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Nick Vera (Character)
from "Cold Case" (2003)

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"Cold Case: Forensics (#7.9)" (2009)
Dr. Andiman: [looking at Nick's chart] Now, says here you have only four drinks a week? Is that true?
Nick Vera: Give or take.
Dr. Andiman: Ever have hepatitis?
Nick Vera: The hell you talking about?
[Dr. Andiman looks up at him]
Nick Vera: No.
Dr. Andiman: Nick, you have any idea what live failure looks like? It isn't pretty.
Nick Vera: I'll take your word for it.
Dr. Andiman: You need to stop drinking. You need to start eating right, too. Exercising more.
Nick Vera: Been hearing that for years.
Dr. Andiman: Yeah, well, it's catching up to you. You ever hear of good cholesterol?
Nick Vera: Yeah.
Dr. Andiman: You got none of that. Bad cholesterol, you got lots. Your long-term outlook is not good.
Nick Vera: Well, I can still bench 250 and chase down a bad guy. You put that in there?
Dr. Andiman: Nick, this isn't a joke. You need to make lifestyle changes... today.
Nick Vera: Are sending that to the department?
Dr. Andiman: Soon as you sign this release.

John Stillman: Hey, Nick.
Nick Vera: Yeah?
John Stillman: Still need that paperwork from you.
Nick Vera: Doctor was sick, can you believe it? Got another appointment tomorrow.
John Stillman: End of the week.
Nick Vera: Yeah.
Lilly Rush: Someone's afraid of needles.

Dr. McKenzie: My dad used to be a cop. Back then, people respected their service. They didn't sweat the small stuff.
Nick Vera: I wish.
Dr. McKenzie: He used to bring home cartons of cigarettes, fruit, toys for us. All of it fell off a truck.
Nick Vera: Sounds pretty sweet.
Dr. McKenzie: [chuckles] Not like today, huh, where everybody's up in your business about everything?
[Dr. McKenzie stamps his paperwork and gives it to Nick]
Dr. McKenzie: Fit as a fiddle. You got your hearing, you got your vision, and you got your looks.
Nick Vera: I can see why you're so popular around the station.
Dr. McKenzie: Just promise me you'll eat an apple once in a while, all right?
Nick Vera: Scout's honor.

"Cold Case: Dead Heat (#7.6)" (2009)
Ric Yanko '09: 1200-pound horse fell on top o' me, shattered me pelvis in '92! If you've got somethin' to say, say it!
Nick Vera: ...I hope the HORSE was okay.

Will Jeffries: [referring to the derby lot's mass horse grave] I understand you buried a few of your horses.
Randall Baxter '86: Well, sometimes horses need to be put down.
Nick Vera: [Accusingly] And how about jockeys?

"Cold Case: Thrill Kill (#5.1)" (2007)
Nick Vera: [the detectives are eating Chinese food on their lunch break] You're reachin', Lil.
[Vera grabs a box of food from the nearby desk]
Kat Miller: [angrily] And you're reachin' for MY Kung Pow chicken!
Nick Vera: [With a mouthful of food] ... It's family style, so what?
Kat Miller: Well do I LOOK like your family?
[snatches back her box of food before Vera can get another bite]

Nick Vera: [Will and Nick arrive at a prostitute nest where a possible witness to the case might be] My snitch swears he saw Bigfoot here a couple hours ago.
Will Jeffries: [grudgingly] Snitch is a money-grubbin' pain-in-the-ass...
Nick Vera: YO! You see a six-foot-five homeless guy here, mamma-citas?
[the prostitutes give the detectives a wary look]
Nick Vera: Why, I could just take you in for loitering!
Will Jeffries: Been to every shelter and soup kitchen in the city. You're not gonna find him.
Nick Vera: [nonchalant] Well, I guess it's time to shut down Hooker-Mart.
[Nick sits on top of the metal garbage can where the prostitutes go to the bathroom]
Nick Vera: No peeing or play, 'till you give me Sasquatch, ladies!
Will Jeffries: Ha-ha-ha! It's a fool there! They're not gonna talk to you!
Nick Vera: [takes a dollar bill from his pocket] You fly...
[gives the bill to Will]
Nick Vera: ... I'll buy! Gimmee a couple cold ones!
Hooker: [a prostitute with red hair snatches the bill before Will can grab it] You wanna find someone?... All you had to do was ask the right way... big boy...

"Cold Case: The River (#3.22)" (2006)
Nick Vera: Saying that maybe I'm not 100% totally washed up in the dating world.
Will Jeffries: Cause a crack ho called you?
Nick Vera: Why you have to say it like that?

"Cold Case: A Time to Hate (#1.7)" (2003)
Lilly Rush: You want to look for Tinkerbell?
Nick Vera: In Never Never Land?
Lilly Rush: Or gay bars.
Nick Vera: You sure that's the best job for me?
Lilly Rush: Definitely

"Cold Case: Baby Blues (#4.4)" (2006)
Stella Bobker: I had a chance to stop it.
Nick Vera: Stop what...?
Stella Bobker: Molly tried to talk to me about Iris, but I was so caught up in that stupid dance with Roger, I didn't even see it.

"Cold Case: Torn (#4.21)" (2007)
Lilly Rush: Our coldest job yet.
Nick Vera: A record breaker.
Kat Miller: So... What are we waiting for?
Lilly Rush: Let's break out the ice picks.

"Cold Case: Thick as Thieves (#5.5)" (2007)
Nick Vera: [while sitting in a car spying] Stakeout, she says! Plan an obit, she says! Damned half my life I won't ever get back.
Kat Miller: Because I'm so stimulated sittin' next to you?... What in the hell is the 'sawbuck switch'?

"Cold Case: The Last Drive-In (#7.18)" (2010)
Nick Vera: You want a piece of me?
Scotty Valens: Nah. Just came to see how you were doing.
Nick Vera: Five hours a day I get to talk about my feelings. Can't sleep, 'cause my roommate's up every five minutes washing the germs off his hands, and lecturing me about palm oils in my diet. Highlight of the day is, uh, taking on my fellow detectives in ping-pong, but other than that things are looking up.
Scotty Valens: How's the Jell-O?
Nick Vera: Not bad. Mac and cheese sucks.

"Cold Case: Glued (#1.12)" (2004)
[Nick, Scotty and Will are relaxing on lawn chairs in front of a burn barrel to keep the junkies and prostitutes away]
Nick Vera: You know what we need? Some marshmallows!
Scotty Valens: We need a bigger fire, I'm freezin' my nuts off!

"Cold Case: Justice (#5.10)" (2007)
Nick Vera: I would NEVER call a woman a ho. All I'm saying is, sometimes women say no, but they really mean 'maybe'... what's a guy to do? Just walk off at the first no? The human race would go extinct.
Kat Miller: [disgusted] No means NO! How many ways you need that spelled out?
Nick Vera: The name of the game is pursuit. You run, I chase!
Kat Miller: You ain't chasin' me anywhere.

"Cold Case: Flashover (#7.17)" (2010)
Travis Billingsley: You happy with yourself, Detective? Thought you should know.
Nick Vera: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it, buddy, okay?
Travis Billingsley: I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen! My brother's gone, and that's on you.
Nick Vera: Know what, jackass? I told you to hit the bricks!
Travis Billingsley: You're nothing but a drunk bum.

"Cold Case: World's End (#5.7)" (2007)
Lilly Rush: Suddenly, everything precious in life became crystal clear.
John Stillman: Yeah, who do you want to be with when the world ends?
Nick Vera: I want to be with the guy that knows it's a hoax.