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Samantha Spade (Character)
from "Without a Trace" (2002)

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"Without a Trace: Victory for Humanity (#1.19)" (2003)
[Going through Josh's kitchen]
Danny: Creatine, amino acids, vitamin supplements... heroin.
Samantha: How do you know it's not wheat germ?

Vivian: Hey, don't take your coat off, you're going to meet parents back at Josh's apartment in twenty minutes.
Samantha: [groans] Ugh, it's five flights of stairs.
Vivian: Better than a Stairmaster.

[about Josh Abrams' parents]
Samantha: Just a little bit controlling.
Jack Malone: Wonder if they let him go to the bathroom by himself.

[Talking to a suspect's sister]
Samantha: Hi. I'm Samantha Spade. I'm with the FBI.
Teri Fuller: Sam Spade - like in the "Maltese Falcon"?
Samantha: Don't remind me. My mother was a big Bogart fan.

[Teri has run off to meet up with Josh]
Samantha: What about her?
Vivian: Well, if I'm right, she went voluntarily.
Samantha: She's 16, Viv. It's statutory rape, it is kidnapping, and he is a fugitive.
Vivian: She's 17 in three weeks, and if she consented to go...
Samantha: ...without her father's permission.
Vivian: It's a hard case to make, Sam, and you know it.
Samantha: I don't think it's that hard.

[about Teri and Josh]
Vivian: Sounds like she had everyone wrapped around her little finger.
Samantha: Come on, Viv. You've seen the family. She's just trying to survive.
Vivian: Yeah, well, she got her meal ticket now.
Samantha: Yeah, and he got his "Victory for Humanity".

[after tracing Teri's location]
Jack Malone: We'll send in the locals.
Samantha: Jack, this is a kidnapping.
Jack Malone: She'll be 17 in three weeks. It's a technicality.
Samantha: This girl is damaged, okay? And she is being taken advantage of.
Jack Malone: Look, the life she's leaving behind isn't much better with that father and that brother. What do you want to do, put her in a foster home?
Samantha: [softly] She's just a kid.

[Teri has run-off for good]
Samantha: We're not going to find her, are we?
Jack Malone: Canadian border's too hard to cover.
Samantha: Yeah. Pretty sophisticated plan, though.
Jack Malone: She read Hammett, right?
Samantha: Yeah. Femme Fatale.
Jack Malone: Yeah.
Samantha: I ran away when I was her age.
Jack Malone: I'm not surprised. How far did you get?
Samantha: My mom tracked me down at the bus station the next town over.
Jack Malone: Did you catch hell?
Samantha: I remember when I saw her... just having someone look for me, that was enough to keep me from trying it again.
Jack Malone: It's a good thing.

"Without a Trace: The Source (#1.18)" (2003)
[Delia Rivers left a message for Jack before she disappeared]
Samantha: You might be the last person she called.
Jack Malone: [regretfully] I should've called her back.

[Talking to Eric Keller about the last case Delia Rivers was working on]
Samantha: Yeah, well, she was investigating a death row case - a dirty one.
Eric Keller: Oh, so you come to your friendly neighborhood homicide detective.
Samantha: Oh, it's not just the "friendly" part. You're also the cutest homicide detective I know.
Eric Keller: And you're wondering if I've put any innocent men on death row.
Samantha: No, look, cops talk. I just, I thought maybe you'd heard something.
Eric Keller: And I thought you were just using me for my body.
Samantha: [smiles] Yeah, you wish.
Eric Keller: Look, you got to give me something, all right?
Samantha: All right. We think it was a shooting. Buried evidence - a jacket.
Eric Keller: I'll see what I can do.
Samantha: Thank you.
[Sam starts to walk off]
Eric Keller: [calls out] Will I see you tonight?
[Sam turns around and smiles]
Samantha: I hope so.

[about Eric Keller and his leads]
Martin: You and, uh, "Delia" - fuzzy boundaries.
Samantha: Well, that's how I like my relationships - nice and complicated.

[Raiding Freddy's club]
Samantha: Ex-felons carrying concealed weapons. Now that's not good.
Freddy Katan: What the hell are you doing?
Danny: Delia Rivers sends her regards.

[after Freddy Katan's been arrested]
Samantha: I heard about Hannah. Is she okay?
Jack Malone: It's complicated.
Samantha: Did you tell her her dad caught the bad guy?
Jack Malone: I told her there are no bad guys.

