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Quotes for
Devon Stockard (Character)
from Lawn Dogs (1997)

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Lawn Dogs (1997)
Devon: I don't like children. They smell like TV.

Devon: People say you're trash. Trash is something you put a lid on because it stinks. You don't smell so bad!
Trent: That made my day!
Trent: The way I see it, you have people who own lawns and people who mow them. And they're never the same.

[Devon is unbuttoning her blouse to show Trent her scar]
Trent Burns: You're not old enough
Devon: It's not my tits I want to show you, stupid !

Devon: Home is in my hands.

Devon: I'm not a princess.
Trent Burns: Yeah, well I'm still piss poor.

[last lines]
Devon: Once upon a time, in the middle of a big dark forest, there lived a boy in a house all alone. He took care of the trees and fed a stray girl and was kind to her. And she loved him for it. But one day Baba Yaga entered the forest to eat the boy. The boy wanted to run, but he knew he could never outrun Baba Yaga's bony legs. The girl said to the boy, take this magic comb and embroidered towel, and run. When Baba Yaga chases you, throw down the towel, and a great river will rise up behind you and cover your tracks. If Baba Yaga is still chasing you, throw down the magic comb, and a forest will spring up behind you. And the boy drove on and on, never coming back. Safe at last.

[first lines]
Devon: Once upon a time, in a far off land, lived a girl and her mother and father. Their village was surrounded by a high wall. Outside the wall was the forest, home of Baba Yaga, the witch. Baba Yaga had iron teeth like three trees. His legs were like chicken legs, and he ate little girls for dinner. But inside the wall we were safe.

Devon: [making conversation] Is that a '65 Ford? The '65 F100 is the best motor Ford ever made. Is it three-on-a-tree?
Trent Burns: Yeah.
Devon: My uncle had a truck like that. He was Russian. From Indiana. Born on the wrong side of the train.
Trent Burns: Wrong side of the "tracks".
Devon: Right. He said the mounts were going bad on the truck, so one night, he drove it into Spoon river... never drove back out.
Trent Burns: What a shame.
Devon: That's what my aunt said.
Trent Burns: You can rebuild the mounts. I did it.

Devon: [playing with a gun] Go ahead, make my day.

Trent Burns: Okay, it's about time for you to head on home.
Devon: I told my mom I'd spend the night at Tracey Kellar's. Do you know Tracey Kellar?
Trent Burns: [no]
Devon: Neither do I.