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Will Jeffries (Character)
from "Cold Case" (2003)

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"Cold Case: Flashover (#7.17)" (2010)
Will Jeffries: [entering Nick's apartment] Key still works.
Kat Miller: [seeing the clutter] Whoa. Clearly, the maid don't.
Will Jeffries: God, just when you think you know the guy.
Kat Miller: Oscar needs a Felix.

Will Jeffries: [seeing Nick's medical sheet] . Oh. Told me he passed his physical.
Kat Miller: Dude's a time bomb.
Will Jeffries: [seeing Nick's shattered wedding photo] It's worse than I thought.
Kat Miller: What was her name again?
Will Jeffries: Julie. Split up years ago.
Kat Miller: Booze and pills definitely do not mix with photos of the ex.

"Cold Case: November 22 (#6.21)" (2009)
Will Jeffries: [talking about the day President Kennedy was assassinated] I was playing touch football at recess.
Scotty Valens: Recess? I thought you were, like, forty-five when that happened.
Lilly Rush: No, you're thinking of when Lincoln was shot.
Will Jeffries: Keep it up. See what happens.

"Cold Case: A Dollar, a Dream (#4.18)" (2007)
Natalie Bradford - 2007: Like I said, I don't have a mother. She jumped ship way back.
Will Jeffries: We found her this morning, at the bottom of fairmount lake.
Kat Miller: She's been shot, Natalie.

"Cold Case: The River (#3.22)" (2006)
Nick Vera: Saying that maybe I'm not 100% totally washed up in the dating world.
Will Jeffries: Cause a crack ho called you?
Nick Vera: Why you have to say it like that?

"Cold Case: Blackout (#4.13)" (2007)
Stan Williams: After my wife cleaned me out I thought of little else but killing Lauren... but drowning was never an option, too humane.
Will Jeffries: [creeped out] ... Really...
Stan Williams: My fantasy was to bury her alive, scarabs feasting on her intestines!
[Scotty and Will both exchange disturbed glances]

"Cold Case: Boy Crazy (#5.9)" (2007)
Will Jeffries: Can you think about anyone who would want to hurt your daughter?
Archie Randall '07: I got to admit, Sam didn't have a lot of friends.

"Cold Case: Stand Up and Holler (#4.20)" (2007)
Lilly Rush: So you think this Joe character killed Rainey, because... he was a loser?
Will Jeffries: [Becca nods affirmatively] You got to do better than that, Becca.
Becca Abrams - 2007: A few months after Rainey died, Joe was expelled from school.
Lilly Rush: For what?
Becca Abrams - 2007: For making drugs in the chemlab.
Will Jeffries: Drugs? What kind?
Becca Abrams - 2007: Rumor was... Liquid-X.

"Cold Case: Forensics (#7.9)" (2009)
Will Jeffries: Think of anything else...
Stan Cronin: I'm thinking only one thing. Find the son of a bitch who did this.

"Cold Case: Dead Heat (#7.6)" (2009)
Will Jeffries: [referring to the derby lot's mass horse grave] I understand you buried a few of your horses.
Randall Baxter '86: Well, sometimes horses need to be put down.
Nick Vera: [Accusingly] And how about jockeys?

"Cold Case: Glued (#1.12)" (2004)
[while playing 'no drugs today']
Junkie: We gotta make a livin' same as you!
Will Jeffries: That's what I'm countin' on.

"Cold Case: Justice (#5.10)" (2007)
Lilly Rush: Somewhere girls could communicate in private... a bathroom stall?
Will Jeffries: [chuckles] Old-school chatroom, for men AND women.

"Cold Case: Thrill Kill (#5.1)" (2007)
Nick Vera: [Will and Nick arrive at a prostitute nest where a possible witness to the case might be] My snitch swears he saw Bigfoot here a couple hours ago.
Will Jeffries: [grudgingly] Snitch is a money-grubbin' pain-in-the-ass...
Nick Vera: YO! You see a six-foot-five homeless guy here, mamma-citas?
[the prostitutes give the detectives a wary look]
Nick Vera: Why, I could just take you in for loitering!
Will Jeffries: Been to every shelter and soup kitchen in the city. You're not gonna find him.
Nick Vera: [nonchalant] Well, I guess it's time to shut down Hooker-Mart.
[Nick sits on top of the metal garbage can where the prostitutes go to the bathroom]
Nick Vera: No peeing or play, 'till you give me Sasquatch, ladies!
Will Jeffries: Ha-ha-ha! It's a fool there! They're not gonna talk to you!
Nick Vera: [takes a dollar bill from his pocket] You fly...
[gives the bill to Will]
Nick Vera: ... I'll buy! Gimmee a couple cold ones!
Hooker: [a prostitute with red hair snatches the bill before Will can grab it] You wanna find someone?... All you had to do was ask the right way... big boy...

"Cold Case: Knuckle Up (#4.12)" (2007)
Will Jeffries: [drops a photograph of a smiling businessman on the table] Marten Jacobson. He left a wife, and a four-year-old boy...
John Stillman: Beaten... to death.
[Cole looks away guiltily]
Will Jeffries: Look at him... LOOK at him!
[pulls Cole down to stare at Jacobson's photograph]