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Quotes for
Rachel (Character)
from Enduring Love (2004)

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Enduring Love (2004)
Frank: If you want to turn two people into two-headed fire-breathing dragons overnight, just put rings on their fingers.
Rachel: Shhhhhh!
Joe: No, he's right.
Joe: Cos you-re a fucking expert aren't you?
Joe: When you're not sexing up the au pair to within an inch of her life, you're a fucking authority!
Joe: And when you're not marching on Poland, you're a fucking sage, aren't you pal?
Joe: Tell me something, tell me something, cos I always wanted to know this.
Joe: Don't you ever tire of letting your dick do the thinking?

Joe: [lookin' up from the baby] She smiled at me.
Rachel: Don't get excited. She's just hungry. It's biology, remember.
Joe: No, it's not. It's not biology. It's fantastic.