Megan Reeves
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Megan Reeves (Character)
from "Numb3rs" (2005)

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"Numb3rs: Waste Not (#3.9)" (2006)
Megan Reeves: Hi handsome!
Dr. Larry Fleinhardt: Hey, what are you doing here? Oh I'm sorry, is it wenesday already or i missed our lunch? Forgive me.
Megan Reeves: It's monday!
Dr. Larry Fleinhardt: Oh, all right. Ok see you later.
Megan Reeves: Hey, I just wanna have a conversation.

"Numb3rs: Checkmate (#4.14)" (2008)
Driving Instructor: Okay, here's the scenario. You just witnessed an armed robbery, multiple shots fired. Ready, go.
Charlie Eppes: [checking seatbelt, adjusting mirror] Um, let me just make sure, um... okay, okay...
Driving Instructor: What are you doing, Eppes? This isn't driver's ed. You're in pursuit!
Charlie Eppes: [floors the accelerator] Okay.
Driving Instructor: Your siren, Agent Eppes. You forgot your siren.
Charlie Eppes: So, that's right, uh... where is that?
[turns on siren]
Driving Instructor: [Charlie drives erratically, crashing into orange cones and other items] You just killed a mailbox. Keep your eyes on the road. Radio. You need to call in your pursuit.
Charlie Eppes: [into radio] Good morning. This is Charles Eppes. I'm in pursuit of a burgundy-ish, sort of, merlot colored.
[to driving instructor]
Charlie Eppes: What kind of car would you say that is?
Driving Instructor: It's a Ford.
Charlie Eppes: Really doesn't look like a Ford.
[into radio]
Charlie Eppes: Anyway, a Ford.
Driving Instructor: Look out!
[Charlie slams on the brakes and crashes into cardboard "pedestrians"]
Megan Reeves: [Opening door of car] Hey, Speed Racer!
[to instructor]
Megan Reeves: Can I borrow him for a minute.
Driving Instructor: Take the afternoon.

"Numb3rs: Hardball (#3.8)" (2006)
Megan Reeves: Twenty minutes ago I was on the couch, watching "Blazing Saddles" in my pajamas. This better be good.
Charlie Eppes: It's better than good.
Dr. Larry Fleinhardt: The red cowgirl PJs?

"Numb3rs: Spree (#3.1)" (2006)
Megan Reeves: Well, I didn't run away from home at 16, but I didn't walk either. And unlike Crystal, I can live with most of my decisions.
[She stops and looks at Larry, concerned]
Megan Reeves: Does that make you uncomfortable?
Dr. Larry Fleinhardt: [Shaking his head] I'm a man who lives in hotel rooms, and sleeps on couches.
Dr. Larry Fleinhardt: Does that make *you* uncomfortable?
Megan Reeves: [Smiling] Noooo, I find it oddly attractive.
Dr. Larry Fleinhardt: [Smiling, obviously pleased with this] You *constantly* put me in mind of the 157 Nebula, with these endless layers upon layers of complexities.
Megan Reeves: [Smiling] You know, I don't think I will ever get tired of being compared to the 157 Nebula.

"Numb3rs: Longshot (#3.6)" (2006)
Megan Reeves: So go over the schedule with me one more time?
Larry Fleinhardt: Okay, dinner and a movie every other Friday, lunch on Thursdays, now Wednesdays...?
Megan Reeves: And I get a wildcard once a month.
Larry Fleinhardt: That's it, that's it, to use at your own discretion.
Megan Reeves: And what do we call this?
Larry Fleinhardt: Oh, how 'bout structured complexity?
Megan Reeves: You know, I'm thinking of using my wildcard.
Larry Fleinhardt: Oh yeah?
Megan Reeves: Yeah. Maybe for breakfast tomorrow.