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Quotes for
Agent Shaddus Peyser (Character)
from Trapped in Paradise (1994)

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Trapped in Paradise (1994)
Shaddus Peyser: What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?

Shaddus Peyser: Put an APB out on that car.
Chief Burnell: Oh well I've already done that.
Shaddus Peyser: Good. We'll be able to track them down especially if they're heading north.
Bill Firpo: [next scene with Alvin driving] Alvin, which way are we headed?
Alvin Firpo: North.

Shaddus Peyser: My wife didn't let me see the thing pop up in the turkey.

Chief Burnell: Oh shit!
Shaddus Peyser: You know these two?
Chief Burnell: Yeah, unfortunately that's Ed Dawson and Clovis Minor. They're two of my deputies.
Ed Dawson: Hey everyone. How ya doin'?