Chet Collins' missing son]
Vivian: I don't think you should give up.
Jack Malone: Sometimes I wish I could.

[about Chet's missing son]
Vivian: What happened the last time Chet came in here?
Jack Malone: I told you, nothing.
Vivian: Okay. Now, tell me the truth.
Jack Malone: Vivian, back off.
Vivian: Did you just tell me to back off?
Jack Malone: Yeah, back off.
Vivian: Jack! This is not your personal crusade. I've spent just as much time on this case as you have, and whatever happened between you and Chet is relevant to this investigation. It is not a private moment. You need to share it with the rest of the team, which includes me.

"Without a Trace: Clare de Lune (#1.16)" (2003)
[Martin reading a psychology manuscript]
Vivian: "Acute stress disorder." Job getting to you?
Martin: Oh, you noticed. Actually, I'm trying to keep up with Jack and Danny.

[about Claire's ex-boyfriend]
Martin: Slacker to the rescue.
Vivian: Boy rescues girl from mental institution. It's a practically a teen legend.
Martin: Hey, don't forget the evil father. It's classic.
Vivian: So, he takes her back to the loft, she changes her clothes, but then what?
Martin: Well, Springsteen song - they're halfway to California.

"Without a Trace: Risen (#2.16)" (2004)
Vivian Johnson: Dr. Polk, you are a disgusting pig. I am personally going to see to it that you never see the light of day again.

"Without a Trace: In Extremis (#1.9)" (2002)
Nurse Jackson: Excuse me. You're with the FBI, right?
Vivian: Right.
Nurse Jackson: I need to talk to you. About two weeks ago I saw Dr. Samir talking with a man. It was right over there. And it seemed kind of suspicious, you know?
Vivian: What did the man look like?
Nurse Jackson: Dark skin... beard, I think.
[Quick flashback]
Dr. Anwar Samir: ...They ought to blow up that thing.
[Blip back to current]
Nurse Jackson: And I know it... it almost looked like they were tell and then when I walked by I could swear they were talking about blowing something up.

"Without a Trace: Revelations (#2.2)" (2003)
Vivian Johnson: Way to watch your desk!
Samantha Spade: Thank you.

"Without a Trace: Gung-Ho (#2.17)" (2004)
Vivian Johnson: Come on? The man is missing, you're sleeping with his fiancé. Ever watch Columbo?

"Without a Trace: Little Big Man (#1.8)" (2002)
[Introducing a cop informant]
Vivian: This is Agent Spade.
[Sam and Ellis shake hands]
Det. Frank Ellis: Didn't know they made them like this at the bureau.
Samantha: Yeah. I walk and talk, too. And I'm anatomically correct.

"Without a Trace: Hawks and Handsaws (#2.12)" (2004)
Jack Malone: The report came back. It cleared you of any wrongdoing.
Vivian Johnson: [Vivian remains frozen]
Jack Malone: I like working with you Vivian.
Jack Malone: But don't you ever lie to me again.