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Naomi Inkpen (Character)
from "Midsomer Murders" (1997)

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"Midsomer Murders: Garden of Death (#4.1)" (2000)
[at a meeting in the village hall]
Naomi Inkpen: If you were a *gentleman* you'd move to allow my daughter and I to sit together.
Augustus Deverell: If you were a *lady* I shouldn't hesitate.
Susan Millard: There *are* still some seats further back, Mrs Inkpen.
Naomi Inkpen: Further back? I have not sat "further back" in my entire life.

Naomi Inkpen: [in a brittle manner] I can't bear being called Gram!

Naomi Inkpen: [to her daughter and granddaughter] You have about as much 'noblesse oblige' as a fishwife in a brothel!

Naomi Inkpen: I find your manner and your insinuations extremely offensive.
DCI Tom Barnaby: [after a pause in which he measures his reaction] And I have to say, I'm not entirely overwhelmed by the courtesy of your reply.

Naomi Inkpen: What's the matter with you, seen a ghost?
Hilary Inkpen: No...
Naomi Inkpen: [superciliously] The dead don't walk, Hilary. They stay dead!