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Scotty Valens (Character)
from "Cold Case" (2003)

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"Cold Case: Glued (#1.12)" (2004)
[Nick, Scotty and Will are relaxing on lawn chairs in front of a burn barrel to keep the junkies and prostitutes away]
Nick Vera: You know what we need? Some marshmallows!
Scotty Valens: We need a bigger fire, I'm freezin' my nuts off!

Scotty Valens: Here's what I was thinking, a baseball league for cops!

Sean Murphy: Where's Latrell? I can't wait to ID his worthless ass, ha-ha!
Scotty Valens: Not just yet, Sean.

Scotty Valens: Did you ever actually see him or his pals hit the boy?
Sean Murphy: If I would've seen something, I would've intervened. I'd have kicked those... African-American young gentleman's asses.

"Cold Case: Debut (#3.13)" (2006)
Lillian Vine - 1968: Oh, this is so lucky. I would think the girls had all been chosen by now.
Irene - 1968: I have some pull in that area. After all, I am the Mistress of the Robes.
[Fade-out 1968 / Fade-in 2006]
Scotty Valens: Mistress of the what?
Lillian Vine - 2006: The titles are from centuries ago. It means she was in charge.

Scotty Valens: What do you got, a dead bride?
Lilly Rush: Debutante. Emma Elizabeth Vine.
Kat Miller: Found at the base of a flight of stairs at the Edgecomb hotel, December, '68.
Scotty Valens: Spinal fracture, cracked skull. That's a bad fall.
Lilly Rush: Or a good shove.
Kat Miller: Cops couldn't get traction on the case.No one would talk.
Scotty Valens: A white glove conspiracy?
Lilly Rush: Society people didn't want a scandal on their hands.Closed ranks.

Lilly Rush: Lillian said Emma was wearing a ring that night. A gold swan with a diamond eye. But it was missing from the body.
Scotty Valens: A lot of people could have taken it. Hotel staff that found the body, paramedics
Lilly Rush: They put out feelers to pawnshops at the time, seeing if someone tried to move it. Came up empty.
Kat Miller: Maybe they waited until the heat died down? I'll check sale records.

"Cold Case: A Time to Hate (#1.7)" (2003)
Scotty Valens: Did you kill him? I mean, that would solve our case.

John Stillman: Where you gonna start?
Lilly Rush: Crime scene.
Scotty Valens: Queen Village.
Lilly Rush: Some reason he thinks that's funny.

Scotty Valens: The cops beat you up for no reason?
George Polk: The reason, young man, was hatred.

"Cold Case: Daniela (#2.3)" (2004)
Scotty Valens: We need to find your son, Ms. Castillo.
Esther Castillo: Why?
Lilly Rush: We think he was involved with this girl. Do you recognize her?
[passes Ms. Castillo a Polaroid of Daniela and Ms. Castillo blinks back tears and falls silent]
Scotty Valens: Ms. Castillo, you know this girl?
Esther Castillo: Girl?... That's my son, that's Edwin.

Scotty Valens: Aw man, I wanna be there for that interview!

"Cold Case: November 22 (#6.21)" (2009)
Will Jeffries: [talking about the day President Kennedy was assassinated] I was playing touch football at recess.
Scotty Valens: Recess? I thought you were, like, forty-five when that happened.
Lilly Rush: No, you're thinking of when Lincoln was shot.
Will Jeffries: Keep it up. See what happens.

"Cold Case: Offender (#4.19)" (2007)
Scotty Valens: I understand how you feel.
Mitch Hathaway - 2007: No you don't! I lost everything!
Scotty Valens: I know, but you've got to stop what you're doing.
Mitch Hathaway - 2007: Too late. I already took out the trash today.

"Cold Case: Running Around (#5.3)" (2007)
Scotty Valens: How'd I know I'd be talking to you again, Vince?
Vince Patrielli: I dunno, woman's intuition.
[Scotty shoves Vince off his chair in the interrogation room]

"Cold Case: The Good Death (#4.23)" (2007)
Scotty Valens: You like playing god, Larry?
Larry Kenick: No. But you know what I do like? Dignity. I've seen men scream when they lose it, seen women beg to die with it while they still can.
Scotty Valens: But two of the six people you killed were in a coma. They weren't begging for anything.
Larry Kenick: Their brains were cabbage. No chance of recovery.

"Cold Case: Forensics (#7.9)" (2009)
Lilly Rush: The neighborhood Luke grew up in, he have a tough time making friends 'round here?
Darren Musk: Yeah, but not for the reasons you're thinking. His ability to memorize and apply information, figures, articles... I'd never seen anything like it.
Scotty Valens: Rub his teammates the wrong way, this "ability" of his?
Darren Musk: He was our top debater in two weeks. I thought I was giving him a chance to shine, but maybe I put a target on his back.

"Cold Case: Metamorphosis (#7.14)" (2010)
Scotty Valens: Partners, right?
Lilly Rush: Partners.

"Cold Case: The Last Drive-In (#7.18)" (2010)
Nick Vera: You want a piece of me?
Scotty Valens: Nah. Just came to see how you were doing.
Nick Vera: Five hours a day I get to talk about my feelings. Can't sleep, 'cause my roommate's up every five minutes washing the germs off his hands, and lecturing me about palm oils in my diet. Highlight of the day is, uh, taking on my fellow detectives in ping-pong, but other than that things are looking up.
Scotty Valens: How's the Jell-O?
Nick Vera: Not bad. Mac and cheese sucks.

"Cold Case: Dead Heat (#7.6)" (2009)
Lilly Rush: [about the jockeys] they all had one thing in common.
Scotty Valens: compulsive gambling?
Lilly Rush: ...They were all dreamers. Hoping tomorrow was better than today.

"Cold Case: Joseph (#3.23)" (2006)
Lilly Rush: When someone gets the bright idea of using a dead man's credit card...
Scotty Valens: Hope whatever they bought was worth it.

"Cold Case: The Sleepover (#2.6)" (2004)
Tiffany O'Connell: Do me a favor... is that bitch Brandi still a bitch?
Scotty Valens: [smiling] uh...
Tiffany O'Connell: Ah, I knew it! Oy, what a Bitch!

"Cold Case: World's End (#5.7)" (2007)
John Stillman: You two believe in Martians?
Lilly Rush: Is this the woman who disappeared in the 30s?
John Stillman: Audrey W. Metz. It was the end of the world!
Lilly Rush: My grandmother was 8. Said she had nightmares for over a year.
Scotty Valens: What the hell are you guys talking about?