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Uta Refson (Character)
from "The L Word" (2004)

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"The L Word: Lifeline (#3.5)" (2006)
Alice Pieszecki: What do you teach?
Uta Refson: I'm a vamperologist. I teach a course on the queer vampire in literature and film. And a seminar called demon desire, about the vampire as a lesbian predator.
Alice Pieszecki: Okay, I'm a total vampire lesbian freak!
Uta Refson: What attracts you to the lesbian vampire, Alice?
Alice Pieszecki: I don't know, Uta. Maybe it's just... I like the dark side.
Uta Refson: What about tomorrow?
Alice Pieszecki: What? Lunch?
Uta Refson: For dinner. I'm not much of a daytime person.
Alice Pieszecki: What? Because vampires don't go out during the day?
Uta Refson: No. We lay in bed... with the curtains drawn.
[creepy musical fanfare]
Alice Pieszecki: [slightly afraid] Okay... uh... tomorrow night.

Alice Pieszecki: I think Uta might be a vampire
Helena Peabody: What?
Alice Pieszecki: Well have you seen her teeth? They're
Helena Peabody: [cuts Alice off] What?
Alice Pieszecki: Theyre sharp. Theyre...
[shows helena her neck]
Helena Peabody: That's a hickie.
Alice Pieszecki: I don't know.
Alice Pieszecki: I don't know.
Helena Peabody: Well.
[pulls out a mirror]
Helena Peabody: You know what they say about vampires. No reflection.
Alice Pieszecki: Oh!
Helena Peabody: Try.
Alice Pieszecki: Okay. Hey.
[to Uta who just walked over]
Helena Peabody: Okay.
[leaves scared by the look uta just gave her]
Alice Pieszecki: I think I got some thing in my teeth. I'll just...
[turns so the mirror faces uta]
Uta Refson: [ducks while Alice is turning]
Alice Pieszecki: [looking for uta in the mirror] Holy f*cking sh*t.
[turns around]
Uta Refson: [standing again] What? Oh, I just dropped my ring. Why don't we get out of here?
Alice Pieszecki: [has a scared/distrusing look on her face] Okay.