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Charles Fairford (Character)
from Cold Comfort Farm (1995) (TV)

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Cold Comfort Farm (1995) (TV)
Charles: We are all purified by suffering.

Charles: Do you ever think of getting married?
Flora Poste: I believe in arranged marriages, don't you?
Charles: Rather out of date.
Flora Poste: Not at all. I've always like the phrase, "A marriage has been arranged." When I feel like it, I'll arrange one.

Flora Poste: Besides, I want to learn about *real* life.
Charles: What for?
Flora Poste: To put it in books.

Charles: If you get bored, where ever you are, phone. I'll come and rescue you in my plane.
Flora Poste: Have you a plane, Charles?
Charles: Ummmm. A Belisha Bat called Speed Cop II.
Flora Poste: Are you sure an embryo parson have a plane?
Charles: Everyone should have a plane.
Flora Poste: [laughing] Really, Charles!

Flora Poste: Oh Charles. You do have heavenly teeth
Charles: Come on.