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Quotes for
Annette Bishop (Character)
from "The L Word" (2004)

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"The L Word: Listen Up (#1.8)" (2004)
Jenny Schecter: I never said I was a lesbian.
Annette Bishop: So it just came out of nowhere and bit you on the ass like that? Cause I mean... I love women... yeah. I mean, for the companionship. I figure I could do without the company of men entirely except dude... I can't get down with the puss. I love a dick.
Jenny Schecter: I think I'm bisexual.
Annette Bishop: Oh brother...
Jenny Schecter: I do... I really do.
Annette Bishop: Jenny, is this just your way of telling me that you had a crush on me in college?
Jenny Schecter: Annette! I mean... no.
Annette Bishop: You're lying. You were madly in love with me. But seriously, I gotta get a look at this Marina, to see if she's worth it.
Jenny Schecter: No.
Annette Bishop: Yeah.
Jenny Schecter: Oh, no.
Annette Bishop: Yeah... no we gotta stalk her. No we gotta stalker her, Jenny, just a little bit so I can see.
Jenny Schecter: No, no, no! No stalking!
Annette Bishop: Why?
Jenny Schecter: Because... um... her girlfriend's back in town.
Annette Bishop: Her girlfriend?
Jenny Schecter: I know...
Annette Bishop: Man, does this story get any better?