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Danny Taylor (Character)
from "Without a Trace" (2002)

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"Without a Trace: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been (#1.21)" (2003)
[about an OPR investigation of the Anwar Samir case]
Vivian: You're assuming they're looking for facts.
Danny: Sounds to me like they're just looking for a body.

[about the necessary paperwork for the OPR investigation]
Danny: Advise of Rights?
Agt. Jason Farrell: You have a problem with that, Agent Taylor?
Vivian: Let me guess, we have the Right to not cooperate and you have the Right to fire us if we don't.

[Danny walks into Jack's office]
Danny: Mr. Farrell.
[Farrell looks up]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Yes.
Danny: You suggested I come back today, if I reconsidered.
Agt. Jason Farrell: And you have.
Danny: I have. So have my colleagues.
[Vivian and Sam walk in and stand next to Danny]
Samantha: We think we understand your Advise of Rights form now. As it turns out, you have the Right to be a miserable little bastard.
Vivian: And we have the Right to tell you to "shove it".
[All three of them tear up the 'Advise of Rights']
Agt. Jason Farrell: Have you lost your minds?
Danny: You should go home now.
Agt. Jason Farrell: I'll leave when my work is done.
Danny: Knock yourself out.

"Without a Trace: Victory for Humanity (#1.19)" (2003)
[Going through Josh's kitchen]
Danny: Creatine, amino acids, vitamin supplements... heroin.
Samantha: How do you know it's not wheat germ?

[to the student body dealer]
Mace Williams: I swear to God, I didn't do anything to Mr. Abrams.
Danny: Okay, shut up, stop swearing to god, and start telling us why you were going to run.

[to Mace Williams drug supplier]
Martin: All right, then... is it Mr. Blue or Mr. Panda?
Blue Panda: It's Mr. Jackson to you.
Danny: As in Michael? Or Stonewall?
[sits across from Blue Panda]
Danny: See, if I were you, I'd pick Michael, because singing works a lot better than silence around here.
Blue Panda: Yeah, real funny. You make that up all by yourself?

"Without a Trace: The Source (#1.18)" (2003)
[Messing with a dealer's pinball game]
Danny: Hey, full tilt.
Jack Malone: Sorry about that.
Freddy Katan: [calmly] Accidents happen.

[Checking Freddy Katan's alibi]
Jack Malone: Let's hope for your sake that she is hiding. Where were you last night?
Freddy Katan: With my attorney.
Jack Malone: All night? You guys having a sleepover?
Paul Summers: We were working late on a business deal. Now, unless you have a formal complaint against my client, this conversation is over.
Jack Malone: We'll be in touch.
[Danny points at Paul]
Danny: Harvard, '92?
[Paul winks at Jack and Danny before they leave]

[Raiding Freddy's club]
Samantha: Ex-felons carrying concealed weapons. Now that's not good.
Freddy Katan: What the hell are you doing?
Danny: Delia Rivers sends her regards.

"Without a Trace: Clare de Lune (#1.16)" (2003)
[about Claire's post traumatic stress disorder]
Danny: You know, my parents died when I was Clare's age, and I'm not reliving it.
Jack Malone: Maybe you're working your way through it. Maybe this is reliving it for you.
Danny: Thanks, Dr. Freud.

[Talking to a girl who accidentally killed her mother]
Danny: I can understand why you want to be alone. It's nice here. Clare, I understand why you feel the way you do. I lost both my parents when I was eleven. We were driving somewhere and they were fighting.
Danny: My dad was yelling at my mom. He used to like to yell at my mom. I wanted him to stop, so I said something. Then he turned around, and he yelled at me. That's when the car started to swerve. I never told anybody that. Ever. And I know what it's like to keep a secret. I didn't mean to do anything wrong that day. I was just a kid...

[after being told a missing girl had no help escaping from a locked room]
Danny: She didn't use her spidey powers to climb through a ceiling tile.

"Without a Trace: Silent Partner (#1.6)" (2002)
[Talking to the stepson of a missing person]
Danny: You know what I used to do when I was your age and I missed someone?
Robert: What?
Danny: I used to lay in my bed at night and I used to look out the window and I'd stare up at the sky and I would name each of the stars after someone that I missed. So whenever I felt lonely, I'd look up at the sky and I'd see Daniella, Erica and Andrea right there. It made it a little better.

Danny: It's simple. A plane isn't supposed to be in the sky. It's not natural. It's not...
Martin Fitzgerald: Neither was that flight attendant, but you weren't afraid of her.

