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Quotes for
Dave Firpo (Character)
from Trapped in Paradise (1994)

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Trapped in Paradise (1994)
Bill Firpo: I've got a feeling you're not telling me something.
Dave Firpo: Well this feeling you're getting is paranoia.
Alvin Firpo: Hey, let's just go.

Hattie Anderson: Do you really want to do this?
Bill Firpo: Do what?
Hattie Anderson: You know rob the bank
Dave Firpo: Absolutely! We have thought this over and we've made a decision!
Hattie Anderson: But on Christmas Eve, it just doesn't seem right. You're going to ruin the winter fest.
Bill Firpo: The winter fest? I've got a gun and your talking about the winter fest. Well who are you?

Vic Mazzucci: I won't throw her
[Dave's ma]
Vic Mazzucci: out the window as long as you do the right thing.
Dave Firpo: All right, all right love ya too.
Vic Mazzucci: [hangs up phone]
[replies to ceasers question]
Vic Mazzucci: He said he loves me...

Alvin Firpo: Have you seen my Pez dispenser?
Dave Firpo: No. Shut up!

Bill Firpo: I'm tellin' ya, if I had a gun on me right now I'd go in there and take over that place.
Dave Firpo: Bill, you wouldn't be angry if I were to tell you there might be guns in the trunk.
Bill Firpo: Alvin pull the car over.
Alvin Firpo: Wha?
Bill Firpo: Pull it over!

Bill Firpo: Which direction are we going?
Alvin Firpo: North.
Bill Firpo: Are you sure? I thought we passed that farmhouse earlier.
Dave Firpo: No, those farmhouses all look alike...
Bill Firpo: Alvin, if we're going in circles, I'm going to break your neck.
Alvin Firpo: We're not. I took four lefts, just like the map said.

Dave Firpo: Sons of bitches.

Bill Firpo: Our car ran off the road.
Dick Anderson: Oh my god. Are you all right?
Dave Firpo: Well were not dead if that's what you mean.

Alvin Firpo: [after crashing car] Didn't have any snow chains.
Dave Firpo: You have no brain, either.

Dave Firpo: [while teaching yoga to hostages] This is your basic yoga, I learned it in prison. It's good for stressful situations like this bank robbery, or if you're ever in prison and you're surrounded by ten men, helps relax you.

Bill Firpo: Where are you going?
Dave Firpo: I'm going with you to get the key.
Bill Firpo: No, you STAY HERE!
Dave Firpo: Don't you two fall in love.
[to the hostages]
Dave Firpo: You heard him! I'm staying here!