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Kat Miller (Character)
from "Cold Case" (2003)

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"Cold Case: Debut (#3.13)" (2006)
Scotty Valens: What do you got, a dead bride?
Lilly Rush: Debutante. Emma Elizabeth Vine.
Kat Miller: Found at the base of a flight of stairs at the Edgecomb hotel, December, '68.
Scotty Valens: Spinal fracture, cracked skull. That's a bad fall.
Lilly Rush: Or a good shove.
Kat Miller: Cops couldn't get traction on the case.No one would talk.
Scotty Valens: A white glove conspiracy?
Lilly Rush: Society people didn't want a scandal on their hands.Closed ranks.

Lilly Rush: Lillian said Emma was wearing a ring that night. A gold swan with a diamond eye. But it was missing from the body.
Scotty Valens: A lot of people could have taken it. Hotel staff that found the body, paramedics
Lilly Rush: They put out feelers to pawnshops at the time, seeing if someone tried to move it. Came up empty.
Kat Miller: Maybe they waited until the heat died down? I'll check sale records.

"Cold Case: Flashover (#7.17)" (2010)
Will Jeffries: [entering Nick's apartment] Key still works.
Kat Miller: [seeing the clutter] Whoa. Clearly, the maid don't.
Will Jeffries: God, just when you think you know the guy.
Kat Miller: Oscar needs a Felix.

Will Jeffries: [seeing Nick's medical sheet] . Oh. Told me he passed his physical.
Kat Miller: Dude's a time bomb.
Will Jeffries: [seeing Nick's shattered wedding photo] It's worse than I thought.
Kat Miller: What was her name again?
Will Jeffries: Julie. Split up years ago.
Kat Miller: Booze and pills definitely do not mix with photos of the ex.

"Cold Case: A Dollar, a Dream (#4.18)" (2007)
Natalie Bradford - 2007: Like I said, I don't have a mother. She jumped ship way back.
Will Jeffries: We found her this morning, at the bottom of fairmount lake.
Kat Miller: She's been shot, Natalie.

"Cold Case: Stand Up and Holler (#4.20)" (2007)
Lilly Rush: Her best friend was Celeste Church.
Kat Miller: If anyone knew who Rainey was partying with that night, homegirl would.

"Cold Case: Roller Girl (#6.4)" (2008)
Kat Miller: Get me home before I PUKE all over your car.

"Cold Case: Metamorphosis (#7.14)" (2010)
Eddie Armstrong '10: You got me, guilty as charged... if you call love a crime.
Kat Miller: Love?
Eddie Armstrong '10: Anyone could see that girl was a bud about to bloom! All she needed was a double dose of Eddie.
Kat Miller: [makes a disgusted face] I might just hit you on principle!
Eddie Armstrong '10: Whoa... I always seem to have that effect on women... the other side of desire. And that young girl was burstin' with it.
[Miller makes another appalled face]

"Cold Case: Torn (#4.21)" (2007)
Lilly Rush: Our coldest job yet.
Nick Vera: A record breaker.
Kat Miller: So... What are we waiting for?
Lilly Rush: Let's break out the ice picks.

"Cold Case: Thick as Thieves (#5.5)" (2007)
Nick Vera: [while sitting in a car spying] Stakeout, she says! Plan an obit, she says! Damned half my life I won't ever get back.
Kat Miller: Because I'm so stimulated sittin' next to you?... What in the hell is the 'sawbuck switch'?

"Cold Case: Justice (#5.10)" (2007)
Nick Vera: I would NEVER call a woman a ho. All I'm saying is, sometimes women say no, but they really mean 'maybe'... what's a guy to do? Just walk off at the first no? The human race would go extinct.
Kat Miller: [disgusted] No means NO! How many ways you need that spelled out?
Nick Vera: The name of the game is pursuit. You run, I chase!
Kat Miller: You ain't chasin' me anywhere.

"Cold Case: Thrill Kill (#5.1)" (2007)
Nick Vera: [the detectives are eating Chinese food on their lunch break] You're reachin', Lil.
[Vera grabs a box of food from the nearby desk]
Kat Miller: [angrily] And you're reachin' for MY Kung Pow chicken!
Nick Vera: [With a mouthful of food] ... It's family style, so what?
Kat Miller: Well do I LOOK like your family?
[snatches back her box of food before Vera can get another bite]