"Without a Trace: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been (#1.21)" (2003)
[During Sam's OPR interview]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Well, uh... Oh, oh, one other thing, Agent Spade. Have you and Agent Malone ever had a sexual relationship?
Samantha: I beg your pardon?
Agt. Jason Farrell: Unless you're going to go Clinton on me, it's a fairly straightforward question.
Samantha: You have no right to ask me that.
Agt. Jason Farrell: Actually, I do. Administrative Operation Procedures of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, section 23...
[Farrell flips througha manuscript]
Agt. Jason Farrell: "A supervising agent - " that would be Agent Malone - "is strictly forbidden from having a sexual relationship with an agent and his immediate reporting chain."
[Looks at Sam]
Agt. Jason Farrell: That would be you.
Samantha: I'm not going to respond to this.
[Sam stands up and heads for the door]
Agt. Jason Farrell: [forcefully] We are not done!
[Sam stops at the door]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Look... Samantha...
Samantha: "Agent Spade."
[Sam sits back down]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Agent Spade... I don't mean to be impolitic when I say I think we can all understand the pressures of this job, especially the difficulties a junior agent may face, say, if she were approached by a superior - a man in a very unhappy marriage, desperate for the intimacy he wasn't getting at home. In this light, the Agent's actions would be understandable. However, refusing to answer, or lying about such a relationship, would not.

[after Sam's OPR interview]
Samantha: He asked me about us. He had all this stuff. Um, security card access records of nights that we left together; phone logs.
Jack Malone: And what did you say?
Samantha: I told him it wasn't true.
Jack Malone: You have no idea of what he knows or doesn't know. That's his ace up the sleeve - that's how he wins.
Samantha: I was just trying to protect you.
Jack Malone: Yeah, but you didn't have to lie. Even if he had hard evidence, there's nothing he could do about it.
Samantha: We broke at least half a dozen conduct codes.
Jack Malone: And lying to an OPR investigator could get you fired.
Samantha: And sleeping with an agent under your command could get you fired. I'm sorry I lied. I was just trying to save your ass.

[Danny walks into Jack's office]
Danny: Mr. Farrell.
[Farrell looks up]
Agt. Jason Farrell: Yes.
Danny: You suggested I come back today, if I reconsidered.
Agt. Jason Farrell: And you have.
Danny: I have. So have my colleagues.
[Vivian and Sam walk in and stand next to Danny]
Samantha: We think we understand your Advise of Rights form now. As it turns out, you have the Right to be a miserable little bastard.
Vivian: And we have the Right to tell you to "shove it".
[All three of them tear up the 'Advise of Rights']
Agt. Jason Farrell: Have you lost your minds?
Danny: You should go home now.
Agt. Jason Farrell: I'll leave when my work is done.
Danny: Knock yourself out.

[after the trial, on a bench in front of the courthouse]
Jack Malone: [amused] So you guys just tore them up?
Samantha: Well, Farrell had the originals. We tore up copies. It was more of a symbolic gesture.
Jack Malone: [smiles] I appreciate the gesture and the symbolism.
Samantha: You were right, you know.
Jack Malone: About what?
Samantha: It was dumb to lie to Farrell.
Jack Malone: Not as dumb as what I just did in there. I think I let a killer walk free, and I lost my job all in one hit.
Samantha: You know, when Farrell asked me about us, my instinct was to tell him the truth... because it's been really hard for me not telling anyone... being around you all the time and pretending like nothing never happened, you know?
Jack Malone: [quietly] I know.
Samantha: I don't think I was lying to save you. I think, in that moment, I thought maybe... if I say this, if everybody knows... then it really will be over.
[pauses and looks over at Jack]
Samantha: It is over, isn't it?
[Jack reaches out and brushes some hair out of Sam's eyes]
Jack Malone: Yeah, it's over.
[Sam leans onto Jack's shoulder. Jack put his arm over her, and rests his cheek on her head]

"Without a Trace: Hang on to Me (#1.13)" (2003)
[about Chet Collins removing money from his bank account]
Martin: Yeah... or could be drugs.
Jack Malone: [immediately] It's not drugs.
Samantha: It's happened to better men than Chet, Jack. Men who've had it a lot easier.
Jack Malone: Not this man. Move on.

[going through Sean Collins files]
Danny: Okay, here we go.
[puts the boxes down on the table]
Danny: Sean Collins, six and a half years worth of dead ends.
Samantha: This is only half of it.
Martin: And we're looking for what?
Danny: That's the fun part. We don't know.

"Without a Trace: Candy (#5.2)" (2006)
Samantha: Okay, Tiger, put your lips away.

Samantha: [when seeing Danny in his outfit] Hello, hey! Did someone forget to give me the casual Tuesday memo?
Danny Taylor: No... I'm going to the club... Undercover...
Samantha: O... oh...
John Michael 'Jack' Malone: Do they make those jackets for men?

"Without a Trace: Second Sight (#3.19)" (2005)
Jack Malone: So, who're we lookin' at?
Samantha: Agnes Deschamps, she's, uh, 25 years old. This is her store. She sells new age products out front, she does psychic readings back here, she lives upstairs. Nobody's seen her for a couple days.
Jack Malone: So who called it in?
Samantha: Another psychic that works with her. She's on her way here now.
Jack Malone: She could've saved herself some time and told us where to look.

