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Special Agent Jason Farrell (Character)
from "Without a Trace" (2002)

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"Without a Trace: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been (#1.21)" (2003)
[During Sam's OPR interview]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Well, uh... Oh, oh, one other thing, Agent Spade. Have you and Agent Malone ever had a sexual relationship?
Samantha: I beg your pardon?
Agt. Jason Farrell: Unless you're going to go Clinton on me, it's a fairly straightforward question.
Samantha: You have no right to ask me that.
Agt. Jason Farrell: Actually, I do. Administrative Operation Procedures of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, section 23...
[Farrell flips througha manuscript]
Agt. Jason Farrell: "A supervising agent - " that would be Agent Malone - "is strictly forbidden from having a sexual relationship with an agent and his immediate reporting chain."
[Looks at Sam]
Agt. Jason Farrell: That would be you.
Samantha: I'm not going to respond to this.
[Sam stands up and heads for the door]
Agt. Jason Farrell: [forcefully] We are not done!
[Sam stops at the door]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Look... Samantha...
Samantha: "Agent Spade."
[Sam sits back down]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Agent Spade... I don't mean to be impolitic when I say I think we can all understand the pressures of this job, especially the difficulties a junior agent may face, say, if she were approached by a superior - a man in a very unhappy marriage, desperate for the intimacy he wasn't getting at home. In this light, the Agent's actions would be understandable. However, refusing to answer, or lying about such a relationship, would not.

[about the necessary paperwork for the OPR investigation]
Danny: Advise of Rights?
Agt. Jason Farrell: You have a problem with that, Agent Taylor?
Vivian: Let me guess, we have the Right to not cooperate and you have the Right to fire us if we don't.

[Once again, after Sam's OPR interview]
Jack Malone: You want to take me down, that's fine - give it your best shot.
Agt. Jason Farrell: We weren't scheduled to meet, were we?
Jack Malone: [livid] You come into MY house and you mess with MY people, you better not miss, you little piss wad!
Agt. Jason Farrell: I'm gonna ask you to leave right now.
[Farrell points to the door]
Jack Malone: [ignores him] This is where I work, you pencil-pushing little maggot!
[knocks a mug of pens and pencils off the desk]
Jack Malone: This is where I work! And not the kind of crap that you do - I don't push through other people's garbage.
[Farrell stands up]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Are you threatening me, Agent Malone?
Jack Malone: You take it any way you want!

[Danny walks into Jack's office]
Danny: Mr. Farrell.
[Farrell looks up]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Yes.
Danny: You suggested I come back today, if I reconsidered.
Agt. Jason Farrell: And you have.
Danny: I have. So have my colleagues.
[Vivian and Sam walk in and stand next to Danny]
Samantha: We think we understand your Advise of Rights form now. As it turns out, you have the Right to be a miserable little bastard.
Vivian: And we have the Right to tell you to "shove it".
[All three of them tear up the 'Advise of Rights']
Agt. Jason Farrell: Have you lost your minds?
Danny: You should go home now.
Agt. Jason Farrell: I'll leave when my work is done.
Danny: Knock yourself out.