Max Sweeney
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Max Sweeney (Character)
from "The L Word" (2004)

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"The L Word: Lobsters (#3.3)" (2006)
Carmen de la Pica Morales: [snickering, to Shane] Big butch: go unload the truck.
Moira: [tosses bag at Shane]
Shane: [almost falls over catching the bag]

"The L Word: Legend in the Making (#4.1)" (2007)
Max Sweeney: I just don't know why we can't work it out.
Jenny Schecter: Because you identify as a straight man. So there's the mismatch because you want me to be your straight girlfriend to your straight guy. And I identify as a lesbian who likes to fuck girls. And you're not a girl.

"The L Word: Last Dance (#3.11)" (2006)
Max: If you think men are the enemy, then you and I have a problem.

"The L Word: Labia Majora (#3.1)" (2006)
Jenny: Are you thinking about having sex with me right now?
Moira: It's crossed my mind...