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Ed Deline (Character)
from "Las Vegas" (2003)

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"Las Vegas: Pilot (#1.1)" (2003)
[Ed and Paulie watch Danny convince a bum to leave]
Ed Deline: He did a good thing. We'd have had that 40 grand back in a New York second. Kid did the right thing.
Paulie: Does this mean you're not still pissed at him?
Ed Deline: What, are you nuts? I'm gonna kill him.

[Ed catches his daughter in bed with Danny]
Delinda Deline: Hi, Daddy.
Danny McCoy: [voice-over] Daddy?
Ed Deline: [to his men] Out.
Danny McCoy: [voice-over] Welcome to the worst day of my life.

Ed Deline: Welcome to the family.
Danny McCoy: What?
Ed Deline: If I catch you looking at another girl, take a poison pill, 'cause I'll kill ya.

Ed Deline: Hey, uh, you're not, uh...
Danny McCoy: No, no, I swear.
Samantha 'Sam' Jane Marquez: Don't worry, the only one he's doing is your daughter.

"Las Vegas: Blood and Sand (#1.11)" (2004)
Big Ed: If that leg's not back in the middle of this table in 10 minutes I'm gonna bitch slap every one of you so hard you're unborn children will come out well-behaved!

Big Ed: Listen, if there is any trouble up there, let's keep these parties apart.
Danny: What do you want me to do, crutch 'em? I could hit their fists with my face.

Big Ed: Listen, if there isn't a prostetic leg on this table in ten minutes, I'm gonna bitchslap you all so hard that your unborn children will come out well behaved!

"Las Vegas: To Protect and Serve Manicotti (#2.18)" (2005)
Frank: You know this is gonna cost.
Ed Deline: 'Course it's going to cost. You think I expect this to come out of your pocket? What do you figure?
Frank: 200.
Ed Deline: 200? What, are you getting it off the back of a truck?
Frank: That's thousand.
Ed Deline: That's thousand? What, are you getting it from the Pentagon? This isn't a government job!

Ed Deline: [referring to Frank's golfing] So this is how you spend your time now?
Frank: No, I've taken up knitting. Give me a few weeks, I'll knit you a sweater that looks like it was bought in a store.

Tony Rago: If this is just a friendly warning, why did you bring your muscle?
Frank: I'm not the muscle!
Tony Rago: Really? Then what are you?
Ed Deline: He's my brother.
Tony Rago: You don't look like brothers.
Frank: We get that a lot.

"Las Vegas: White Christmas (#4.8)" (2006)
Polly Nguyen: Sam would be very angry with me if you not let me give you special treatment.
Big Ed: Yep.
Polly Nguyen: Sam funny girl. Nice little butt. Good shape. You like little butt, Eddie?
Big Ed: Oh yeah.
Polly Nguyen: Maybe we have a three way.
Big Ed: Hmm?

Polly Nguyen: You have nice toes. My boyfriend ugly toe, but he big like horse!
[Holds up forearm with fist]
Polly Nguyen: I call him 'Meat'.
Big Ed: Thanks for sharing, Polly.
Polly Nguyen: Sometimes he bangy bangy bangy, you know my head banging against wall, hurt so good you know?

"Las Vegas: Magic Carpet Fred (#2.23)" (2005)
Fred Puterbaugh: Oh, don't call me a millionaire.
Ed Deline: You're not?
Fred Puterbaugh: [sadly] No.
Fred Puterbaugh: [smiles] I'm a billionaire.

"Las Vegas: The Story of Owe (#4.3)" (2006)
Ed Deline: And tell Warren I don't want another Akron!
Samantha 'Sam' Jane Marquez: Why, what happened in Akron?
Ed Deline: Unprofessional conduct.

"Las Vegas: The Big Ed De-cline (#3.5)" (2005)
[Mike wants to borrow Ed's Aston Martin to impress someone]
Big Ed: Is she hot?
Mike Cannon: Who?
Big Ed: OK, is *he*?
Mike Cannon: No! *She*! Definitely, *she*.

"Las Vegas: Tainted Love (#2.17)" (2005)
Ed Deline: Would either of you want me on the jury?
Mike Cannon, Danny McCoy: Nah!

"Las Vegas: Down and Dirty (#3.11)" (2005)
Martin: You know it's like when Sonny was talking to his brother in "The Godfather".
Ed Deline: Never saw it.
Martin: Ed, it's a classic!

"Las Vegas: Can You See What I See (#2.16)" (2005)
Ed Deline: [about his photo in newspaper] You noticed Botox? Yeah, I love that stuff. I drink it.

"Las Vegas: Groundhog Summer (#1.5)" (2003)
Big Ed: Listen, if these guys screw up, I'm going to take your corpse and beat them with it!

"Las Vegas: Catch of the Day (#2.4)" (2004)
Samantha Jane "Sam" Marquez: He's hot and he's dying. Of couse I did him.
Big Ed: Well, at least he went out in style.

"Las Vegas: The Lie Is Cast (#2.14)" (2005)
[Ed helps Danny to avoid a court trial]
Ed Deline: I told you the system worked.
Danny McCoy: The system or your system?

"Las Vegas: Pros and Cons (#1.7)" (2003)
Big Ed: [Delinda was fooled by counterfeit chips] You took chips that look like they were made by a zoo animal! How do you think that makes me look? A, good, or B, not so good?

"Las Vegas: Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (#2.1)" (2004)
[closing lines]
Ed Deline: [to sleeping Danny] I'll watch your back, son.

"Las Vegas: Viva Las Vegas (#3.1)" (2005)
Jillian Deline: You know, Eddie, there are people that would question why we were married.
Big Ed: Your mother doesn't count.