Rebecca: But, uh, this morning I had a vision.
Samantha: A vision?
Rebecca: Of Anne, and the energy was... frantic.
[vision plays]
Rebecca: I could feel Agnes' presence. She was scared.
Samantha: Um, does your vision come with an ID? A location? You know, was it past, present... future?

"Without a Trace: Believe Me (#7.12)" (2009)
Samantha Spade: So, we found the statue in the priest's apartment.
Jack Malone: Fantastic. If we were the department of missing statues, we could go home.

"Without a Trace: Light Years (#3.3)" (2004)
Duncan: So you're not like, men in black?
Samantha: The movie?

"Without a Trace: 4G (#6.11)" (2008)
Samantha Spade: I was going to ask how things went with Jen Long. But I guess the scotch answers that question.
Jack Malone: I lied to her. I told her life was going to get better
Samantha Spade: She's thirteen years old, Jack. What were you supposed to tell her?
Jack Malone: The things that happened to that kid...they're gonna come back to her.
Samantha Spade: I don't think you lied. I think you gave her hope.

"Without a Trace: A Bend in the Road (#6.14)" (2008)
Samantha Spade: Your concerned colleagues all signed this.
[holds up caricature of Jack]
Jack Malone: Concerned that I got shot or concerned that I'm coming back?
Samantha Spade: A bit of both, actually.

"Without a Trace: There Goes the Bride (#1.15)" (2003)
[about missing bride sneaking out the night before the wedding]
Samantha: And you're thinking she was up to no good.
Danny: I'm thinking I had a friend whose fiancée slept with the best man the night before the wedding.
Samantha: Ouch.
Danny: Yep.

"Without a Trace: American Goddess (#3.5)" (2004)
[searching the missing person's apartment]
Danny: Uh oh... this girl takes "Fit and Thin."
Samantha: So?
Danny: Well, "Fit and Thin" equals high maintenance. It usually comes with a cat, a fat best friend and a daddy complex.
Samantha: Your compassion is overwhelming.

"Without a Trace: Suspect (#1.5)" (2002)
[Interviewing a missing person's best friend]
Samantha: That's a cool tattoo.
Patrick McCullough: Oh. Yeah, that was stupid.
Samantha: Why is that?
Patrick McCullough: 'Cause I can never take it off.

"Without a Trace: Pilot (#1.1)" (2002)
Samantha Spade: Why'd you leave the apartment the way you did, unlocked with everything on?
Maggie Cartwright: I don't know. I honestly don't know. It was like I was in a dream or something.
Jack Malone: You wanted to be found.

"Without a Trace: Revelations (#2.2)" (2003)
Vivian Johnson: Way to watch your desk!
Samantha Spade: Thank you.

"Without a Trace: Little Big Man (#1.8)" (2002)
[Introducing a cop informant]
Vivian: This is Agent Spade.
[Sam and Ellis shake hands]
Det. Frank Ellis: Didn't know they made them like this at the bureau.
Samantha: Yeah. I walk and talk, too. And I'm anatomically correct.

"Without a Trace: Bait (#2.24)" (2004)
Martin: He told you uncut diamonds are worth less?
Alex Genya: Well, yeah, 'cause they haven't been, like, shaped yet or whatever.
Samantha: So what did you do with the diamonds?
Alex Genya: Sold 'em to the guy - he gave me the hundred grand.
Martin: I'd like to say you're smarter than you look, but then I'd be lying.

"Without a Trace: Hawks and Handsaws (#2.12)" (2004)
Jack Malone: Just because we're dealing with a schizophrenic doesn't mean we're dealing with a random, haphazard set of events. Delusions, which are one of the hallmarks of this disease, are defined as fixed false beliefs. So they're organized in a systematic fashion.
Samantha Spade: Wow. We always kind of thought that psych degree on your wall was one of those mail-in jobs.
[Sam laughs]
Jack Malone: [smirking] No, that would be my bowling award.

"Without a Trace: Between the Cracks (#1.4)" (2002)
[Checking out a bar a missing person frequented]
Samantha: Were they here last Friday?
Bartender: You really an FBI agent?

"Without a Trace: Lost and Found (#2.23)" (2004)
Serene Barnes: Um, I was on the internet last night and I put my name in a search and I found this.
[shows them a missing persons poster]
Serene Barnes: That's me. I was kidnapped thirteen years ago.
Samantha Spade: Do you know who kidnapped you?
Serene Barnes: No, I, I don't know, I don't remember. That's why I'm here. I really wanna know who I am and what happened. Can you help me?