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Edward Seton (Character)
from Holiday (1938)

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Holiday (1938)
Johnny Case: Anything else, sir?
Edward Seton: I beg your pardon.
Linda Seton: I should think you would.

Edward Seton: Interesting neck-tie you have.
Edward Seton: I have a haberdasher whose made my ties for many years and that pattern I seem to recognize.
Johnny Case: Perhaps sir, because this happens to be your neck-tie. Ned thought it might bring me luck.

Linda Seton: [speaking of Johnny] But, why hasn't he a right to live part of his life as he wants to?
Edward Seton: Linda, I should like to understand what he and you are aiming at... but, I confess I cannot. I consider his whole attitude un-American.
Linda Seton: Oh, are you serious?
Edward Seton: Entirely.
Linda Seton: Well, then, he is, and he won't go to Heaven when he dies, because apparently, he can't quite believe that a life devoted to piling of money is all it's cracked up to be. Strange, isn't it, when he has us right before his eyes for such a shining example.