"Without a Trace: There Goes the Bride (#1.15)" (2003)
[about missing bride sneaking out the night before the wedding]
Samantha: And you're thinking she was up to no good.
Danny: I'm thinking I had a friend whose fiancée slept with the best man the night before the wedding.
Samantha: Ouch.
Danny: Yep.

[after Charlie shoots his father for molesting his wife when she was a little girl]
Charlie Beckworth: Shut up! Just shut up! Sick sonuvabitch.
Mr. Beckworth: [shouting] She's lying!
[Danny stands over Mr. Beckworth]
Danny: Shut. Up.

"Without a Trace: Between the Cracks (#1.4)" (2002)
[Talking to a suspect's driver]
Danny: Thank you for cooperating. You should be careful.
Shem: Why is that?
[Danny points to where the car is parked]
Danny: Fire hydrant. It's a big fine.

Goren Davic: Says who?
Danny: Says twelve witnesses, that is who.
Goren Davic: Well, they're lying, and they don't know anything about it.
Danny: You better start telling us what you do know or I'm going to put you on a plane back to Kosovo you little piece of Euro-trash.

"Without a Trace: Risen (#2.16)" (2004)
Danny Taylor: I'm an alcoholic. I haven't had a drink in seven years, three months and eighteen days.
Martin Fitzgerald: Good for you.
Danny Taylor: And not a day goes by that I'm not dying to have a drink. Which is why I go to meetings twice a week. You got it?
Martin Fitzgerald: I got it.

"Without a Trace: Hang on to Me (#1.13)" (2003)
[going through Sean Collins files]
Danny: Okay, here we go.
[puts the boxes down on the table]
Danny: Sean Collins, six and a half years worth of dead ends.
Samantha: This is only half of it.
Martin: And we're looking for what?
Danny: That's the fun part. We don't know.

"Without a Trace: Requiem (#4.22)" (2006)
Danny: [Trying to get a child to talk] We're not mad that you lied. I lie sometimes.
[referring to Jack]
Danny: He lies all the time.
Jack Malone: Constantly.

"Without a Trace: Candy (#5.2)" (2006)
Samantha: [when seeing Danny in his outfit] Hello, hey! Did someone forget to give me the casual Tuesday memo?
Danny Taylor: No... I'm going to the club... Undercover...
Samantha: O... oh...
John Michael 'Jack' Malone: Do they make those jackets for men?

"Without a Trace: American Goddess (#3.5)" (2004)
[searching the missing person's apartment]
Danny: Uh oh... this girl takes "Fit and Thin."
Samantha: So?
Danny: Well, "Fit and Thin" equals high maintenance. It usually comes with a cat, a fat best friend and a daddy complex.
Samantha: Your compassion is overwhelming.

"Without a Trace: Birthday Boy (#1.2)" (2002)
[Jack has restricted Martin to desk duty after he broke protocol]
Martin Fitzgerald: How long does it take to get out of his doghouse?
Danny Taylor: Depends on the dog.

"Without a Trace: Confidence (#2.3)" (2003)
[Taylor thinks Christopher killed his fiancee and framed her partner]
Christopher Mayes: You can't prove any of this.
Danny Taylor: I will.

"Without a Trace: Gung-Ho (#2.17)" (2004)
Danny: So, I hear you got in a fight with PFC Grant. What's the story?
Sgt.: Honestly?
Danny: No, no, lie to me.

"Without a Trace: Check Your Head (#4.17)" (2006)
Danny Taylor: We're morbid, Jack.
John Michael 'Jack' Malone: Why's that?
Danny Taylor: Well, unless something really bad is happening to somebody, it just doesn't feel like a day at the office.
John Michael 'Jack' Malone: Yeah, well, I'll have you know that underneath this black suit lies an eternal optimist.
Danny Taylor: Hmm. All I'm saying is, it's a nice change.
John Michael 'Jack' Malone: At least nobody died.

"Without a Trace: No Mas (#1.20)" (2003)
[about a missing boxer]
Vivian: Hey, I know boxing is a dirt business, but this kid is clean.
Danny: Viv, are you and Dante dating, or...
Jack Malone: Hey, I'd watch it if I were you. She's got a wicked left hook. Takes you by surprise.
Danny: That's good to know.

"Without a Trace: Off the Tracks (#3.21)" (2005)
Danny: [Rafie is about to kill himself] Don't make me lie to him, Rafie.
Rafie: Who?
Danny: Nicky.
Rafie: Nicky?
Danny: Ten years from now, when he asks me, "How did Papi really die?"