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Quotes for
Kevin Donaldson (Character)
from SpaceCamp (1986)

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SpaceCamp (1986)
Kevin: My philosophy is: sleep late, drive fast, and not take any of this shit seriously.

Kevin: Ladies and gentlemen, please return your seats and tray-tables to their full upright positions, and extinguish all smoking material, as we're about to land in the red zone. Ahh! No survivors!

Kevin: What's the worst thing that can happen? We'll all die, right?

Kevin: You know, there's this, uh, full moon out tonight.
Kathryn: What, are you gonna turn into a werewolf or something like that?

Kevin: All right, who talked?
Max: It wasn't me, Han Solo, Zach got the information from Jinx.
Kevin: Max... I am not Han Solo. You are not Luke Skywalker. There's no Empire. There's no Force and there's no Dark Side!

Andie: Everybody, let's think, where are we going to get more oxygen?
Kevin: I could run down to the 7-Eleven.

Rudy Tyler: Er, you know I once knew this guy who could hold his breath under water for hours. Nobody could ever figure out exactly how he did it. Or maybe it wasn't hours, but it sure was a long time.
Kevin: Rudy.
Rudy Tyler: That was when I, I was on the swim team. It was freshman year. He used to do it too. Hold his breath for hours. Just by thinking about eating French fries. Guess he really got off on eating French fries and uh...
Kevin: Rudy.
Rudy Tyler: Huh?
Kevin: You're using up oxygen, Man.
Rudy Tyler: Yeah.

Commander Zach Burkstroom: You want space camp?
Kevin: No. My father wants space camp, but I want my head examined. But it was worth it for the car, don't you think?
Commander Zach Burkstroom: Yeah well, let's hope so.
Kevin: Yeah.
Commander Zach Burkstroom: Yeah. By the way, would you get your ass OUT of my parking spot?

[Kevin is showing Max how the shuttle toilet works. It involves a vacuum hose]
Max: I ain't getting in that.
Kevin: No, Max, come on. I mean, it's not like you're using it for much else anyway, right?

Kevin: [Kevin is trying to give Max the courage to save Andy during a space walk, in an Obi-Wan Kenobi voice] Luke... Luke! Use the Force, Luke... stretch out your feelings... The Force is always with you...

Kathryn: Wait a minute!
Kevin: We don't have a minute. What's wrong?

Andie: Hideo Takamini... HIDEO TAKAMINI?
Kevin: Right here!
[holding up a stolen nametag]
Andie: Hideo Takamini?
Kevin: Well actually it's pronounced "Kevin Donaldson."
Andie: I don't have a "Donaldson."
Kevin: Well, you have one now.