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Quotes for
Ned Seton (Character)
from Holiday (1938)

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Holiday (1938)
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Walk, don't run, to the nearest exit.

Edward 'Ned' Seton: Did I get home alright last night?
Downstairs Butler Admitting Johnny: Everything is perfectly alright, sir.
Edward 'Ned' Seton: How did I get this bump on my forehead?
Downstairs Butler Admitting Johnny: You slipped once or twice, sir, in your bathroom.

Edward 'Ned' Seton: You know, most people, including Johnny and yourself, make a big mistake about Julia. They're taken in by her looks. At bottom, she's a very dull girl and the life she pictures for herself is the life she belongs in.

Edward 'Ned' Seton: You're twice as attractive as Julia ever thought of being. You've got twice the looks, twice the mind and ten times the quality. You could charm a bird off a tree if you would, and why not? If you were in her way she'd ride you down like a rabbit.

Edward 'Ned' Seton: You see, Father wanted a large family so Mother promptly had Linda, but Linda was a girl so Mother promptly had Julia, but Julia was a girl and the whole thing seemed hopeless. Then, the following year Mother had me, it was a boy and the fair name of Seaton would flourish.
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Drink to Mother , Johnny, she tried to be a Seaton for a while, then gave up and died.
Johnny Case: You're talking out of your hat, Ned.
Edward 'Ned' Seton: I'm not.

Dorothy: Did you have an accident, Ned?
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Apparently. I don't seem to have been there when it happened.

Linda Seton: What's it like to get drunk, Ned?
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Well, I... how drunk?
Linda Seton: Good and drunk!
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Oh, it's wonderful. You see, you think clear as crystal. But every move, every situation is a problem. It gets pretty interesting.
Linda Seton: You get beaten in the end though, don't you?
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Sure, but that's okay.
Linda Seton: Where do you wind up?
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Where does anybody wind up? You die... that's okay, too.
Linda Seton: Oh, Ned! that's awful!
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Think so? Other things are worse.

Linda Seton: [Making introductions] My brother Ned - Mr and Mrs Potter - they're friends of Johnny's.
Mrs. Susan Elliott Potter: He used to live with us.
Professor Nick Potter: We've come to warn his future bride about him - he never puts the cap back on the toothpaste.
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Mm-hmm. Then we'll drink a toast to Johnny - he *needs* it.
[Fills champagne glasses]
Mrs. Susan Elliott Potter: Needs it ?
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Oh. I'm wrong. He doesn't need it. Johnny's doing *all* right.
Linda Seton: What's on your mind Ned ?
Edward 'Ned' Seton: Nothing's on my mind.
Linda Seton: What do you mean - Johnny's doing all right ?
Edward 'Ned' Seton: I mean he's doing All Right. He's having a whirl. Julia's got his hair slicked down and Father's seeing that he meets the important people.
Professor Nick Potter: My word - are there important people downstairs ?
Linda Seton: Oh - frightfully important - that's why I want to give a party up here.
Professor Nick Potter: [Quoting an imaginary society column] 'Miss Linda Seton - on New Year's Eve - entertained a small group of Very Unimportant People.'
[Lifting champagne glass]
Professor Nick Potter: To our hostess.
[They all drink to Linda]
Linda Seton: [Chuckles] May I drink too ?