Noelle De Angelo
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Noelle De Angelo (Character)
from Limbo (1999)

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Limbo (1999)
[stranded on an island, Joe is making smoke signals to attract planes]
Donna De Angelo: So then we hope that someone sees this and wonders what the story is?
Noelle De Angelo: Somebody who doesn't want to kill us.
[Donna scoffs at her]
Joe Gastineau: It's a possibility...
Donna De Angelo: Geez, you two are a perfect match. Doom and gloom.
Noelle De Angelo: There's no use pretending.
Donna De Angelo: Yes, there is! We are on a camping trip. We're on a survival school camping trip! I mean, this is what they call quality time, isn't it? This is what they mean. No distractions, no media stuff, we just get to know each other, we gnaw the bark off a few trees. I mean, people pay money to come on trips like this! You know, if you assume that bad shit's gonna happen, bad shit happens! I just don't see the point.

Noelle De Angelo: Winter has locked us in its icy embrace. The pelts of the animals are thick and bluish and our home is blanketed with snow. Papa calls it "limbo" because it sure isn't heaven and it's too cold to be hell. Mother wondered about purgatory, but he said no. Purgatory has an end to it. "Don't torture me so," said Mother.